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13-15 HIGH LOW 7-8
11-12 9-10

Content _____ out of Interesting content Some interesting Conventional ideas Cursory; gives the
15 points and presentation; content; points not or clichés; little impression of writing
ideas well- sustained or not fully supporting detail just to complete the
conceived and developed. included. assignment.
developed with
sufficient examples.

10-12 9-7 6-4 3-0

Structure, Logic _____ out of Logical progression Logical progression of Gaps in logic or no Disorganized; appears
and Transitions 10 points of ideas with well- ideas but often lacks transitions. to have been written
executed transitions. transitions. as thoughts occurred
to the writer.

5 4 2-3 0

Citations of _____ out of 5 3 or more sources. At least 3 sources. 1-2 sources. No citations.
Sources points Correct citations. Shows understanding Citations contain Paraphrased all
for citations, although errors. quotes OR had no
1 or less errors. mention of text at all.

13-15 11-12 9-10 7-8

Vocabulary/ Word _____ out of Uses sufficient, Usually uses Often uses Uses only
Choice 15 points appropriate, and appropriate inappropriate, or elementary
varied vocabulary. vocabulary with some non-specific vocabulary; creates
No slang words variety; some errors in vocabulary; lack of nonexistent words
used. usage that do not variety in word from English.
affect the message. choice.

5 4 2-3 0

Punctuation, _____ out of Correct spelling Occasional Frequent English spelling and
Spelling, and 5 points (including accents) mechanical errors. mechanical errors. punctuation: no
Presentation and punctuation; accents;
neatly typed with mechanical errors
correct format as in most sentences.
specified (MLA).

Total _____ out of

50 points