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12 layers of DNA

Layer 1 and Layer 2: Health and wellbeing

A well balanced layer 1 and layer 2 can help in maintaining one's optimal health. Although these
two layers are important, in these times and new energy, it is the other layers which will play a
major part in the change taking place - not only in the human body, but in all aspects of one's
life. Now let us take a look at Layer 3.
Master: Archangel Michael Color:Blue
Tone for layer 1: Keter Etz Chayim / Tone for Layer 2: Torah Eser Sphirot

Layer 3: One’s present consciousness of awakening - a desire to know more about oneself
Every soul in its life stream at the chosen time will slowly start awakening to the desire to know
more about itself. This desire to know comes from the activation of the layer 3. Most of the time
it is done unconsciously. But you can through asking and intent activate the third layer. For those
of you, who are not clear about their life journey and wants to know why they are here and their
higher purpose for being here, can tap into this layer. In these new energy, intent is a very powerful
tool and when you ask for it to be activated, you will start to feel the consciousness streaming into
you and the feelings and other emotions associated with knowing more about oneself. This layer
is a layer for self-discovery.
Master: Lady Athena Color: Soft white and orange
Tone – Netzach Merkava Eliyahu

Layer 4: Belief layer

For a large part of our life is influenced by the beliefs we have of ourselves and this affects our
thoughts, our emotions, our feelings and it impacts tremendously on our trust and faith to believe
in ourselves and in the Creator. This layer is continuously being bombarded by the information we
take on a daily basis from the media, from the things we read, see, from our family, from the culture
and so forth. This layer is also influenced by our ancestors and also from our past life
experiences. When you start work with this layer, many of the old patterns of belief and thought
forms will pop up for clearing and healing. This can and will create fear, anxiety, depression and
many other experiences. It is good to get help in dealing with this when you experience these
emotions. Visualize the opening of this layer in your mind's eye during your times of meditation
and see consciousness streaming through and entering into your third eye and then through the
power of your thought send it through your body and also aura. You can also ask for this
consciousness to encompass all of you - your entirety - your full dimensional self.
Master: El-Morya Color: soft pink/green
Tone: Urim Ve Tumim

Layer 5: The awakened self

It is also called the layer of understanding. Awakening is a process of understanding
oneself. When one understands fully oneself, one is a master. Awakening of this layer is a slow
and gradual process. But it can enhance when one starts incorporating more of light into
oneself. One of the ways is to do this is to integrate more and more of your soul into your
body. See in your mind's eye - an ever glowing bight light emanating from your heart center and
with each breath, see it expanding ever more and finally encompassing your entire selves. This
simple step of connecting with one's soul daily can enhance one's light quotient greatly. Also you
can call on angels, archangels, your guides, teachers and masters and integrate with their
light. Ask for a synthesis with the light of the masters you work with. See the light from the masters
entering your crown chakra and infusing it with your soul light and then filtering down to your entire
selves. Your entire selves here denote - your entire dimensional self (11 dimensional self, entire
lives, entire bodies).
Master: Kuthumi Color: silver/white
Tone – Aleph Etz Adonai

Layer 6: I Am
When one starts working with the awakened self and understanding oneself more fully, the next
step is in connecting with the I Am Layer. That is connecting with the Divine Soul. You divine soul
is who you are truly. Your I am Layer is connected to the I Am Layer of everyone else and also to
the Father/Mother God and Creator. Ask and give intent to activate this layer during your quiet
time. The more your desire to connect with your I Am Presence, the faster the activation of this
layer happens. It is your desire, which will draw forth your soul more and more into your
body. When you start expressing and experiencing your life through your soul, you will have the
grand wisdom of the soul available to choose and express your life. Most of humanity has been
expressing their life through their personality and ego. Personality is cultivated and ego is part of
fear. When you connect with your soul, you will have the wisdom of the Creator pouring into
you. And when you constantly strive to live your life through your soul, your entire life will change,
for then you will not be constrained by the limitations of your own mind or from the mass mind. You
will also have peace, joy, more choices, more courage, more faith in yourself, more self-confidence
and also your intuition will all be enhanced.
Master: Archangel Metatron
Color of this layer is golden/platinum color.
Tone – Erhiya Ashur Ehiya

