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Date: ______/_______/_______

Criteria 0 2 4 5
Mostly memorized Memorized with a few Completely memorized.
with a few gaps and pauses to remember
Memorization Not memorized line drops. Had to look lines. Had to look at note
at note card more than card 1-4 times.
5 times.
Mood, Performance has Performance is Performance is Performance is
no originality feel. interesting but not interesting and is energetic, unique, and
energy, and
Interpretation of inspirational. projected in a somewhat inspirational. Meaning
script piece is confusing. Interpretation is bland. lively manner. of the script comes to
interpretation Interpretation is clear. life.
Actors don’t seem Actors are not Actors’ positioning is less Actors are positioned to
to know where to positioned to add inventive and has add interest and
Blocking and go. Little or no interest and meaning moments when it’s meaning to the piece.
Movement blocking was of the piece. Actors confusing. Actors are Actors are cheated out
attempted. are not cheated out cheated out when when appropriate.
when appropriate. appropriate.
Actors are difficult Actors are difficult to Actors are usually Actors are clear and
to understand understand at times understood with a couple easy to understand at
because of poor because of poor of poor volume, rate, or all times.
Clarity volume, rate, and volume, rate, or enunciation.
enunciation. enunciation.
Characters are not Characters are Characters have Characters are sincere,
sincere and actors frequently dropping in moments of dropping in and actors reveal
Characters to not commit their and out of sincerity and out of sincerity and characters through their
and body and voice to and reacting to each reacting to each other. body and voice.
believability the portrayal. They other. Characters listen and
don’t’ listen to each react to others.
The scene drags Gaps in the pace are There are times when The pace has energy
Pace on and on. frequent and gaps are apparent. and moves the scene to
noticeable. the end.
It’s obvious no The presentation The scene indicates that The scene is polished
preparation outside indicates that minimal a fair amount of and enthralls the
Preparation of class time took preparation took place preparation went into the audience.
place. independently. performance.
Script is too short Script has some Script is mostly true to Script is original, yet the
or not faithful to the elements from original the intent of the play. play’s true intent is
Accuracy original intent of the play, but alters other discernable.
play. plot points.
Was not mentally Had to be told to be Had to be told to be quiet Was respectful to peers
and/or physically quiet and/or pay and/or pay attention 1-2 as they presented.
Respect for
present during attention more than 3 times. Graded them using the
Peers peers’ times Distracted rubric.
presentations others.

Total: ______/ 45

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