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Mini test – FCE


1) In the past, a lot of information used to ________ kept on paper.

2) She _______ to love cats but one attacked her and she doesn’t like them anymore.
3) It was a hundred times more fun ____ I’d expected.
4) Many people wanted to take photographs but were prevented from ________ so.
5) When he was alive, my grandfather _________ take us down to the nearby lake every Sunday to feed the
6) It was ______ a long beach that by the time we had walked to the end, it was starting to get dark!
7) So early ____ 1833, a shipload of ice was sent from America to India.
8) Her hair was so soft it was ______ silk.
9) _____your friend, I advise you not to do it.
10) He hopes to become a teacher ______ like his father.


1) Adjectives:
a) Power - _________________, _____________________.
b) Impress -_________________, _____________________.
c) Count - _________________, _____________________.
d) Use -_________________, _____________________.
e) Sense - _________________, _____________________.

2) Verbs:
f) Strong - _________________.
g) Broad - _________________.
h) Success - _________________.
i) Easy - _________________.
j) Bright - _________________.


1) The last time I went to Crete was in July 2003

(BEEN) I____________________________________ Crete since July 2003.

2) The last time we went dancing was months ago.

(FOR) We _____________________________________for months.

3) Why do you complain about the weather all the time?

(FOREVER) Why ____________________________________ about the weather?

4) When I lived on the farm, I woke up at five every day

(WOULD) When I lived on the farm ____________________________________at five every day.

5) There probably won’t be any more problems with it.

(UNLIKELY) It ____________________________________ be any more problem with it.

6) Study hard and you will pass the test.

(PROVIDED) You will pass the test ____________________________________ you study hard.

7) I’m sure all the seats are taken.

(NOT) I’m sure ____________________________________is free.

8) This is one of the highest buildings in Athens.

(HIGH) There are not ____________________________________ as this one in Athens.

9) There were more tourists here in 2007 than in 2008.

(AS) There were ____________________________________here in 2008 as in 2007.

10) John had not expected to find gardening so interesting.

(IN) John is ____________________________________ he had expected.