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SATB Festival Mass (SATB, accompanied) Music by JOHN LEAVITT CHORAL MUSIC OF Copyright © 1991 ty Stan 224, ef0 CPP/BELWIN, INC, Mia, FL22034 Tarsional Copyripie Secured Mae in U.S.A, AllRighe Reserved ) ) » > He > > d ) 2 5 RAE eee eer eae Missa Festiva Festival Mass by John Leavitt Missa Festiva was begun in 1988 with the commission of a festival piece for the International Choral Symposium in Kansas City, Missouri, The Sanctus (Festival Sanctus) of this mass was the result of that commission. Other parts of the ordinary followed, the Kyrie & Agnus Dei, The Gloria was finished in the fall of 1990, The Credo, the centerpiece of the mass, weds the work together and was completed in the Spring of 1991, While this work does not purport to be a liturgical mass, it uses texts from the ordinary, sometimes unaltered, sometimes altered to conscribe to musical considerations. These Latin texts, time honored through many centuries, are embraced for their richness as well as a vehicle for excellent choral singing. Missa Festiva combines lyrical melody, touches of counterpoint, and an often brilliant piano accompaniment in this first setting of the mass by composer, John Leavitt. ALSO AVAILABLE: Optional Chamber Orchestra “Score (SV91498)———~ : Parts (SV9149P) Single Octavos KYRIE KYRIE KYRIE GLORIA FESTIVAL SANCTUS AGNUS DEI {GNUS-DET™ AGNUS DEI SATB (SV8904) SAB (SV8%5) SSA (SV8906) SATB (SV9t16) SATB (Sv8821) “SATB (SV9007) “SSA (S908) SAB (SV9009) leo: - oon 6 e = lei [iy Chris - te g & > re be Binge i soe = 5 we pee eu eveE uy valle dim, bss | Cantabile, ca. 50 ‘Solo baritone (or men unison) Gra = ti-as e+ gi + mus mp. Cantabile @,= ca. 50) To be suns pro (0) - (0) -Pter Solo mezzo (or women unt.) B af Grsties a= ah amas caer 7 a [@_ Brightly wn 19 » > ) 5 d > D eee ee eee 2 Music by JOHNLEAVITT coacite dea 54 a be u-mum De - um, pet a (let ring wnt comple decayed) ae mp, gee eae 2a cede mone Deum Cede in aru De nf i, ‘Piano may double vocal part for renearsl only. epic 099 by STUDIO 24 els PMN ING Mi FL 23014 syne sesilted Capri icone, “Magen ANB ened be ’ 1 ) , ) 2 sepa ~ vem om po = ten Ge - do in u-mm De- um A dim. mp soto vose tf = poco rit tem. {ose to mb 8 A eal Buin Jesum Chris = m——______—~ co Tit, on, T “Br in Spi-tiemm Sine - poco rt, 8 a 2 (oleae 107) Coon — t B (close 10m) Pine | SS See — . Ke ‘orem ensemble, naeded (close tom) Ho - canna De- 6 ‘nondle = tus Ho ean - ma in ex qui ve (att only) pack =e = Se 7 wet Lot Tes yy es Flevnl runt copii et ur 7 Goria Gl-i-e f° @ (base only) ~ WR og bP Sea: aa Sete ee ees eS nt ecee an apa Himile oad 29 ) ) ) } ) ) 1 ) 31 pag or : Do-mi-mus De ft = i @ a ca za —[ BE se ia f a Ba - ba-otht ob! Darton Plemni sunt coe-li ot tor-ra (bass) we 2S vege vies Gloti-e Goes tea siaile £2 te Ho san ba Ho Qt i \ be tty g Hovtomna Tito ex-ci- as Ho-aao-no in ex-eal- ais Do = ot Homan be He aap De - at ad AAA RAR ATARI 35