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March 21, 2018

A heartfelt letter to Kathok Centre from Tibet
At the moment, with total confidence, I am holding my palms together and praying
for each and every one of you, in a distant world thousands of miles away. I am rejoicing
and praising the remarkable achievement that has been made at Kathok Center under the
individual and collective efforts of all and the solid foundation that has been laid to
uphold and propagate our lineage.
For many years, with the trust and entrustment from Venerable Lingtrul Rinpoche, I
humbly presided over the centre as the spiritual teacher. From the beginning, I have been
extremely afraid and cautious, feeling that we have a long way to go. I have made myriad
prayers to our Lineage Masters, Dakinis and Dharma-protectors to bestow upon me the
necessary compassion and wisdom, so that I will be able to fulfill the mission and be
worthy of the trust and responsibility accorded to me. As the Buddha told us numerous
times, all conditioned phenomena are like dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows. No one
and nothing is permanent, and eventually everything will become empty. The only thing
that will last forever is our spiritual lineage. As a result, all of us must be diligent and also
never assume that any conditions at the Center or anywhere else are permanent and
unchanging. This is the basic rule and principle of samsara that nobody can resist. While
honored to assume our responsibilities and obligations we must look at everything in
samsara as temporary. As to myself, I have made efforts to follow the steps of the great
masters of our lineage, and have tried my best to fulfill their wishes. Other than that, I
really do not have much to pursue for myself. I hope that every follower of this lineage
will think and act the same way. This forms the basis and foundation of our Tantric vows
of samaya, that, we, Vajrayana practitioners, have no choice but to obey and follow with
attention and care.
Frankly speaking, in this Dark Age, the world we live in, is not very advantageous to
the propagation of the Dharma. Sentient beings are overwhelmed by negative emotions
and intense selfish desires. We have to face many challenges, troubles, conflicts and even
hostility. The past several years here have witnessed our struggle and hardship to counter
the momentum of negative forces, just like sailing a boat against torrent. The most
significant and prominent problems in all these issues are the restlessness of our self-
centeredness and strong expansion of our ego. Past experience tells us that no one can
escape to face up to themselves and reflect on themselves. Yet if we lose control of
ourselves, it will lead to disastrous consequences, causing irreparable damages to our
Lineage and to ourselves as well. Therefore, to act in accordance with the tradition and to
follow the advice and steps of the spiritual teacher, is the most secure approach for our
dharma practice and the most solid cornerstone for our spiritual trust. As the tradition
suggests, in order to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities, we must follow the
supervision of our spiritual teacher.
In this way, we will be able to serve the great lineage and its masters, with pride and
joy, and keep our spiritual lineage pure and simple forever. Only then can Kathok Centre
become a source of true benefits to the minds of those who seek spiritual freedom. We
should try our best to avoid using the Dharma center to further private interests or to
fulfill emotional ambitions. The center should not be a place where people buy one-way
tickets to hell. This is very, very important! All of us, need to keep alert and vigilant all
the time. Please do keep in mind, that there is a very thin line between the Buddha and
the demon, and the difference between good and evil is just a thought.
The cause we are engaged in is extremely important and extremely glorious, however, it
is also extremely difficult and challenging. It requires us to demonstrate great compassion
and wisdom, as well as great patience and forbearance.
I pray to the Triple Jewels to bless us all and bless the Dharma centre. I hope you
continue to work hard and succeed in carrying out the assignment.
Last, but not least, on behalf of Lingtrul Rinpoche and our lineage, I express
extreme gratitude to those who have served the center in any capacity. Also, I would like
to rejoice with you and to dedicate your long-term selfless service and hard work to the
accumulation of both merit and wisdom. My hope is that everything is auspicious and
successful. Those who have made a connection here are a part of our mandala. In the
future, we hope that all will do their best to keep an eye on and support the operation of
the center, since this is an important part of our spiritual practice now and also is our duty
as we pass on this light and energy to future generations.

“May the lives of the glorious masters be secure,
And may all beings enjoy happiness and peace;
May we all accumulate merit and wisdom, purifying all negative
And swiftly reach enlightenment!”

Yours Sincerely in the Dharma,

Tulku Karzang Rinpoche