FALL 2007

The following information is taken from the fall 2007 SCPS bulletin. Please note that changes are made to course schedules, and new offerings are added on a continuing basis. Visit our website for the most up-to-date program information:

Check FALL TERM CALENDAR Fall Classes Begin Wednesday. You may register during the semester according to the schedules and procedures in the Registration section of this Bulletin. Discover. New York. by e-mail.EDU . That’s why we want to hear about your experiences with SCPS. American Express. Call: (212) 998-7171 Web: scps. MasterCard.scps@nyu. September 4–27. September 19 TELEPHONE: (212) 998-7171 Monday–Friday. a. American Express MAIL Mail registrations are accepted throughout the semester and must be postmarked at least two weeks before the course start date..m.* Extended hours until 7 p. please consult our refund policy in the Registration section of this Bulletin. or need help deciding what to take? Our education advisors are available to help you by phone. Discover. MasterCard. Monday. Call: (212) 998-7200 NEED TO DROP A COURSE? You may drop a course by mail and in person (145 Fourth Avenue. dates.m. Monday–Thursday. Discover. 2nd Floor. Discover. Payment: Visa.nyu. MasterCard. including class locations. or call the number below.* Extended hours until 7 p. MasterCard. Payment: Visa. November 22–25 All classes cancelled.FLEXIBLE REGISTRATION THAT FITS YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE WEB: scps.–5 p. NY 10003).edu WE WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK At NYU-SCPS.NYU. or in person (145 Fourth Avenue). 9. Thanksgiving Eve Wednesday.. American Express.m. and times.m. Monday–Thursday. If you wish to withdraw from a course after the first class has met.–5 p. students are our number one priority. We invite your Fax: (212) 995-3060 WEB 24 HOURS A DAY Payment: Visa. Register now for the best course selection and to view your course details.EDU | E-MAIL SCPSINFO@NYU. September 4–27.drop. American Express Columbus Day IN-PERSON REGISTRATION 145 Fourth Avenue. American Express Thanksgiving Recess Thursday–Sunday. Discover. Call: (212) 998-7171 E-mail: advice. October 8 All classes cancelled. and suggestions. 2nd Floor (between 13th and 14th Streets) Monday–Friday. November 21 All classes cancelled except Norman Thomas and Manhattan Village Academy. FAX: (212) 995-3060 24 HOURS A DAY Payment: Visa. comments.m.nyu. Payment: Visa. Courses begin throughout the term. by e-mail. NOT SURE WHAT TO TAKE? Need advisement on a non-degree course or certificate. E-mail: scps. room numbers.nyu. Check * Telephone and in-person registration may be suspended or altered due to holiday observance. MasterCard. or by fax up until one day before the course start NEED TO CHECK CLASS LOCATIONS OR TIMES? You can log on to your online account at scps.course@nyu. 9 a.

.45 p. and editor of shorts. visit scps. Editing (page 5). Film projects are transferred to digital video and provided to students. In the final project. or call (212) 998-7171. editors. Our offerings in Film.m. 43 W. learn the basic theories of film production. but please be punctual. 11 W. Contents Film and Video Production Cinematography Editing Sound Design and Music Special Effects Documentary Production Television and Broadcasting Producing and Entertainment Management Story. Union Square vicinity. No class Nov.. working either in 16mm or in digital formats (DV. For more information visit scps. 17 (12 sessions). Meets at Manhattan Village Academy. delve into the crucial relationship among sound. 6–8 p.395 S Sec. then take a look at today’s emerging technologies. Video. and Producing (page 8). and broadcasting.9510 or the equivalent. and edit on digital nonlinear editing systems using Final Cut Pro. Sept. and action. or learn how to record sound for production? Get hands-on training in this intensive course. including directors. and a chance to ask questions of faculty and staff. Film Production I X34. Do you want to produce high quality sound for your film. writer. sound designers. Prerequisite: Film Production I/X34. Prerequisite: Techniques and Technologies/X34. 19–Dec. • Intensive programs in Digital Video Production (page 3). narration.. Music. presentations on curriculum. Equipment. camera. Sound Design (page 6). and credits. 6–27 (4 sessions). 22.9220. call (212) 998-7171.. you need to understand the entire production process. Nielsen TV Audience Measurement (page 9). then put them to use making your first films. Marc DeRossi. As an essential first step toward a career in film. Faculty Learn from instructors who are leaders in their fields. Survey the techniques that filmmaking was built upon. Documentary Production (page 7).45 p. music. W Meets at the Woolworth Building. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: (212) 998-7171 1 . From analog to digital. 24– Dec. 24-p). documentaries. Sept. Cinematography (page 4). 6. 19 (13 sessions).45–8. Morten Parker.nyu.–5 p. " No discounts apply to this course.45–8. 4th Floor Career nights include discussions on industry news and career opportunities. and shoot film. producer. For more information. 6–10 p. 15 Barclay St.9510/$1.. director. and Television Thursday.m. you create your own film with transition No class Nov. Academy Award nominee. and special effects artists who work together to develop a project. S Sec. No RSVP is required. behind every artistic vision lies a team of technologists who are able to make it happen. 1: Thurs. 8.9071/$695 S$725 S Sec. producers. VIDEO. 10 a. film-to-tape transfers. Cooper Square. These collaborative fields offer opportunities for a variety of professionals. 21. Our programs provide the technical training you need to get a foothold in this highly competitive industry. No class Oct. Filmmaking (page 3). PRODUCTION Techniques and Technologies X34. FILM AND VIDEO To make your own film. In the NYUSCPS film program. The class works in small production crews within a rotating responsibility system to help fellow students complete individual projects. Special Effects (page 7). Willie Bruno.Click here for department website.nyu. you learn all the techniques you need to become a great filmmaker.m. Sept. digital recorders. practical workshop in 16mm filmmaking without sync sound. • Professional certificate programs: Filmmaking (page 2).m. video production. 13 (12 sessions). which may be taken concurrently. Editing (page 5). Digital Video Production (page 2).m. For SCPS faculty bios. Oct. director. TV News Journalism (page 8). discover the technical side of production in a series of evening lectures and demonstrations. features. allotted film raw stock with laboratory processing.m. M Meets at NYU Midtown Center. In this introductory. Join a community of like-minded professionals in an environment that provides plenty of hands-on training and technical support. VIDEO. and sound effects. 20– Dec. and other supplies provided. Production Sound for Film X34. Learn techniques to record and mix sound for documentaries. 1: Sat. 42nd St. In lectures and demonstrations. CAREER NIGHT Film. video engineer and camera operator. 2: Mon. you have an opportunity to write. feature films. producer. 6. Entertainment Media Management (page 9). S V Meets in the Washington Square. and Performance Storyboarding Film Theory Performance for Film and Broadcast 1 1 4 5 6 6 7 8 8 10 10 10 10 In filmmaking. videotapes. 1: Wed. 22nd St. and Producing (page 10). and create professional quality sound using analog. AND BROADCASTING Learn the craft and the business behind filmmaking. produce. AND BROADCASTING FILM. and microphones. FILM. cinematographers. or equivalent knowledge. Cinematography (page 4). direct. Theory. and Broadcasting include: • A range of continuing education courses that provide practical training and knowledge of current industry practices and equipment. August 23 NYU Midtown Center 11 West 42nd Street. and industrials.

