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108 Crazy Words and Music by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Desmond Child ia oe ae oe Intro Moderately slow rock #. = 4 Ne. A Fim D Dm Ry Fig. oe af leving thoughout Spoken: Come here, baby. You know you drive me up the wall the ‘ticks you pull. Seems like we're makin’ ‘way you make good on all the nasty ‘up more than we're makin’ love. 2 > - ‘And italways seems you got soma’ on your mind other than me. Git, you got to change your crazy ways. Congr. 1992 by SWAG SONG MUSIC, ING. EMI APRIL MUSIC INC. and DESMOBILE MUSIC CO, ING, ‘Al Fights for DESMOBILE MUSIC CO., ING" Contrallea and Administered by EMI APRIL MUSIC ING, Inierational Copyright Secured A Fights Reserved Verse 3 4: wr Fem 1. Say you're leav-in’on a sev-en thirty train, and that you're headin’ out fo Hol Girl, you been givin’ me that line so man-y times it kind-a ges like feelin’ bad . = y= wood. looks good. Gr 3as oes 64,310 fof ssh in TAB, ‘Yeah! End Roy. Fi? 109 Pre-chorus (Ge, 2 E m7 is D to a slave, E Fam? sS Dy E ‘That kind.a lov in" right to his grave. ra 110 Chorus ne ne fine , * Ss A m7 D m i aS = . ‘You tum it on, then you're sr. foe wr, Cen ne wie. D E ® © cred oma St 7 oy 7) : : f 7 7 cen Fim] D Dm for you m1 1 wy. ‘bm E eet Fim E D Dm wiki. Fg 1s 4p your. stuff, and talk-in’ lke it’s tough and try'ntotell me that it's time to go.— “Mandala or Rhy. FN Gri 112 ou. 3: WF 3 D Fim D oy aes Bot, I know —you-ain't wear-i‘noth-in’ un-der-neath that 0-ver-coat. Pre-chorus (i: wy. Fi 3. ie) E Fem7 6 D, 12> ee ‘That kind - a lov- int ‘makes me wan-na—pull_— ma Grd 113 ‘That kind-a lovin’, nev-ef, nev-er, nev-er,-nev-er gon-nabe the same. ‘Chorus (te cy. i. ini) x Fim > Dn A Fin fs You tum it on, thenyou'e 114 8 a or th Ze IT) Tae open Fem D Dm Ss crazy, cm zy foryouba - by ey et. 1 Sn ch Fim Ez D Dm Lfeellike the col = ae 115 Guitar Solo (1: wy. 02 (tr 1 Ry. Fg ile a Fem? D E A Fim? ee 2. 2 Tm los-in'my mind, girl, cause I'm (Gx. See) seen ete oir Tj stsa by. 2 116 Sh Japs He ee = = =e (wy. Fi (simile) fu gat 17 Bridge Ffm Etype2) Datype2) “YIP 17ST ef TTT ae need your love Hon-ey, seeeenans oh La ay Fins 118 Chorus (1: wR. Fi 1 sie A Fit Deoped) TTT BL) IT) 1 cA (Gx, 33) Ov-5 ful fk faut D Dm A Fam Deype2) E(ype2) aT Thiin ta cra-zy foryouba - Oy I'm los-in'my mind, 19 Fem? D Dm A Fim You tum it on, then you're as (Ge: wy. i A Fem? D Dm D tm 120 er, D D Dn 2 ipa ws yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah. Yea, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, now ba-by, ba-by, ba-by, ba-by. on. Sapo Gr 3 nly 121 Begin Fade (3 WF fra ad isl ena) A Fem? Pade is wih Pig 1 nie) A ‘sees Fim D A Fem7 Gna oN ~~ mua omy AK a ee 122