Albert Einstein s words, Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

interested me right from my school days and with single-minded devotion I focused my attention throughout my career in school and college to increase my level of awareness to understand life and the associated problems.

Engineering is the process of using science, mathematics, technology and common sense in a creative way to design, build and sell all kinds of products, services and information. In my perception, success in any career depends on a few basic fundamental elements and technical expertise with a sound knowledge base. These aspects need to be supplemented by an extensive data bank and administrative skills. Of course, the ultimate success depends on the individual s will to translate the above traits into a meaningful demonstrable success consistent to such success. As an undergraduate student my exposure has been in the academic side with participation in seminars and symposiums. However, with fierce competition that exists in all technical fields and in-depth knowledge that is required to meet the challenging situations that may arise in those technical fields in the days to come, shall be met, I am sure, by the kind of exposure the Graduate Course in your esteemed university is going to provide.

In the present day environment, a sound understanding of fundamentals and expertise in more than one area is essential. Your Graduate course offers opportunity to obtain ingredients for both, a unique environment that no job can perhaps offer. The graduate school and university will provide me an exposure to several research areas through contacts with the faculty and other graduate students. The university environment will also give me access to lab facility, computational tools and opportunities to interact with the faculty and other experts regarding various topics of research.

My academic career has proceeded in the best possible way so far. I passed out from one of the finest schools in the city, xxxxxx Senior Secondary School. I was always interested and good at in physics and mathematics and it was this similar and precise logical nature of those principles of Physics and Mathematics led me to pursue my career in Electronics & Communication Engineering. As a culmination of my efforts, I qualified for admission into the prestigious xxxxx, affliated to xxxx.

Electronics according to me is where the future is moving towards. It had made life easier in more ways than one. The things that we take granted for today are actually a fine amalgamation of human endeavor and electronic marvels of earlier years. Added to this is the all purpose, all pervasive and undisputedly the greatest brain child of man-computers. Realizing that these branches would be the foundations for the future, I set out in right earnest to widen my knowledge in these fields. My trysts with various fields in my discipline turned my initial fascination to one of unquenchable obsession. The more I learnt the more I wanted to understand. The more I understood, the more I wanted to reason.

I look forward to being a part of your university. Micro Processor & Application. vast library. Digital Signal Processing. the more involved I became. that you can find a diligent. I browsed extensively through your web pages and discovered that your research areas seemed to match in the most coherent way with my areas of specialization. I have completed a course titled Fundamentals of DSP at prestigious Anna University to lay a strong foundation for my higher studies in all aspects of Communication Engineering. Satellite Communication. VLSI. Digital Signal Processing. viz. I would realize my long cherished dreams and ambitions. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and VLSI. I am convinced that I will achieve my career goals with distinction in your Esteemed University. As a university that boasts of eminent faculty members. disciplined and a dedicated student in me. I feel that under your able guidance and tutelage. . Each field in my discipline attracted me in its own way. a prestigious institution in xxxx. I am sure that such an environment will bring out the best in me and help me scale new heights. I am also delighted that I have been selected to do an INHOUSE Project during the month of November at xxxxx.The more I reasoned. C and C++. viz. but I channelized my drive and energy into two areas that appealed most to me. My under graduate program had lots to offer in areas such as Control Systems. To facilitate better understanding of DSP. My quest for an university that would help me transgress the tenets of science and give me unbridled freedom to explore new avenues in my fields of interest led me to your doorstep. My indomitable quest for knowledge made me resolve that I should widen my intellect by doing a Masters degree after my graduation in your esteemed university. Analog Communication. my initial fascination turned into one of unquenchable obsession. I wish to assure you. Electronics has always been a passion for me. state of art facilities and enviable infrastructure yours is certainly a center of excellence. I honed my computer knowledge with courses in Matlab. VLSI Design & Circuits. I hope that you would give me a chance to prove my mettle and worth in your university and bring laurels to it. As I delved into the realm of electronics. I started to immerse myself deeply into these subjects and spent long hours at the laboratory that helped me understand the intricacies of Signal Processing.

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