and editor of documentaries. director. Tuition covers equipment. Upon completion of the program. and editor.and high-end digital video. Tuition covers equipment and tape allotment. No class Nov. 21. 6–10 p. 5 (10 sessions). 1: Wed. Digital Video Production II X34.9232 (page 10) Introduction to Producing/ X34. and non-linear using Final Cut Pro. Alonzo Speight. 2: Sat. and shoot principal photography for a digital video focusing on documentary and other non-fiction work. two shot. award-winning independent producer. CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTION In this hands-on program. Prerequisite: Digital Video Production I/ X34.9509 (page 9) Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. you write. or equivalent knowledge. Class discussions focus on blocking. and Production Sound for Film/X34.9510 or equivalent knowledge. The curriculum provides an introduction to DVD production and in-depth training in digital camera technology. Then students advance to synchronization.. and directing techniques. Sept. CERTIFICATE IN FILMMAKING Begin building your professional reel with either the daytime intensive version of this certificate or the part-time evening format. lighting for digital video.9509 (page 9) Documentary Development.9225 or equivalent knowledge. script breakdown. screen direction.9454 (page 3) REQUIRED—OPTION 3 Techniques and Technologies/ X34. This certificate provides filmmakers with hands-on experience in a lab-based environment. 27 (6 sessions).EDU E-MAIL: SCPSINFO@NYU.9523 (page 3) REQUIRED—OPTION 2 Filmmaking 12-Week Intensive: 16mm. • Lighting.9520 (this page) REQUIRED—OPTION 1 Film Production I/X34.9425 (page 7) Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. Research. it may be submitted one week prior to the first class session to gain a head start. edit. Prerequisites: Film Production I/X34.m. and Financing/ X34.9015 and Film Production I/X34. evening program).EDU . director. laboratory processing. Students use Sony DV cameras and Final Cut Pro equipment with an allotment of videotape and other supplies provided by the school.9220 (page 1) Digital Video Production I/ X34. director. and reverse angles. documentaries. Participating in a series of recorded exercises. digital audio recording.30 p.9510 (page 1) Cinematography/X34. and Sync Sound/ X34.9522 (page 3) REQUIRED—OPTION 3 Techniques and Technologies/ X34. • Video-to-film transfer theory. 22–Oct. elementary nonlinear editing with Final Cut Pro. Option 3 includes one elective. films. direct.9540 (page 4) Digital Video Production II/ X34. writer.. students learn how to direct. VIDEO. If you have a script. or 3. 6 (10 sessions). • Producing. Marc DeRossi. Working in teams with rotating crews. Option 3 includes one elective. 22.9225 (page 5) ELECTIVES—OPTION 3 (Choose one) Cinematic Structure/ X34.9520/$1. 6–10 p. students are guided through script development. Digital Video Production 12-Week Intensive/X34. 6–9.9936 (this page) ELECTIVES—OPTION 3 (Choose one) Cinematic Structure/ X34.. 16 mm.200 S Sec. Students perform technical exercises and work within a small production crew rotating responsibilities and helping one another complete group and individual projects.9087 (page 4) Editing I With Final Cut Pro/ X34.. and edit individual and group projects—ultimately demonstrating growing confidence with production equipment and professional practices. and industrials. Prerequisite: Techniques and Technologies/ X34.9453 (page 3) REQUIRED—OPTION 2 Directing for the Screen X34. or dramatic narrative. 12 (12 sessions). students work on the master shot. music video. Begin by pitching an idea for a festival length documentary.9071 (page 1) Film Production II/ X34. 2.9071. and distribution. • Production. S Sec. and videos. • Planning. producer. 10–5 p. 18–Dec. Sept. • Sound.m. 2 WEB: SCPS. and editor of dramatic shorts.m. experimental piece.9232 (page 10) Introduction to Producing/ X34. 26–Dec. produce. This is the capstone course of the evening Certificate in Filmmaking in which students combine the technical experience and aesthetic knowledge garnered from other courses to produce an eight minute.m. REQUIRED—OPTION 1 Filmmaking Eight-Week Intensive: Advanced Color and Sync Sound/ X34.395 S Sec. 18 (14 sessions).FILM. Prerequisite: Digital Video Production I/ X34.m. students acquire the following skills: • Ability to write. 2. and how to prepare a video production. direct. news feature. which may be taken concurrently. This course is the culmination of the Certificate in Digital Video Production (Option 3.9510. or 3. Acquire technical knowledge and experiment creatively under the guidance of a faculty of industry professionals who guide you from first shoot to final edit as you make your own film. editing and finalization of the picture and sound using Final Cut Pro. Upon completion of the program. 1: Wed. learn how directors use the dynamic language of cinema to realize a rich visual and oral landscape. 1: Tues. 6–9 p.9959/$900 S Sec. • Low. Students can work together on team or individual projects. budgeting.9087.9225 (page 5) Digital Video Production Eight-Week Intensive/X34. allotted 16 mm color negative raw stock. casting and techniques for directing a narrative film with dialogue.NYU. editing. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the required material by taking Option 1. Produce a short (up-to-eight minute) DV project. and pre-production. No class Nov. Erin Greenwell.9220 (page 1) Production Sound for Film/ X34. Color.9936/$1. shoot. No class Nov. • Editing. Digital Video Production I X34. Vladan Nikolic. • Writing. for instructor's review. AND BROADCASTING Film Production II X34. Cinematography I/ X34. Once green lighted. pre-production. Film match back procedures are demonstrated in class. Sept.9921 and Editing I With Final Cut Pro/X34. students assist each other as crew while working on individual or team projects. Through lectures and demonstrations. produce. 27–Dec.9921/$1. live-action dramatic film. This hands-on course details basic DV camcorder operations. students have attained skills in: • Cinematography. and edit their own short digital videos. 21. Video Lighting Techniques/ X34. composition.9220. Vladan Nikolic Through lectures and demonstrations. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the required material by taking Option 1.450 S Sec. features. Sept. festival length. or equivalent experience. Sept. 1: Thurs.. The program is led by a faculty of industry professionals who emphasize the skills needed to help students land their first job in the industry and strategies for getting their films into festivals.9921 (this page) Editing I With Final Cut Pro/X34. 26–Dec. and film-to-tape transfers. videographer.

or Digital Video Production II) for advanced students who have distinguished themselves in earlier courses and who need financial aid to continue their film production studies. 1: Mon.9066 or equivalent experience. cinematography. • Language of film. Oct. technology. The award of $750 contributes toward tuition for one of the required production courses (Cinematography II.m. WEEKS ONE THROUGH FOUR SEPTEMBER 24–OCTOBER 19 • Techniques. • Recording sync sound with Fostex field recorders. 1: Mon. • Scheduling and budgeting.9066/$3. writing.9522/$6. shoot and edit your own individual projects using Final Cut Pro. which offers the best value and the most complete preparation for a career in film. master teacher.9454/$6. not be the recipient of any other grant. • Completing an 8–10 minute film • Individual/faculty mentoring. Sept. an outside agency.–Fri.–5 p. Editing II With Final Cut Pro.. • Professional conventions and practices. Film Production II. EIGHT. Sept. and lab tour. OR 12 WEEKS OF INTENSIVE STUDY: Filmmaking Four-Week Intensive X34.–Fri. Those presently working toward this certificate must complete the requirements within four years of their start date to receive the certificate. and editing. • Individual/faculty mentoring. No class Oct. Sept.m. • Storyboard creation. friends. 21–23. DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTION INTENSIVE PROGRAMS You can go from novice to successful practitioner in four. 9 a. 1: Mon. • Advanced production. documentaries.495" S Sec. • Synching dailies and editing with Final Cut Pro. 19 (19 sessions). videotapes. OR 12 WEEKS OF INTENSIVE STUDY: Digital Video Production Four-Week Intensive X34. • Editing basics with Final Cut Pro. WEEKS FIVE THROUGH 12: COLOR AND SYNC SOUND OCTOBER 22–DECEMBER 20 • Visual storytelling. • Developing. CINE Golden Eagle and Chris awards. In the beginning sessions. and Sync Sound X34. 9 a. 1: Mon. • Principles of classic cinema: shot grammar and angle. 24–Oct. Next. 9 a.995" S Sec. demonstrations and hands-on projects shot on 16mm film or digital. No class Oct.–5 p. • On-set procedures and protocols. • Digital video production technology. REGISTER FOR FOUR. Please call (212) 998-7171 for more information. eight. 9 a. 20 (60 sessions). and music videos. • Complete digital video projects. 21–23. Filmmaking Eight-Week Intensive: Advanced Color and Sync Sound X34. and other supplies. • Narrative techniques and the art of editing. • Creating shooting scripts and shot lists. or tuition assistance (either from NYU.–Fri. students hone their skills by completing projects of greater complexity. Digital Video Production Eight-Week Intensive X34. • Light meters and metering techniques. Sept. REGISTER FOR FOUR. director. • Complete filmmaking projects. produce. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: (212) 998-7171 3 . please call (212) 998-7171.–Fri.S. • Collaboration on group/team projects. Those applying with experience must submit work to an advisor for review by calling (212) 998-7171. and be a U. tape.. • Editing basics with Final Cut Pro.m. editor. To be eligible for consideration you must be an advanced student in the NYU-SCPS film program in good standing (having successfully completed at least Film Production I). including one from the instructor of your most recent film production course.m. citizen or eligible noncitizen. • Historical approaches to staging/ blocking and directorial preparation. You can take four. Substitutions for courses that have been discontinued may be made. •The camera as an artistic tool. you hone important filmmaking skills. THE ANDREAS ZAHLER SCHOLARSHIP FOR ADVANCED FILMMAKING STUDIES Family. research.–5 p. • Completing an 8–10 minute DV project. 8. Tuition covers equipment. No class Nov. submit two letters of recommendation. This is the film program that launched the careers of Sundance Film Festival winners and Academy Award–nominated directors. • Advanced lighting techniques. from pre-production to cinematography to editing.9523/$4. or 12 weeks of intensive study in digital video production.FILM. • Getting into the business. 8 and Nov. Filmmaking 12-Week Intensive: 16mm.m. colorist session. focusing primarily on documentary and other nonfiction work. • Visual interpretation of screenplays. or your employer). Prerequisite: Filmmaking Four-Week Intensive: 16mm/X34. direct.m. students learn the basics of digital video. • Improving upon prior technical and writing skills.m.. or the full 12 weeks of this program.m.–Fri. 1: Mon.. In the first four weeks. and story development and all aspects of producing and directing are covered. AND BROADCASTING FILMMAKING INTENSIVE PROGRAMS If you’re serious about getting up-to-speed quickly in narrative filmmaking. eight.995" S Sec. 21–23. For application forms or more information.9450/$3. VIDEO. You will have the opportunity to collaborate on group or team projects. • Planning production.–Fri. 20 (41 sessions).–5 p. Digital Video Production 12-Week Intensive X34. • Expanding hands-on knowledge of documentary and nonfiction production. allotted film raw stock with laboratory processing. • Color-negative film stocks and characteristics.995" S Sec. • Film editing and post-production. and drives. • Three-point lighting and lighting ratio. 22–Dec. and colleagues established this scholarship fund in the memory of renowned commercial film director Andreas Zahler. through lectures.–5 p.m. 21–23. TV commercials.495" S Sec.m. No class Nov. and craft of film and digital (24-p) production. 24–Dec. • Film festival preparation.m. and craft of digital video production. and producing longer format works. WEEKS FIVE THROUGH 12 OCTOBER 22–DECEMBER 20 • Collaboration on group/team projects. 9 a. technology. 8.–5 p.995" S Sec. 9 a. • Strengthening prior technical skills acquired in digital video production.. professional film-totape transfers.. The award is competitive and is based on demonstrated achievement in previous SCPS filmmaking courses and on financial need. and writer of feature films. 20 (41 sessions). No class Oct. 22–Dec. Instructor: Gary Gasgarth.9453/$4. • Professional sound mix demo. WEEKS ONE THROUGH FOUR: 16MM SEPTEMBER 24–OCTOBER 19 • Techniques. 1: Mon. Production Sound. 24–Oct. Acquire the technical and aesthetic skills you need to complete your own 16mm color negative sync-sound film. 8 and Nov. EIGHT. get a thorough immersion in the production process with hands-on experience in all aspects of making a film. 24–Dec. demonstrate financial need. students learn the basics of 16mm filmmaking and digital production. • Completing one project working in Final Cut Pro. The Certificate in Directing is no longer being offered to new students. • Production management methods and techniques. scholarship. Modern documentary history. 20 (60 sessions). • Cinematography. Tuition covers equipment. Oct. • Film festival preparation. or write. Color. In the final eight weeks.m. No class Oct. 19 (19 sessions). whether shooting film or digital.