Layer 7: Balance
Balance is a consciousness in which one feels complete with oneself and one's surroundings and
situations. For a balanced person there is no emotional charge for the situations/experiences in
oneself or in others. There is a sense of complete acceptance of oneself and others and whatever
is happening. This layer has also been called as Pleaidean Layer as Pleaidean's were one of the
most balanced races to have walked this planet. How would you like to have balance in your life
or which are the areas in your life you would like to have balance? Is it with your biology, is it with
your mind and thought process, it is with your emotions, is it is with your interactions with others,
your culture, and so on so forth. Balance also means the ability to fully become aware of all the
situations and then taking appropriate actions. What is appropriate action? The ability to create
benevolent experience for all involved in that particular experience. When you are fully balanced,
you will also be able to cultivate peace in your mind, your body, your emotions, peace with
humanity, peace with culture, peace with Mother Earth and peace with Father Sky.
Master: Lord Sananda Color: Pearly White.
Tone – Kadumah Elohim

Layer 8: Truth
Are you truthful to yourself? Most of humanity has great difficulty in being truthful to
oneself. Unless one is completely truthful to oneself, it is difficult to be completely truthful to
others. Humanity is afraid to look into oneself and discover their own self, for there is great fear in
looking inward. But unless one looks inward, one cannot find oneself fully. So working with the
truth layer can help one in discovering one self more fully and their own evolving truth. Also
working with this layer can help one to understand the higher truth. Truth is always evolving and
truth is large, so no one has the entire truth. So when you evolve, you have evolving truth
appearing in your life. Because of the belief system we have, many a time we discard this
emerging truth, and instead cling on the old truth we have cultivated over time. You may call on
this grand master to clear and purify you and also to open your higher mind so that you can accept
the higher evolving truth of the Universe.
Master: Lady Nada Color: soft green
Tone – Rochev Baravot

Layer 9: Seeing without the illusion

These last four layers are higher layers. When one is able to see clearly without the veil, then one
is able to perceive the nature of the reality happening in their life without fear and prejudice. We
live so deeply with in the illusion that we forget that there is illusion at all. When we are able to
open up to the consciousness of this layer, then we are able to see the reality more clearly. All the
masters who have walked this planet lived their lives outside of this illusion. All the teachings of
all the major religions have expounded this truth of illusion of the world. Once we are awakened
to this truth, then one can live in this world joyously and with peace in their heart for we know that
this world is a big stage where all are actors and only that they have forgotten and we can clearly
see our part of the actor in this great game and then we have the ability to choose how we want to
play our part in this great illusion game.
Master: Lord Melchidezek Color: soft turquoise
Tone – Sekihinach Esh

Layer 10: Remembrance

It is a remembrance of who we are. It is a remembrance of not only who we are, but also a
remembrance of our life purpose for being here. It is a remembrance of our birth vision. We know
that We know. Everything is clear. When we remember, then we are also able to tap into the
akash of ourselves and bring forth the talents, abilities etc., that we desire to enhance our life in
the present moment. You can ask your soul for its remembrances of specific emotions or talents
that you need and seek at this time in your life and then overlaying it over the present one. In this
way, you can choose to have your emotions on any situation you may experience. This means
you will be able over lay the emotions of - let us say peace or joy or any other you may choose
and place it firmly on the present reality of your life. This means you are no more at the mercy of
your present reality and the emotions or feelings associated with it, but is in complete control of
your entire life all the time.
Master: Master Jesus Color: metallic yellow combined with soft red.
Tone : Va Yik Ra

Layer 11: Realization

This is when we realize that we are Creator God. It is knowingness. A complete realization of our
trueness. When this layer of our DNA is activated, our entire history of our creation is known to us
and we can remember and realize our essence of Adam Kadmon. This also helps us to move
through many of the higher dimensions and connect with higher dimensional masters who can
further support us in our soul growth. How would you like to live your life presently as a fully
realized being?
Master:Lord and Lady of Andromeada Color : soft blue.
Tone – Chochnah Micha Halaev

Layer 12:God
This is the layer when we live our truth as a Creator God. When this layer is fully activated, we are
consciously participating in the creation of this universe. The great teacher of India - Sai Baba is
a fully divine Avatar who has all the 12 layer of his DNA activated. Meditate on this layer asking to
open up to your own God Presence to be fully manifested in your life as a living truth.
Master: Sanatkumara Color: milky white.
Tone – El Sahadai