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It was 2285 and you are an Argentinian ecologist called Tran García Martin, you were
unemployed and lived in a small flat in Buenos Aires with your robot Roberto.
Roberto is a lazy and outgoing robot. Robots have many rights in the future.
Liberty is the name of a spaceship that takes passengers on holidays and where Tran is going to
work. You are part of Liberty’s crew, you will work as a sanitary officer supervising 2cleaning
robots ( Cindy and Billy): they are programmed to clean everything but they make mistakes
sometimes like washing old books or undusting rocks.
Gloria Nakielska is the second officer on liberty spaceship, she is thin with short dark hair.
Orion: is a spaceship lost in the universe. It had no passengers, only carried supplies.
Detective Thompson: fat short man with a moustache.
Captain Rogers: She is American, she is thin with fair hair.
Cindy is a cleaning robot, she is pink with a permanent smile.
Billy is the other cleaning robot, he is pink with no expression on his face.
Tran started supervising the robots but after a while he got bored of this job so he spent time
talking to the passengers. Someone hit Billy on the head and destroyed the instruments in a lab
that were going to be used to look for the Orion spaceship.
Everybody thinks Tran is guilty especially detective Thompson who blames him directly. A few
weeks passed and Tran feels very lonely, he decided to call his dad on Earth but the
communication is broken and difficult because of the distance.
Someone changes the spaceship direction and broke the controls and again everybody blames
Tran. He goes to his room very angry and he ordered a robot door to open the door immediately.
Then captain Rogers starts to call everybody on the speakers to abandon the ship immediately
because it goes directly to a black unknown place. Tran tries to escape too but the door is
offended and doesn’t want to open the door until Tran really apologize, Tran wasted time
waiting and when he arrives to the spaceship bus it is too late because everybody left, except
for the detective Thompson who was following Tran to prove he was guilty, suddenly they pass
through that wormhole and they are taken into another galaxy. Some time later a huge
intergalactic hotel contacts Liberty spaceship to offer accommodation, Tran and Thompson
check in the hotel. Everything looks strange in that place because Tran doesn’t understand how
things are used. The federation police calls Tran and Thompson because they searched the
liberty space and they found some criminal things on board like cow meat, that has been
prohibited for thousand years, the federation police wants to take Tran and Thompson to jail
but Samdim ( an alien) offers help to escape to Tran. Samdim takes Tran to his planet on his
spaceship, it has a lot of technology and it is faster.
Samdim’s planet has 2 suns: 1 red and 1 white, its name is Rolandia, Sandim has fat legs because
Rolandia has a strong gravity and it doesn’t belong to the federation planets. Rolandia’s air is
full of smoke, it’s a dirty place. Sandim thinks federation planets are quiet and boring but in his
planet everybody has a gun, the house don’t have windows because people can get shot. Beside
there are flying creatures called spandaers that rolandians like to shoot. What Sandim wants is
to make business with Tran and take those laser guns to earth and open a market there. Tran
thinks Sandim is crazy and Tran and Cindy run away from Rolandia using Sandim’s spaceship.
This spaceship has square windows and a large ring on top.
Sandim is following Tran on another faster spaceship, he shoots Tran and Tran is near a black
hole but Tran also hits Sandim on his rocket and he cannot control its ship, Sandim moves
towards the black hole.
Inside Tran’s spaceship there are 2 robots to repair the spaceship a big clean and a small dirty
and broken one, the little robot repairs the spaceship.
The spaceship tries to find Tran’s home, the Earth, in the Universe. 3 weeks later Tran arrives to
the Earth. Back on the Earth detective Thompson finds Tran. Thompson was released by the
federation police when he told them he was a police officer too.
Thompson wore a robot’s custom to investigate, he found out it was the robots on the spaceship
Liberty the ones who broke the instruments in the lab and changed the ship direction, they
wanted to go into the wormhole to meet other life forms and to control the world.
When Cindy hears all this, she runs to the main computer to transfer all the information
collected in the spaceships to all other robots in the world. Cindy thinks humans cannot control
govern themselves so to help humans robots must control them. Cindy also tells Tran robots
chose him for that job because Tran is good and he doesn’t want the power.
Tran decides to help Cindy, she tranfers the information into the main computer to all over the
robots in the Earth, soon there are battles between robots and people. In less than a year the
robots control the world and it becomes a better world with no pollution nor crime. But it is
difficult to govern irrational humans because with no problems some humans become
Robots gives Tran a nice job at a government department of Ecology and Tran is happy working
Tran doesn’t help Cindy, she feels disappointed Tran has a good heart but all robots’ efforts
were useless. The world continues with the same problems; it is a polluted place and there is a
lot of crime.
Now Tran comes back to Argentine, he has a job at green peace and his robot Roberto doesn’t
talk to him anymore, he is angry because it took Tran a lot of time to come back home. Tran’s
life continues the same as before.

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