cinematographer. For those interested in working in HD on future projects. demonstration. we demonstrate the behavior of light—manipulating it. Oct. • How to compose a scene using the camera and use a photographic technique to tell a story visually. This survey course is for aspiring cinematographers. lighting director. Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. 1: Mon.9510 or equivalent experience.m.9107/$1. Students develop concepts and realize their artistic vision for the projects. the five scanning formats.EDU E-MAIL: SCPSINFO@NYU. REQUIRED—OPTION 1 Cinematography Four-Week Intensive/X34. also known as directors of photography. Knowledge of film production is recommended but not required. Through a series of six progressively advanced projects. Cinematography X34. 1: Wed. Shooting Green Screen/ X34.EDU . This workshop in advanced cinematography techniques gives you an opportunity to shoot six projects ranging from in-class exercises to fully lit location shoots.9087 or equivalent experience. 10–Oct.m.260" Sec. recording it.m. imagination.–5 p.9202/$595" High Definition (HD) has become more popular as a tool.. students have covered: • Operation of film and DV cameras. television coverage of events such as the Olympics. Upon completion of the program.9540/$1. Sec.20 p. 15 (6 sessions). working with the director. and continuity. f-stops. Miami Vice. All technical aspects of Sony HDTV cameras are demonstrated to familiarize students with effective operational procedures. including basic special effects and lighting that can be done in-camera.9083/$3. • History and development of technology in cinematographic equipment such as dollies and Steadicams. Mark Raker. and skill of the cinematographer as he or she works within a collaborative relationship with fellow artists.9087/$1. work closely with film directors to tell stories visually.–5 p. light. The images the cinematographer brings to the screen come from the artistic vision. composition. lens selection. Richard Martin. 13 (10 sessions).. editing options. film stocks. 1: Sat. and shadow to create compelling images are among topics discussed.. and all footage is screened for review afterward.FILM. 1: Sat. 20–21 (2 sessions). • Creation of a short film with transition effects. Kenneth M. and analyzing the results. HD Cinematography Workshop X34.. Students are given the opportunity to shoot tests in the field.9220 (page 1) Advanced Cinematography/ X34. exteriors and interiors. AND BROADCASTING CINEMATOGRAPHY Cinematography—using a camera to create moving images—is key to the creation of a visual narrative.m. Mark Raker. Prerequisite: Film Production I/X34. 2–Dec. • Structure and job responsibilities of the camera unit of a film crew. Advanced Cinematography X34. Emphasizing the aesthetics of cinematography.9230 (page 6) Cinematography/X34. The use of framing. In this intensive course. duties of the camera assistant.NYU. and hands-on practice.9087 (this page) Note: This certificate has been restructured. having been used in projects like Superman Returns. 1: Thurs. Waddel Video Lighting Techniques X34. In order to understand the principles of professional lighting design. Individual advice is given before each shoot. learn what it takes to master the craft of cinematography. discover how film stock. filmmakers. and learn how to make creative and artistic decisions in your work. 6–10 p. • Aesthetics of frame composition and an in-depth survey of the classic examples of artistic cinematography.m. 7 (8 sessions).. directors and anyone interested in the art of cinematography. 9 a. gaining the technical knowledge necessary for successful execution. The skilled use of lighting to create contrast and ambience affects the quality and impact of a recorded image. the goals of lighting. 22. 19– Nov. Oct. this course demystifies the technologies of high definition and 24-p cinematography. By experimenting with film and digital formats from 16 mm to 24-p. Through lectures.m. By studying select examples from prominent films of visual style. light.200" S Sec. Cinematography Four-Week Intensive X34.9231 (page 6) Art of Cinematography/ X34. No class Nov. determine effective low-budget lighting and experience the intricacies of balancing mixed lighting sources. 18 (12 sessions). CERTIFICATE IN CINEMATOGRAPHY Cinematography is the art and craft of creating visual images for the cinema.495 Cinematographers. cinematographer. and numerous documentaries. 6–10 p. It is a creative and interpretive process that results in an original evocative work rather than the simple recording of a performance.–5 p. and using exposure meters. 4–Dec. 10 a.395" S Sec. Art of Cinematography X34. sessions cover the role of the cinematographer.9107 (this page) Secrets of Special Effects/ X34. 5 (19 sessions).9510 or equivalent experience. 6. recording formats. • Principles of lenses.9517 (this page) • How to work and collaborate in a team-based environment within a production crew. Sept. tone. develop your eye and learn to select the right format for any project. In NYU-SCPS’s film program. cinematographer. and composition affect the quality of an image. 3–Dec. Mission: Impossible III. (This learning objective applies to Option 2 certificate only.m. No class Nov. 4 WEB: SCPS. and delivery potential. Students work in teams to master the art of cinematography. 1: Tues. and lighting equipment. students learn what key elements to consider in setting up their shots.m. stocks. Sun. and credits. Learn how to create and communicate through the use of light. Prerequisite: Cinematography I/X34.m. working with a crew and a lab. VIDEO. A skillful cinematographer brings a whole new dimension to a director’s vision by creating images that enhance the narrative of a film. Students who began this certificate prior to fall 2007 have four years to complete their certificate according to the requirements in the SCPS Bulletin the semester they began. Oct. Prerequisite: Film Production I/X34. exposure. 9 a. music. Students receive instruction in digital acquisition and can hone their skills shooting 16mm motion picture film. Call an education advisor at (212) 998-7171 for more information. this workshop aids the student in developing and implementing professional concepts and techniques in film and digital media. camera operation. Studying lights and lighting styles.9083 (this page) REQUIRED—OPTION 2 Techniques and Technologies/ X34.) This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the required material by taking Option 1 or Option 2. professional cinematographers provide rigorous training in film and digital cinematography. color. Nov. • Basic types of lighting.9517/$395 S Sec. Hone your technical skills through practical experience with film and digital equipment. 24. Sept.–Fri. interpreting the script visually. S Sec.20–9. Mark Raker..

