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Perimeter protection functionalities

typical functionalities explained

Demarcation Indicates where the boundary of the property starts or ends.
Dissuasion & deterrence There’s a physical obstacle, which clearly points out that entry is reserved to authorised persons.
Delay These products slowdown strongly the entrance of unauthorised persons.
Privacy Different solutions are available to assure privacy within your property.
Access control The access onto the site or company is under control by using turnstiles, barriers and gates.
Detection A physical or virtual barrier which screens the perimeter or entrance for unwanted visitors.
Anti-ram Withstand the impact of a vehicular attack on sensitive sites, borders and high risk industries.
Crowd-control Temporary mobile fences control the flow of people or vehicles and can easily be moved around the premises.
Design Modern, contemporary solutions with a nice design
removable Mobile fences which can easily be moved and which are not installed in concrete
rapid deployment Very fast installation
Privacy available Fencing for which privacy accessories are available to create a visual barrier.

Product page

Bekafor Classic x x
Bekafor Essential x
Zenturo x x x
Zenturo Super x x x
Zenturo Urban x x
Bekazur 2D x x
CreaZen x x
Decofor x x
Nylofor 3D x
Nylofor 3D Super x x x
Nylofor 3D Multi x x x
Nylofor 3D Pro / 3D Pro XL x x x
Nylofor 3D Essential x x x
Nylofor F x x
Nylofor City x x
Nylofor 2D / 2D Super / 2D Super XL x x x
Securifor x x
Securifor 2D x x
Securifor 3D x x
Securifor 4D x x
Barofor x x x
Pantanet Family & Protect x x
Pantanet Essential & Light x
Fortinet x
Rempart x x
Ursus for farming & breeding x x
Ursus for forestry, rail- & motorways x x
Cyclone x x
Plasitor x x
Collfort for
x x
Bekafor & Nylofor 3D panels
Screeno Wave for
Nylofor 2D / 2DS panels
Screeno Line for
Bekafor & Nylofor 3D panels
Zenturo Wall Stones x
Swing gates x
CreaZen swing gates x
Sliding gates x
Speed folding gates x x
Turnstiles x x x
Barriers x
Secura Pulse x
Crash rated fence x
Tempofor x x x
Publifor x x x x x
Motto x x
Razor tape x x

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