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1. (a).

Briefly in a table, compare and contrast the behaviorist, innateness and interactionist
theorist of language acquisition.

Behavioral Theory Innateness Theory Interactionist Theory

Learning process involve of Innate biological ability that Stresses importance of child's
shaping of grammar into a all human possess. Every interaction with parents and
correct form by the child has a “language other caregivers
re-enforcement of other acquisition device”.
Approaches child as a blank Innate learning mechanism It focuses on the pragmatics
slate that is filled up by enables a child to figure out of language rather than
knowledge gained through how the language works. grammar
Language learning is a Language learning is a ruled Language learning is a
practice based. based. pragmatic knowledge based.
In behaviorism learning is In Innateness learning is said In Interactionist learning is
said to be successful when to be successful when the said to be successful when
the child can repeat what child can generate the child acquire the
was taught. innumerable grammatically language through social
correct interaction.