30 p. Lectures and lab sessions cover both theory and practical aspects of post-production. The course aims to provide students with knowledge of editing through a comprehensive look at its theoretical and functional aspects. Those unfamiliar with Mac Operating System should take Mac OS and Color Systems/X36.9225 or equivalent experience. Welles. 10 a. 6–9.m. jump cuts.50 p. This course introduces you to the workflow and creativity required to become a successful editor.9429/$840 S Sec.9429 (this page) scps. and creating the final deliverables. and plenty of practice prepare you to work in the industry. writer. score. director. Let the Church Say Amen. Kurosawa.9223. • Cover organizing. • Can collaborate in a team-based. 25–Nov.45–9. 6. technology. 11 (12 sessions). sound. Prerequisite: Editing I With Final Cut Pro/X34. The Ultimate Hustler with Damon Dash. • Understand aesthetics and stylistic issues in editing film clips. Editing Four-Week Intensive X34. and dramatic structure. designing sound. director. including generation of graphics and titling. No class Nov. Software introduced in class is primarily Final Cut Pro with a brief introduction to what Adobe After Effects and Pro Tools can do to enhance your production. Sept. This class is for aspiring filmmakers. and profession of film and digital post-production. music and graphic elements. 27 (10 sessions). filmmaker.30 p. 1: Mon. 6–9. but you’re not sure how to get started as an editor. Mridu Chandra. Tarantino.9627 (this page) Editing I With Final Cut Pro/ X34. Editing II With Final Cut Pro X34. and an understanding of movement as it applies to visual storytelling. overlapping editing. The Art of Editing X34. experienced faculty guide you through a comprehensive overview of the craft. working from footage provided by NYU. 6–9.9225 (this page) OR Editing II With Final Cut Pro/ X34.FILM. Erin Greenwell. and Egoyan. Lectures. color correction.m. Editing Documentary Footage X34. Matthew Mallinson. Editing requires technical proficiency with digital tools. 25. screenings. 19 (12 sessions). but our esteemed faculty also gives you the inside story on how to break into the industry. and producers. Careers in the post-production industry require an eye for aesthetics as well as solid technical skill.nyu. significant time is devoted to the following areas of editing: continuity and discontinuity editing. production crew environment. award-winning independent video producer. Amresh Sinha. You not only learn the craft behind editing.30 p. hands-on experience. Understand the role of an editor and the equipment used. elliptical editing. co-founder and leader.9223. Sept. all the way to onlining the project. In this intensive four-week course. 9 a. editor. basic editing techniques. • Know how to operate a nonlinear editing system. with a brief introduction to sound design. Learn advanced editorial and noneditorial features of the application. 17–21 (5 sessions). cut. 25– Dec. Editing requires both technical expertise and artistic vision.. 26– Dec. 6 (10 sessions). • Understand technical practices and standards for film and digital video. Michael Grabowski.9615 (this page) REQUIRED—OPTION 2 The Art of Editing/ X34. Using DV footage and Final Cut Pro.m. and in-class assignments with documentary footage introduce you to the work-flow and creativity required to oversee the postproduction process. 1: Sat.9941 (2008) Web For the most up-to-date course Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. media file management. digitizing from any format. Sept. As such.290 Take a giant step in your journey to becoming a film editor.–5 p. audio mixing.9223 S Sec.9615/$3. 27–Dec. rhythmical and tonal editing. Coppola. No class Oct. Those unfamiliar with Mac Operating System should take Mac OS and Color Systems/X36. VIDEO. demonstrations. Through lectures. film scholar. 17 (10 sessions). pacing.–Fri. CERTIFICATE IN EDITING This program is designed to equip students with skills in all aspects of an editor’s role in film or television production. 24–Dec. Editing I With Final Cut Pro X34. Upon completion of the program. and hands-on exercises.075" Learn the principles. 1: Tues. The Craft of Editing X34. As Apple’s leading editing software package. including continuity.. 16 (20 sessions). motion effects. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: (212) 998-7171 5 . 6–9. and basic special effects. S Sec. ITVS/ PBS. diegetic and nondiegetic inserts. Jamie Hitchings This course provides an overview of the process. Sept. Oct. No class Nov. 3: Mon. adding sound tracks. technology. 22–Nov.9064 (this page) Editing II With Avid Xpress Pro/ X34.20–9. such as motion graphics and filters..9225/$1. and downloading best practices for project editing. Ozu. Option 2 includes one elective. as well as those interested in the dynamics of editing and the editor’s art.m.–Fri. and concepts of digital nonlinear editing.9223 REQUIRED—OPTION 1 Editing Four-Week Intensive/ X34..9607/$1. Final Cut Pro offers a cost-effective yet professional desktop editing alternative for budget-conscious filmmakers. graphic match cut. and professional division of labor in documentary and television post-production. Editing I With Avid Xpress Pro X34. students: • Understand the structure and responsibilities of a post-production team. strategies for editing a documentary story from many hours of footage. Sharpen your editing skills while you solve common problems encountered in the post-production process. Godard.075" S Sec. Drawing from the films of Eisenstein. and how editing. 8. We cover edit room management. as you learn to use editing software including Final Cut Pro and Avid. No class Nov.. S Sec. digitizing. 2: Thurs.m. You can’t learn this unique blend of skills from a book. 21. visit: ELECTIVES—OPTION 2 (Choose one) Audio Production I With Pro Tools/ X35. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Mac OS. Hitchcock.9622/$695 W Sec.m. budgeting for post. and sound editing such as sound bridges and sonic cuts. it has rapidly become a must-have application for indie filmmakers and documentarians.9607 (this page) Editing I With Avid Xpress Pro/ X34.m. Avid New York Users Group (ANYUG). Students explore each step of the process: logging and organizing footage... and visual effects influence storytelling. Nov. You know how to use Final Cut Pro or Avid Xpress DV. focus on the skills of editing. utilizing archival materials. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete the required material by taking Option 1 or Option 2.9064/$1. sound effects.9627/$695 S Sec.45 p.m. Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin. including traditional Hollywood continuity cutting and the newer MTV style. 3 (10 sessions).495" S Sec. trimming. • Cover pre-production organization for fiction and nonfiction projects. Only expert guidance. 15 (6 sessions). Prerequisite: Knowledge of Mac OS. AVID editor. Michael Furth. preparing for the final mix.m. Learn how to assemble footage from various sources into a seamless end product by manipulating plot. Students learn about the aesthetics of editing. directors. Further your skills as an industry professional and learn the advanced features of Final Cut Pro. 1: Mon. Sept. editors. duration in editing. Oct.30 p.m.–5 p. and graphics. AND BROADCASTING EDITING Film and video editors transform raw footage into the final cuts we see on television and in movie theaters. S Sec. 3–Dec. Mark Brownstone. editor.. mixing. producer. 9 a. 22. an ability to analyze and assemble shots.–5 p. documentary producer and director. 1: Mon. and editor.9622 (this page) AND The Craft of Editing/ X34. and onlining a final master. Students in NYU-SCPS’s editing program learn the skills necessary to break into the industry. documentary film producer and director. terms. 1: Wed. Those unfamiliar with Mac Operating System should take Mac OS and Color Systems/X36. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Mac OS.9481 (page 6) Editing Documentary Footage/ X34.. work in pairs to learn all the basics of digital nonlinear editing. and develop expert-level skills in Final Cut Pro. 15–Dec. 6. Scorsese. 1: Tues. title keying. Those unfamiliar with the Mac Operating System should take Mac OS and Color Systems/X36. Sept.m.m.

and feel. hands-on experience with Reason. 6 (11 sessions). • Ability to work effectively with collaborators to establish tone in a piece. fade-ins and -outs. The course is geared toward students with a background in cinematography and lighting techniques and experience with DV technology. Shooting Green Screen X34. music producer.NYU. 29–Nov. By viewing examples in popular films and occasional visits from industry professionals.. Propellerhead’s Reason is a complete electronic music studio in one program. Upon completion of the program. This certificate examines the artistry that makes good visuals great— in film.20 p. 12–Dec. we help you master the industry-leading software. Industry professionals teach these courses through a combination of lectures and hands-on experience using Pro Tools in professional studio labs. Audio Production II With Pro Tools X35.m. 6–9 p. and performance rights societies all work together to incorporate music into today’s media. Walk through every phase of production from input to final master.9481 or equivalent. Powerful sound design helps create an emotional effect on audiences by enhancing a film’s pace. digital mixing. a drum machine and loop player. graintable.9492 (this page) Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. Van Benschoten. In this course. call (212) 998-7171. 17 (8 sessions). Van Benschoten. conduct musical research. 28 (10 sessions). No class Nov. broadcast. presentations on curriculum.. 10 (9 sessions). and how the use of Foley enhances a sense of fantasy or realism.9230/$395 S Sec. and Television Thursday.200 M Sec. Shooting green screen allows filmmakers to create anything from flying superheroes to an ancient battle without a Hollywood feature budget. editing. 4–25 (4 sessions). 1: Mon. and sample-playback synthesizers. and music in post-production.m. August 23 NYU Midtown Center 11 West 42nd Street. loop recording. and numerous signal processors. Sept. 6. Find out how to leverage your skills into a career.9481 (this page) Audio Production II With Pro Tools/X35. editing. Van Benschoten Sound Design X35. Foley (the technical process of recording or altering sound for use in various entertainment forms). a massive library of sounds. fadeins and -outs. Use Pro Tools for nondestructive recording and editing. Students are given lab time in sound-editing suites. and music supervision. audio engineer. S Sec. or design sound for film. Oct. and how visually arresting images can be used later for compositing. including the use of scores.9491 (this page) Sound Design/X35. 19–Nov. Students gain in-depth.EDU E-MAIL: SCPSINFO@NYU. We also cover the process of importing video in the form of QuickTime movies and synchronizing audio to on-screen video events. 27 (10 sessions). or on the Web. 25–Nov. playlists.. Pro Tools specialist. students expand their skills and learn in depth about MIDI sequencing tools with the industry’s leading software for sound mixing and editing. 6–9.m. CAREER NIGHT Film. • Knowledge of Pro Tools for nondestructive recording and editing. Prerequisite: Audio Production I With Pro Tools/X35. Class discussions include the relationship between a director and a composer. gels and filters.9491/$855 S Sec. and mastering audio. 1: Thurs. REQUIRED COURSES Audio Production I With Pro Tools/X35. If you are interested in becoming a recording engineer or want to learn Pro Tools for other applications—such as sound mixing for film or music creation— this course offers a solid next-level learning experience with the software to improve your techniques.9482 (this page) Music Supervision/ X35. Music Supervision X35. Sept. and learn about MIDI essentials and the integration of Reason with Pro Tools. and customization. combining real-time and step-entry sequencers. digital mixing. sound effects. Sept. sound designer. 26 (8 sessions).9481/$1. 6–9 p. Learn how to mix and balance dialogue.9493/$660 M Sec. 6–9 p.. 15–Dec. interactive gaming. Music supervisors work within all forms of audio-visual media to help set the tone of a production. art director. Whether in-camera or on set using nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Audioscapes: Analysis of Cinematic Sound X34.. editing during playback.m.m.9087or equivalent experience. music supervisor. Sept. Our instructor helps you master techniques for recording dialogues and Foley and teaches you advanced skills in processing. Oct. video. from input to final master. there is an array of cost efficient effects that have been created during filming. Rick A. along with CGI. Dorian Blues. Jeanne Da Silva. 6–8 p.. Pro Tools specialist. 6–9 p.–1 p. and mixing tools for high-end audio applications. discover the secrets behind many different types of special effects. and mixing tools. processing. 17 (6 sessions).m. learn how simply some of the most elaborate special effects were created and how you can utilize some of those concepts in your own work. Pro Tools features 24-bit integrated digital recording. mixing. 21. 20–Dec. The importance of sound design is underscored when it’s missing or badly executed. 6 WEB: SCPS. Through the study of effects and Foley. This certificate is awarded to students who complete four required courses. gain a thorough understanding of what it takes to create a high-impact soundtrack. soundtrack choices. Students are given lab time in soundediting suites. Oct. 1: Thurs. and determine what it takes to break into the business. NEW Audio Production I With Pro Tools X35. and a chance to ask questions of faculty and staff. 1: Tues. No RSVP is required. In this hands-on course.20–9. In this intermediate Pro Tools course. No class Nov.9231/$695 M Sec. • Ability to produce powerful soundtracks and convincing sound effects.9482/$1. 1: Mon. When Will I Be Loved.9233/$215 Music and sound contribute to the distinctive mood and feeling of a film narrative. and work successfully with others in the industry. clear licensing rights. Rick A.45 p. sound designer. ambient sound.m. AND BROADCASTING SOUND DESIGN AND MUSIC Whether you want to be a DJ. learn the music production process.. songs. Pro Tools offers audio engineers the complete digital package. 22. how soundtracks add a psychological element to a film. processing. Pro Tools. • Knowledge of how to conduct masterful music research and procure previously mastered material. learn how to make sound effects and tracks for a film. 4th Floor Career nights include discussions on industry news and career opportunities. Reason: Electronic Music Production X35. Get an inside look at how media producers. the industry-standard digital audio workstation. Prerequisite: Cinematography I/X34. NEW NEW CERTIFICATE IN SOUND DESIGN SPECIAL EFFECTS Secrets of Special Effects X34. automation tools. Music.m.. • Understanding of every phase of production. Michael Antebi.FILM.EDU . students shoot DV footage on a green screen backdrop. 22–Nov. Prerequisite: Basic computer literacy. musical motifs. Students in this course investigate the importance of music and sound to movies. 10 a.. record labels. audio engineer. and procure material. 1: Sat. Explore how to capture images separately from the background and match lighting conditions. This class exposes students to the technical knowledge of how to set up and shoot green screen footage in a studio and troubleshoot potential problems. a built-in mixer. Although the range of special effects that can be rendered digitally is virtually limitless. 1: Mon. make music on the computer. subtractive. The industry leader in digital audio.9492/$900 M Sec. Learn about the field of music supervision—including how to identify appropriate music. From soundtrack and music production to multimedia and post-production applications. tone. Rick A. but please be punctual. Study the role of sound effects. Nov. Gain hands-on experience using Pro Tools and walk away knowing how to use sound to give projects emphasis and punch. 1: Wed.m. VIDEO. loop recording. as well as diegetic and nondiegetic sound. This course is for cinephiles and anyone interested in the dynamics of audio and visual arts. Students are given lab time in sound-editing suites. music producer. For more information. students have attained the following skills: • Familiarity with Pro Tools using 24-bit integrated digital recording. 6–9 p. playlists and customization. publishing companies.m. editing during playback.080 M Sec.

