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Excel Crash Course by

This Excel Crash Course contains the list of
topics that cover the most important and used
features and formula of Excel .
This Excel Crash Course lists 43 major topics in
Excel so that you can start using Excel like a
pro in the shortest possible time.

1. Intro to Excel
2. Excel How To Add In Excel
3. Excel How To Do Subtraction In Excel
4. How To Divide In Excel
5. How To Do Multiplication In Excel
6. How To Calculate Percentage In Excel
7. Excel Average Formula
8. Count Formula In Excel(count Cells Containing Only Numbers
9. Concatenate Formula In Excel
10. Countblank Formula in Excel
11. Countif Formula in Excel
12. Vlookup In Excel
13. And Formula in Excel
14. Sumif Formula in Excel (Addition Based On A Condition)
15. Or Formula in Excel
16. Pivot Table In Excel
17.Insert Comments In Excel
18.Draw Borders In Excel
19.Wrap Text In Excel
20. Merge Cells in Excel
21.Format Numbers in Excel
22.Paste Special in Excel
23.Conditional Formatting Highlight A Cell in Excel
24.Create Bar Chart in Excel
25.Column Chart In Excel
26.Create Pie Chart In Excel



27.Autofill In Excel
28.Averageif In Excel
29.Countif Formula In Excel
30.Data Validation With List Feature
31.Datedif In Excel
32.Hlookup In Excel
33.How To Password Protect Excel
34.Index And Match In Excel
35.Ipmt In Excel
36.Isblank In Excel
37.Iserror In Excel
38.Isnumber In Excel
39.Randbetween In Excel
40.Rank In Excel
41.Remove Duplicates In Excel
42.Round Formula In Excel
43.Special Conditional Formatting 1 Highlight Cell Based On A Formula
44.Subtotal In Excel
45.Sumifs In Excel
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