One day, i fill my days just like it is everyday. Just like who i am everyday.

I do meetings, I do study, I am workaholic, and I am a dentistry student .

But then, i think something strange is happening along this day..

Then i think.. alone, all by myself. Just worrying if something bad ever happens on you

Well, now i find what¶s wrong...

Today is your birthday! Your 20th birthday, for exact..

I believe i suddenly have something in my mind like this. Oh my sister.. i shouldn¶t have forgotten your birthday just because i was having no time to check my FB.

I feel bad for that... yet i try to think much to give you something unforgettable..

If only I had more capability, i would have brought you this lovely cake But... Why should I give you a cake if you¶re already sweeter than the cake?

So i decide to give you another kind of gift, and it is...

To be the 5 % out of 100% of your whole friends

And to be always there when you need me. Even when nobody wants to be there.

Maybe you¶re asking.. why would i ever want to do that?

It¶s because you introduce me to new positive things which i underestimated all along.

And your smile always brightens up my blue days

As time passes on...

Unfortunately, bad things may happen when i¶m far away from you. But never stop, my sister..

Maybe it¶s just the right time for you to learn something for your maturity

And if someone really loves you finding you in such a problem, they will just watch, not lending a hand so quickly on you . So that, they can let you make your own decision from your best teacher : experience

Then maybe you¶ll think ³why wouldn¶t they just appear and give me a hand? It¶s way too much for me to face all by myself´ Well, my dear.. you should remember one thing out of it :

And one more thing :

As you gets through your own mind, you¶ll see quite some wise things such as :

In these rough times..... JUST STAND UP and PRAY. Never gets desperate in bot h of them, because..

After you get the spirit ,my sister.. it¶s your time to move

And then...

It¶s your very time to show your true mind

Right after all of those stuffs, my sister...

You will see a different side of your previous world

And so as the people in it

Dear, My

One thing I suggest for a lifetime conclusion in this unpredictable world,

³Birthday is not about congratulate the lucky girl and telling sweet words for her in one whole day, but it¶s about taking her to get into a whole new gate of life´

With love, respect, tight friendship, and close sisterhood,

Nisa Milati Biyantini



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