and After Effects. Shake has played a crucial role in capturing the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and more. and Financing/X34. sales agents. Students who began this certificate prior to fall 2007 have four years to complete their certificate according to the requirements in the SCPS Bulletin the semester they began. lawyers. television.9675 (page 10) • Planning.9430 (page 8) Master Class in Advanced Documentary Editing/ X34. has been restructured. Thom Powers. Learn how to use its interface and extensive tool set to create powerful scenes in 2-D and 3-D environments. 15 (9 sessions). self-distribution. and film.. ELECTIVES (Choose two) Shake/X35. digital audio.9230 (page 4) Combustion/X35. and shoot principal digital photography for a documentary. Note: This certificate. students have mastered the following: • Use of storyboarding to conceive and visualize projects.9461/$870" M Sec. professional-looking work. as it is used by compositors. and Final Cut Pro. Prerequisites: Documentary Research. Note: This certificate has been restructured. color-correction. 1: Wed. No class Nov.9429 (page 5) Master Class in Advanced Documentary Camerawork/ X34. publicists. and more. locally and internationally.m.9427/$840" S Sec. 19 (12 sessions). Students who began this certificate prior to fall 2007 have four years to complete their certificate according to the requirements in the SCPS Bulletin the semester they began. 2–5 p.–1 p. The curriculum includes in-depth training in digital cinematography. Find out how to structure a project. and marketing skills. Learn Shake in order to enter the industry or improve your skills.9462 (this page) • Understanding of markets in theatrical. 26– Dec. 4 (10 sessions). create compelling imagery by developing proficiency in compositing. Thom Powers What do you do when your documentary is finished? This course surveys the five marketplaces for documentary distribution: theatrical. The program is led by a faculty of industry professionals who emphasize the skills needed to attain work or produce independently in the industry today.9427 (this page) This lecture-based course is designed for individuals interested in developing and producing documentaries. Grasp the basics of compositing and creating graphic sequences.20 p. and Financing X34. interrogators like Errol Morris.45 a. and educational.m. educational. 6. Upon completion of the program. direct.9425/$840 S Sec. 15 (9 sessions). Sugar Pictures. 1: Sat. Discover how to unleash the full potential of Adobe After Effects.9410/$900 M Sec. Master Class in Advanced Documentary Editing X34. 13– Dec..m. In this class. co-owner. post-production.. Contemporary Documentary X34. Call an education advisor at (212) 998-7171 for more information. As part of Discreet’s suite of animation products. 6–9 p. conceptualizing a story. students have the following: • Ability to produce. and understanding the practical aspects of budgeting. 7 FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: (212) 998-7171 . Sept. Scott Winston. students learn how to direct and produce a documentary film. how to reassemble 3-D animation in a 2-D compositing space. legal. budgets.m. Research. VIDEO. Combustion.9462/$720 M Sec. 26–Dec. In class. Upon completion of the program. website promotion. interactive games. Anthony Kaufman.9431/$280 W Sec. CERTIFICATE IN DIGITAL SPECIAL EFFECTS This certificate introduces the fundamental principles of digital special effects and progresses to a familiarity with a variety of aspects of the discipline.30–9.9461 (this page) Secrets of Special Effects/ X34. Oct. 1: Wed. Topics include alpha channels. Shake maintains the highest quality and efficiency. production. Instructor Thom Powers. and others who share creative. frames.9431 (this page) Documentary Distribution and Marketing/X34.30 a. Sept. Edgeworx. contracts.9424 (this page) Digital Video Production I/ X34. and special effects. DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION The NYU-SCPS documentary program provides the skills required for shorter-format hard news or full-length documentaries with New York City. technical director. color processing. Gain an understanding of the structure and economics of the screen industries. In this introductory course. Sound Design/X35. Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11.9424/$840 S Sec. 6. or equivalent knowledge. and Financing/X34. Documentary Development.9425. 6–9 p. • Proficiency in sound design or technical directing. UV Phactory. focusing on the skills you need for 3-D animation. first-person essayists like Ross McElwee. Students also become familiar with television and film standards of formatting. budgeting. create complex animated scenes and visual effects similar to ones found in broadcast. a documentary production company. REQUIRED COURSES Contemporary Documentary/ X34. transformations. REQUIRED COURSES Storyboarding Workshop/ X35. 1: Sat. Combustion X35. AND BROADCASTING Commercial Compositing: Live Action and Animation X35. • Introduction to industry software such as Shake. Alter Image. layering. research. The compositor creates the last impression on a film.9425 (this page) Editing Documentary Footage/ X34. Students survey practitioners of traditional genres such as music. the center for television news and a busy market for documentary film. 1: Thurs. including fundraising. Shake offers a range of 2-D features for film. 25– Dec. 1: Sat. 13 (12 sessions). Documentary Distribution and Marketing X34. 1: Tues. Call an education advisor at (212) 998-7171 for more information. image transformation. 13–Dec. In this intensive master class workshop. DVD home video. and how to create stunning. and multimedia effects applications. putting the finishing touches on each shot to achieve seemingly impossible effects. including cinema verité masters like Barbara Kopple. legal issues. how to use color depth. 8. Find out how to deal with film festivals. No class Nov. and visual effects. Development.9410 (this page) After Effects: Fundamentals/ X36. motion design (graphics). 9. Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. as well as innovators and experimentalists. international.. broadcast. Favored for its high speed in processing and manipulating large volumes of images. Learn how to solve technical problems with creative solutions using a number of tools such as Shake..m. No class Nov. Research. the primary industry applications. 20–Dec.FILM. and special effects. Guest speakers include filmmakers. and how to integrate 3-D animated and live-action footage. Explore the roots of contemporary documentary. and Adobe After Effects. Sept.. and more. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete five courses— three required and two electives. 22. By the end of the course. you are able to create a professional-looking 3-D animation. writer. • Advanced techniques of compositing. Dec. and classes on modern documentary history. newly appointed international documentary programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival. Sept. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete seven required courses. and financial strategies. and competition.9921 (page 2) Documentary Development. 24. Combustion.m. learn the basics of compositing. formerly called the Certificate in Visual Effects Compositing.30 p. editing.9230 (scps. and DVD formats.m.20–8. domestic television.m.45 p. CERTIFICATE IN DOCUMENTARY PRODUCTION In this hands-on program. and distribution. as the backdrop. In the final class. students direct their own short documentary or sample for a longer film. Students focus on honing their ideas into viable projects by addressing all the issues that precede shooting.nyu. discusses the challenges of producing documentaries for HBO and PBS. compositing. Combustion is an affordable software solution that has everything you need to create motion graphics. Commercial Compositing: Live Action and Animation/ X35. and iconoclasts like Michael Moore. biography.9492 (page 6) Shake X35. fundraisers. and animation. 19 (12 sessions). an award-winning editor helps students hone their skills in documentary editing. fundraising. international. 9. Oct. media critic. and fields.. commercials.–5. edit. This certificate can be completed in three semesters.

