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Androgyny Words and Music by Duke Erikson, Shirley Ann Manson, Stove Marker and Butch Vig ot RITA RX ox 3) a ura "SI, ety fest oel ars go + in’ wrong and you can't see the point in go = in’ on, Asusd Dm F om as aS 5 a ee Zz 2 — > is set in stone, there's noth + in’ that cant be twmed.. @ ~ round. Asusd Dm P oF SS ene Se a S i+ 2 = 7 —_ No - bed-y wants to feel atone, ev 'ry-bod- y wants to Tove some - one. (Copysght © 2001 IRVING MUSIC, INC, VIBECRUSHER MUSIC, ALMO MUSIC CORP. and DEADARM MUSIC ‘Allg lo VIBECFUBHEI MUSIC Conoted and Adminsinrea ty IVINGHUSIG, NC. ‘Al Bigs for DEADARM MUSIC Gortaled and Admiftered by ALMO MUSIC CORP. 10 ‘ALRights Reserved Used by Poxmcsion Asus? Dre Pr on eee Out of the tee, go plck_ plum, Why can't we all just get a = Jong? 1 22080 Chorus ¥ Boys In the gids’. room, Boye ature u.4(¢s) mae You feo your mind aa urct Gen4 BRAC CHS mes) @s cong Fal? 4 sane] ; a Boys Inthe par = tee, boy's gett hard «ex TH free your mind and your an -drog-y - AY. Boys. ins) lout verse Ge Lazw hte AR AIG Haus Sou Da F or —- = - 5 ve + 7 7 3 7 2 see = er 4 tate tt you ml edn ft ang-tat pe upon te vine, The’ Dm F or == = SSS Ss Sis sc Toaver deep tat my ee am age ‘nwt Da PF or es +. oF oS SS ee < ? au = ; op (What-cha need? What-cha need? What-cha need? What-cha need? What-cha need? What-cha need? What-cha asst Dn F or a aa t eed? What-cha need? What-cha need? Whst-cha need?” What-cha need? What-cha need? What-cha ned? What-chaneed) birds ond the bees, ey hum along Like eas = ue, they twin = Mle inthe sun, 12 — | Aves? Dn F or 7 = iS = 7 ae Sl we = Get on board and have. some fon, ake whet you need 10 tum you oq, Chorus 12 wf RE BT 48S w REC RCI) F D Em Gs 7 4 _ eae bays ie gm, gb Se mesa, (tos et om bn s £5 ==! sr =e 5 = eee oe 2 eo ~ vege 3 rb CEP F Yo fee yout mia in your mn = dog ym Bop lobe p= ey a mai Pana? fice your mind, PU fee your they're gett hard + er PM free your ming, Git) Bridge Bb Fm a» o Pb Bechind closed dooss— and un = der stars, it does-n't mat = ter where you ae. rons eye Bb Fm Ab cy 37 = = = rm Gon'tlet a sol = mate pass you re ct Jeet hp boys, irls.) by 13 Chorus Gen tasiw Mica CHLsI Ee) Sree En os mst aS eas {2772 gas e ve goa gy. vey ee ge ——— Boys inthe ge. room, ils inthe men's room. You fies your mind in your an - Bm os cmajn Boys in the per they're get = nt hard = et ARS C& CL) Fat 63 omar 7 " TH fee your mind, T' fee your mind, Boys inthe gids! room, sik inthe men's. room: Fai? Em 6 You fee your mind In your an = dog = y ~ ay. Boys in the par = lon (bey'ee get = tin! hard = er TI free your'mind, 1M fee your mind, TH fee your mind, fee your Outro “4