9149/$995" M Sec.EDU E-MAIL: SCPSINFO@NYU. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of digital camera operation. TELEVISION AND BROADCASTING TV News Journalism One-Week Intensive X34. 8 WEB: SCPS. Producers must also consider the allocation of budgetary resources and make creative. Anchoring. Beginning and prospective producers chart paths toward their goals in this intensive course. Fri. Nov. 6.20 p. A group of stories are chosen for production. Find out how to get started as a producer and how to identify opportunities. Examine development protocols. specialized marketing campaigns for independent and foreign films.9142/$995" Learn the art of creating and producing a 60 Minutes-style news magazine broadcast. differences between national circuits and local independents. 25– Dec. 6. senior vice president. Our program provides the skills producers need to make sound decisions throughout the filmmaking process. By the end of the course. Film Marketing and Distribution X34. Sept. 1: Sat. Steve Stockage. Nov. and impress potential board members.9126/$725 S Sec. how to start your own. 1: Fri.m. breaks down scenes from films. distribution. Sept. structure funding and raise funds. Thurs.m. No class Oct.45 p. develop budgets. We then focus on emerging entertainment technologies and business models and how they are shaping the future of entertainment. students develop a well-rounded understanding of jobs. and how to adapt preexisting literary work for the screen. Learn to identify story structure. production. Develop a concrete process for creating a business plan. In this introductory course.–5 p. Every successful film begins with a good story and every experienced producer recognizes the importance of nurturing and developing the screenplay. whether in the studio or out in the field.m. Getting a concept into production starts with a well-researched business plan. and new media entertainment industries.–5 p. No class Dec. producer. On Camera: Report From the Trenches. how to structure and tell a story. such as Time Warner.20–9. and editing and organization of the post-production process. Students find a story. and how a broadcast TV station operates. how majors institute national campaigns. News Corp. 9 a. Interviewing. Learn to analyze scripts and stories to gauge costs. Cover all facets of the process. The effect and growth of new technologies and competitive distribution systems are considered. 3. Cover marketing and sales. The Entertainment Industry X34. 6. and find the characters to effectively tell it. Grapple with challenging questions: how to determine a story’s artistic and financial worth. executive producers. Learn about writing questions. 1: Wed. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Final Cut Pro or Avid Express Pro. 1: Mon. 1: Tues.9088/$355 S Sec. marketing. and sensitivity to the subject matter. and practice hard and fast interviewing for professionals. gain the sophisticated tools necessary for working with writers during the development process and explore the story editor’s role. and new technology firms into major conglomerates. Entertainment and Media Business Plans X34.. distributors. students have completed a finished piece.. music. Nov. and how to make money from it. and production teams are assembled. This course offers an insider’s look at the world of blogs.m. Oct. screenplay and teleplay formats. and Reporting X34. 1: Wed. and dramatic principles that underlie stories presented in movies and on television. The Broadcast Television Industry X34.9036/$650" S Sec.. a veteran documentary cinematographer shares lessons from the field.. cable. and the key business strategies that are used to navigate the uncertainties of constant technological change.m.. They provide an excellent opportunity for young journalists and writers to express themselves independently. gain strategic partners. S Sec. 1: Mon. author. Rob Gould Story Analysis for Producers X34. on-camera coach. how to define the target audience.m. producer. 6–9 p.45 p.065 S Sec.. how they are structured.–Fri. After surveying each industry separately. 12. 7. the art of the interview. 11 (12 sessions). handheld skills. Enter the Blogosphere X34.45–8. While creating business plans and presentations in class. music.20–9. 9 a. 8. 8. and enter into contracts with actors. Nov. and how to accurately project production and marketing costs. and stand-up reporting.20–8. In this course.. as well as rehearsing hard and fast interviewing for stand-up reporting. Anchor.9057/$725 S Sec. research and develop the story. producers must understand the financial and creative aspects of filmmaking. 17 (12 sessions). trends. Scott Sinkler Documentary camerawork differs considerably from shooting scripted material..m.m. 25– Dec. including their history. home video.EDU . 1: Tues.FILM. Dec. filmmaker.m.m. This course explores distribution strategies. John Dispenza. 6. practical. and exhibition. actor. and learn how to generate a document that gets your project noticed.m. 1: Mon.9430/$280 W Sec. Sept. from recognizing the elements of a compelling story through effective studio opening. post-production.NYU.9174/$1. In an intensive session. and discusses different technologies and lighting situations. and the interdependent relationship of production. Through weekly screenings and analysis. executive. William Thompson. Viacom.m. gather the skills necessary to perform at a professional level. 12–16 (5 sessions). ABC TV. Gain confidence as you work on vocal and physical techniques. PRODUCING AND ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT As business decision-makers in a creative industry. and technical (line producing and production management) aspects of production and distribution.m. Editing software and techniques are not taught.9131/$825 S Sec. Nancy Reardon. the advantages and disadvantages of self-distribution. How to Report. and Interview. Heath Row Blogs have helped change the face of news by contributing to the democratized media that emerged with the advent of the internet. Till Schauder. satellite. how theaters decide which films to play. 24– Dec. VIDEO.–Fri. 11 (12 sessions). 19 (10 sessions). 1: Tues.. Learn how these entertainment sectors have developed. 9 a. television. and creative services. Students examine critical journalistic ethics issues unique to this new media genre and receive instruction in how to create and market your own blog. Nancy Reardon.. and Disney. the blogosphere can be an insular and sometimes mystifying realm. sell it in-house. and others. from development to pre-production.45 p. It’s your chance to get practical experience in the exciting field of television and other media news. how distributors get films into theaters. practice vocal and physical techniques. 2–Dec. and ancillary rights. 9 a. In this all-day seminar. 5–9 (5 sessions). and marketing. director of training and career development. Sept. Students create a final project based on their expectations for taking the course. Producing One-Week Intensive X34.45 a. decisions based on available funds. Reporters must also be prepared to work within the structure of new media such as video blogging and reports via internet streaming. 1: Mon. 9.–5. we map the integration of film. Sept. 26–Dec. Learn the skills necessary to perform on camera. whether in the studio or in the field. However. cable. learn what it takes to maintain composure during extreme circumstances.20 p. on-camera coach.9157/$720 V Sec. genre. as are networks.m. programming. Picturehouse. 4 (10 sessions). Gain confidence as you work on camera. Television anchors have to maintain composure in extreme circumstances. and PBS.–5 p.20 p. 17 (12 sessions). No class Oct. 7–9 (3 sessions). conducts classroom exercises. 6. what to look for when screening footage.9007/$785 S Sec. find distribution.45–8. cable.. Gain an overview of the film. get inside strategies on how to raise capital. Understand producers’ core functions and responsibilities through an overview of the creative. 24– Dec. AND BROADCASTING Master Class in Advanced Documentary Camerawork X34. Anchoring Workshop X34.m. It requires a high degree of improvisation.m. theories of narrative..–5 p. television.

and pitching original nonfiction content for network. 6. merchandising. acquisition of rights. The intensive includes both classroom work and internship experience at broadcast and cable television networks. NIELSEN CERTIFICATE IN TV AUDIENCE MEASUREMENT In this specialized certificate program.m. Create a handbook from coursework and handouts that guide you through the formation. postproduction. including copyrights and trademarks. CERTIFICATE IN ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA MANAGEMENT This certificate provides a solid understanding of the entertainment industry. 6.. the major venues by which new products are bought and sold. industry standards. you learn the structure of the TV industry and the research methodologies used to gather and report Nielsen ratings. the management of production costs becomes essential. 1: Wed. and distributing films. as well as other TV research techniques. We cover the creative. NEW Finance Management for Film and TV X34. How does someone with a great idea for a new program develop a successful project? This intermediate-level course is for those serious about developing. and adapted for. and job responsibilities/hierarchies. • Elements of effective research charting and presentations. 1: Mon.20 p.9167/$835 S Sec.20–9. The program is designed to introduce the basics of the discipline while also teaching the tools of the industry. and what value this research has to programming and advertising executives. Learn about financing. VIDEO. and an estimated budget. TV Programs: Developing and Producing X34. development deals. Sept. You come away with a clearer understanding of the possibilities and realities of actualizing your project. • Recurrent viewing patterns of the TV audience.20–9. managing budgets and reporting costs and variances to producers. and prepare successful pitches. Introduction to Producing X34. planning. and learn how to apply this knowledge within the field. rapidly evolving landscape of the television and advertising industries as well as the intersection between TV programming and commercials. 12 (12 sessions). and protecting your project. 25– Dec. Leib. and finance).. and research. Once a film or television show is given the go-ahead for production.m. defining target audiences. and projecting production and marketing costs. and how to work with lawyers. • Fundamental principles of social survey research. executive. accountants. specifically in the areas of film and television or music.9088 (page 8) Note: This certificate has been restructured. producer. We also review financing. Richard Zackon. finance professionals. and marketing and promotion.9234/$855 S Sec.m.9057 (page 8) FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: (212) 998-7171 9 . develop a business. Established or aspiring film and television producers develop familiarity with entertainment law’s contracts and legal principles. 6. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete three required courses. or nonbroadcast venues. and anyone interested in control. sales. No class Dec. 25– Dec. agents. and organize the business development of productions. Sept. Brain Camp. Cathrine Kellison. advertising. Students grapple with challenging questions about determining the worth of the story. Sept. CORE ELECTIVES (Choose one) REQUIRED COURSES Nielsen TV Research: The Industry/X34. Topics addressed include how media time is bought. No class Oct. 11 (12 sessions). students have knowledge of: • Basic structure and processes of the TV programming and advertising industries. how such media consumption is measured. Nielsen Media Research.20–9. and current trends for controlling costs. 19 (12 sessions). and retainer and agency agreements..m. 6.9138/$825 S Sec. • Technical language of TV advertising sales. corporate structure (advisory team. and realworld production and cost-control tools. This course is designed for producers. producers. We cover the basics of contract law and intellectual property law.20 p. and operations of a development/ production company. 17 (12 sessions).9126 (page 8) Entertainment Law for Producers/ X34. film and television executives. Topics are taught using case studies. Nelle Nugent. We look at everything from breakdown and budget lines to production. and film distribution companies. Entertainment managers liaise with directors. Upon completion of the program. production contracts. Sept. Call an education advisor at (212) 998-7171 for more information.. Using one feature film script as a working project from week to week. and learn how to find and effectively work with an attorney to safeguard interests.20 p. founder and CEO.9125/$725 S Sec. business affairs. Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. 6.. functions. television and other entertainment media. Viacom’s channel LOGO. shopping. Recent students who have completed this certificate were placed in positions at ABC.45 p. • The entrepreneurial guidelines for creating businesses in a specific industry sphere. students have in-depth knowledge of: • The structure of the entertainment industry. No class Nov. The Broadcast Television Industry/ X34.20–9. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete five courses— four required and one elective. 1: Thurs. 13 (12 sessions).9007 (page 8) Entertainment and Media Business Plans/X34. Gain a working knowledge of how to form a company that develops and produces products for film and television.m.45–8. CPA. Upon completion of this certificate program. This is the first course in a three-part series to fulfill requirements for the Nielsen Certificate in TV Audience Measurement. • The defining characteristics of their particular sphere within the industry. best practices in negotiation and dealmaking. CBS.9509/$725 S Sec. studios. and the cost reporting of film and television production expenses. and technical (line producing and production management) responsibilities in all phases of production and distribution. Topics include common provisions of entertainment contracts. including basic divisions of labor. buying. and talent. Film Marketing and Distribution/ X34. Sept. And acquire a working lexicon of industry terms and terminology. Nielsen TV Research: The Industry X34.9234 (this page) Nielsen TV Research: Measurement (spring 2008) Nielsen TV Research: Internship and Advanced Topics (spring 2008) Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11. litigation and arbitration. HBO. distribution agreements. 26– Dec. producing. manager–production finance. • How to put together an investment package—a prospectus for a project. producing. 1: Tues. students learn how the underlying principles of film can be applied to. Jon Fish. Production Company Management X34. including a business plan. 19– Dec. 22.m. management. and Nielsen Media Research. entertainment and intellectual property attorney. 12. Current and aspiring producers learn how to chart the most promising path toward achieving their goals. consultant. We cover best practices. 6. and typical business arrangements and legal considerations. Students who began this certificate prior to fall 2007 have four years to complete their certificate according to the requirements in the SCPS Bulletin the semester they began. and the WB.20–8. REQUIRED COURSES The Entertainment Industry/ X34.. 24– Dec.9136/$825 S Sec. organizational structure. 1: Wed. cable. Students extensively study the various roles of management in the entertainment industry. 1: Tues. Howard D. analysis.FILM. guest speakers. 11 (12 sessions). and finance companies. department heads. AND BROADCASTING Entertainment Law for Producers X34. • Primary data and software products of Nielsen Media Research. 8. This course provides an overview of the core functions and responsibilities of film producers. • Methodology used by Nielsen Media Research to produce national and local ratings.20 p.9125 (this page) Receive an introduction to the current. Sept.20 p. Students present a professional-quality proposal and deliver an oral pitch to industry professionals. producer. production managers. Discover how to acquire properties. 20– Dec. Understand the business structure for developing.9136 (this page) Finance Management for Film and TV/X34.

Note: This certificate has been restructured.. and animators to create compelling stories.m. THEORY.m. as shots are previsualized with a moving storyboard. students know how to: • Set up a budget. or animation—to lay out a ground plan for production. TV.FILM.. professionals and aspiring digital artists develop original ideas for short animated film projects. 6. Students must have access to a tape recorder or ability to create audio files on your computer. and syntax. ELECTIVES (Choose two) Documentary Development. managerial skills. Call an education advisor at (212) 998-7171 for more information. narration. Gain new skills for successful auditions with in film and television. Audition techniques.. and discover the emotional center of any script. actor. Learn how to develop a winning marketing strategy. students prepare for careers in the competitive and lucrative voiceover industry. and the investors. By using a series of sketches to establish key frames and continuity. No class Nov. Errol Morris. the prestigious studio where commercials.m.9196/$750 V Sec.30 p. trailers. documentaries.9009/$495 W Sec. and practical application. and creativity in the television and film industries. 20– Nov. Voiceover Techniques X34. Whether you’re a theatrically trained actor looking to make the transition from stage to screen or someone new to the performing arts. 6–9 p. you have a completed script and storyboards.50 p. and Wong Kar-Wai are among those covered. director.9800/$580 Sec. accent reduction. articulation. and fine-tuning your blocking.45–9. In the competitive world of professional acting in New York City. Casting directors visit class. By drawing on examples of historical and contemporary cinema.20–9. VIDEO. Sec. 21. Movements in film history. NEW Storyboard Animatic Workshop X35.. storyboard artist. grammar. In-class brainstorming and design.9131 (page 8) TV Programs: Developing and Producing/X34. Sept. 6–9 p. casting directors. 1: Wed. 10 WEB: SCPS. designers. Storytelling is often a forgotten art in the world of digital animation. Upon completion of the program. students construct a one-minute animatic using Flash. Lisa Rothe. Find out about different types of voiceover jobs and the rates that each are likely to pay. cable channel. Directors such as Melies. participants learn the art of storytelling. With the animatic.30 p. or basic experience in storyboarding. 6. and After Effects. With the creation of an animatic. AND BROADCASTING CERTIFICATE IN PRODUCING The producer’s role is often misunderstood. critique. 1: Tues. STORY. 1: Mon. Photoshop. and the use of cinematic space all play an important role in a film’s cinematic structure. you storyboard scenes from classic films to learn vocabulary. this class provides you with the basic technique to build your confidence working in front of the camera. REQUIRED COURSES Introduction to Producing/ X34. 11 (12 sessions).9167 (page 9) Advanced Storyboarding and Storytelling X35. By the end of the semester. explore cartoon voices. 19 (8 sessions). Sept. video game.9504/$750 W Sec. Then create shot-by-shot storyboards of your own project—whether a feature film.m. storyboarding helps you thoroughly plan and visualize a project before it ever reaches production. 6. Learn what casting directors look for at an audition.EDU . 29–Nov. 15–Dec.9676/$725" M Sec. No class Oct. Griffith.m. and off-Broadway. Watch your growth from week one to week eight and learn what makes you “pop” on camera. Critiquing and analyzing film requires a careful eye and an understanding of basic film structure. executive. or studio. acts as a model for new programming that may be chosen by networks for the following fall’s schedule. Joanna Beckson. 26– Dec. the crew. Nickelodeon.15 p. copy reading. Welles. breathing. this class analyzes the patterns frequently used to create this visual structure and examines how these techniques can heighten meaning and tell a story to its greatest effect. preparing scenes. The pilot. Sept. budgets are saved from bloating out of control. 24–Nov. Explore how the director uses these tools to convey a story visually. consultant. Prerequisites: Storyboarding Workshop/ X35. 1: Sat. and producers. director. Yale School of Drama. Renoir.. commercial.m. Through discussion. and interpreting copy are some of the professional skills that you acquire. slow disclosure. including Ensemble Studio Theatre. technical. Cinematic Structure X34. 21. This certificate comprises three levels of classes that cover the creative. 1: Mon.8111/$600 S Sec. Step into the role of producer or assistant producer by applying the indepth core responsibilities and functions that producers perform and an understanding of the underlying principles of television and other entertainment media. 19 (12 sessions). you need to be memorable and work the camera to your advantage so that your next audition lands you the role.m.30–9.20 p. Sept. voiceover talent agent. 29 (10 sessions). contribute to strengthening film concepts. and build your camera and auditioning skills in weekly on-camera sessions. identify typical expenditure areas. Sept. No class Nov. Sept. and teaches the skill set needed to become an effective member of a producer’s unit. • Strengthen scripts. such as French new wave.9675/$540 W Sec. and initial writing. Students should bring a small drawing pad/notebook and a Col-Erase blue pencil or non-photo blue pencil to the first class. film. An essential skill employed by filmmakers. 1–4.. published film scholar. film noir. advanced storyboarding. It reflects a combination of entrepreneurship. • Put together an investment prospectus and identify likely investors. By the end of class. Students who began this certificate prior to fall 2007 have four years to complete their certificate according to the requirements in the SCPS Bulletin the semester they began. • Vet a script to determine budget. In addition to commercials.9138 (page 9) PERFORMANCE FOR FILM AND BROADCAST Acting for Film and TV I X34. Prerequisite: Storyboarding Workshop/X35. 26– Dec. No class Oct. • Put together a winning pitch to a network. Syr Ivan Bennett. iconography. 25–Dec.9232/$395 S Sec. 17 (12 sessions). Finance Management for Film and TV/X34. Animatic creation—the development of computer-animated storyboards—is a skill that is becoming more and more necessary in the film and animation industry. and Financing/X34.050 Do you have an interesting or distinctive voice and want to pursue being a voiceover artist? Work with an Academy Awardnominated director to learn the craft. 6–9 p. and moving versus static camera. • Read and create basic contracts and legal business agreements between the different components of a production company.m.20–9. On Camera: Pilot Season Prep X34. 1: Mon. sign. Amresh Sinha. FILM THEORY The Language of Film X34. find the comic and dramatic opposites in your readings. and join the unions that govern voiceover work. Examining a wide range of films—from feature-length narrative and documentary to animation and experimental—students begin to apply contemporary film theory to works studied in class. WNYC. and industrial copy. 1: Wed. Constructing a compelling narrative in cinema is reliant on many factors. Johnna Gottlieb.9136 (page 9) Production Company Management/ X34.9675.9809/$1. 22. 5 (10 sessions).EDU E-MAIL: SCPSINFO@NYU. and audio books are recorded.9675 and basic computer skills. and receive feedback on your readings of voiceover copy from these industry professionals. dramatic structure.9509 (page 9) In this course. 19–Nov.9088 (page 8) Story Analysis for Producers/ X34. artists. Kubrick. Each week. Exercises include playing to the camera.. No class Nov. documentary producer and director. 8. Maya Deren.. and editing. sign with the right talent agency. your calling card in this lucrative industry. 17 (8 sessions). Oct.9425 (page 7) Film Marketing and Distribution/ X34. Kurosawa. a sample episode of a television show. Scorsese. Sept. improve your spontaneity. In this course. 7 (8 sessions). and track expenses during production. 1: Thurs.m. 24– Dec. Sept. Visit Startrax. and surrealism. 1: Wed. 3 (8 sessions).. Editing. Godard. This certificate is awarded to students who successfully complete six courses— four required and two electives. The Business of Voiceover X34. HERE NYC. and administrative responsibilities of a producer. Make sure you qualify for your certificate! Read the schoolwide requirements on page 11.9125 (page 9) Entertainment Law for Producers/ X34. Topics discussed include parallel action. 6–10 p. promos. are surveyed to provide students with relevant perspectives on recent developments in the form. Research. combined with homework assignments. 8. Ford. 6. Listen to guest lectures by leading voiceover agents.NYU. you record in a top New York City studio with a trained sound engineer as you prepare to make a demo. a sequence can be perfectly timed and cut as the director judges the merits of a sequence before allowing it to be fully produced. AND PERFORMANCE STORYBOARDING Storyboarding Workshop X35.

• The name printed on the certificate will match the name on the student’s NYU transcript. or in person.m. Information Service The SCPS information lines are open Mon.. call (212) 998-7171 and press 5. Withdrawals. The maximum $20 registration fee is payable only once each semester. Student withdraws after one or two sessions of a course with six or more sessions—75 percent refund. • Approval for exception to any of the above requirements must be obtained in advance in writing from the program office. students must submit a request in writing or electronically to SCPS Office of Student Enrollment Services within one year of program completion. No refund thereafter. or by fax. NY 10009-9988. If the total of your tuition is $99 or less. to help you find the program that suits your needs. • For course availability. online. or the second week. Merely ceasing to attend a class does not constitute official • Courses taken at SCPS may be applied to fulfilling the requirements of only one school certificate at the end of each term. To reach an education advisor. 145 Fourth Avenue. • Only one certificate may be issued in a given semester.m. Also. No refund thereafter. in person.drop.scps@nyu. 9 three-session course—no refund. NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. P. B. Check individual listings for details. or in person. no matter how many times you add courses. • Students must maintain a record of successfully completed courses. Most SCPS certificate programs consist of four to six non-degree courses involving 100 to 200 contact hours (50-minute hours) of instruction in a specified field of study. FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER: (212) 998-7171 11 .7999 and below): 2. (212) 995-3060. Student withdraws after more than two sessions of a four-session course— no refund.nyu. For non-degree courses (X numbers) and seminars (R--. Student withdraws after one or two sessions of a four.course@nyu. • All courses to be applied to a given certificate must be completed. nor does it reduce indebtedness to the university. Withdrawal does not necessarily entitle a student to a refund—nor to a cancellation of tuition still due. schedules. by fax. • Program administrators may authorize in writing substitutions of specified courses in individual situations (maximum of one substitution for a four-course Mon.–Fri. Students are eligible for a 60 percent tuition refund if they withdraw from the course before having logged into the course four times or within the first two weeks of the course. Note: This fee schedule does not apply to the programs requiring Credit Registration. in person. To receive information about the school in person. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for future Bulletins. Other numbers to call: • Outside New York City.–Fri. 1. In addition. (888) 998-7204. visit the Office of Student Enrollment by mail. If the total of your tuition is $100 or more. Requests to withdraw (drops only) from non-degree courses can be made at any time via the Web at scps. mail. the fee is $20. or e-mailing your name and address to scpsinfo@nyu. Note: Departments may establish more stringent requirements for their programs. a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all certificates can be found in the Index. fax. No transfer work or waiver of the total number of courses required is permitted.GENERAL INFORMATION GENERAL INFORMATION SCPS Non-Degree Certificate Programs Certificates are highlighted throughout this Bulletin in their respective subject areas. nor does notification to the instructor. You may also obtain schoolwide general information or request a Bulletin by visiting our website at scps. For seminars and conferences (designated as R--. Stuyvesant Station. and Refunds Additions (added courses) to your nondegree program may be made by telephone. Prior to the first session— 100 percent refund. your registration fee is $10. Box 1206. where the specific requirements and course sequences are outlined. Please refer to the inside front cover for extended hours. See individual listings for details. Non-Degree Registration Fees For non-degree courses (designated with an X number).m. The refund schedule is as follows.8000 and above or beginning with SCPS): Procedures and policies for refunds vary by department. (Hours are extended during registration and the first week of continuing education classes. 2nd scps. students are not eligible to receive any tuition refund for courses taken through SCPS. Cancellation of payment does not constitute withdrawal. 5. in this case. refunds for non-degree courses and seminars are based on the number of class sessions for the course that have met between the time of registration and withdrawal. 4.m. For online courses: Refunds for online courses are calculated differently from onsite courses. • Students are not permitted to be enrolled in full-time intensive certificate programs at the same time that they are registered in SCPS degree or diploma programs or in other schools of the university.nyu. or C). or via e-mail.–5 five-session course—60 percent refund.O. and class locations. by e-mail. Student has attended any session of a one. the registration fee is either $10 or $20. the cost for registration services is included in the tuition. • To receive a certificate. a penalty of $25 for late payment and $10 for stop-payment (subject to change without notice) must be charged. Refunds are computed based on the date and time the written or electronic notice of withdrawal is received by the Office of Student Enrollment Services. Program changes (drop/adds) may be made via the Web. Non-degree Changes. Withdrawals. The following rules apply: FEES AND PAYMENT Advisement Wondering What to Take? Not sure what type of course best suits your needs? Having trouble navigating this Bulletin? Preregistration advisement is available over the phone. depending on the total cost of the course or courses for which you apply. 145 Fourth Avenue. For conferences and seminars (designated with an R number). Room 214. Office of Student Enrollment Services.) Our advisors are available to answer inquiries about the school and its programs or to direct calls to the appropriate offices. Registration fees are nonrefundable. • Certificates must be completed within a period of four academic years from initial date of registration. • Regular class attendance is required in order for a course to be used toward a certificate program. two substitutions for a certificate requiring five or more courses). 3. call (212) 998-7200. After the fourth login. or e-mail advice. Students who wish to withdraw from or for any reason find it impossible to complete a non-degree course should officially with weight grades (A. • Students must satisfy the certificate program requirements listed in the Bulletin published for the term in which they register for the first course toward the certificate. Students are eligible for a 100 percent tuition refund if they withdraw from the course before the official start date. Call (212) 998-7171 for education advisement. See the Certificate Request Form above. Grade mailers can be requested at scps. 9 a.–5 p.. Refund Policy. call the Office of Student Enrollment Services at (212) 998-7200 and leave your name and address with our 24-hour automated attendant. New York. Students of any other NYU school must withdraw from SCPS courses through SCPS.

WHAT INFORMATION DO I NEED TO REGISTER BY PHONE? • Course title. vouchers. COURSE/SEMINAR NUMBER SECTION NUMBER TITLE OF COURSE/SEMINAR (ABBREVIATE) TUITION AND FEES DAYS HOURS WHAT CERTIFICATE ARE YOU PLANNING TO PURSUE?_________________________________________________________________________ I ENCLOSE CHECK OR MONEY ORDER FOR TOTAL SHOWN I HEREBY AUTHORIZE USE OF MY CREDIT CARD SIGNATURE _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NO. • Days and hours of the course. fax. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOME ADDRESS (STREET) ________________________________________________________________ CITY ________________________________________________ STATE __________________ APT. or Discover® cards). or in person. 2nd Floor. REGISTER EARLY FOR BEST COURSE SELECTION. by e-mail (scps. press 5 to speak with an education advisor. REGISTER EARLY FOR THE BEST SELECTION OF COURSES. American Express®. Visit scps. Find the course(s) you want to register for and note: • Course title. BIRTH DATE FIRST ATTENDANCE IN SCPS? YES NO MR. Fall Term.nyu. the registration operator will ask you for it. HOW DO I DROP OR ADD COURSES? You may drop a course by phone (212-998-7171). Mistakes can delay your registration. conferences (prefix “SCPS”). by mail and in person (145 Fourth Avenue. course number. 2 3 4 5 MAY I USE A COMPANY VOUCHER TO PAY FOR MY CLASS? Yes. Box 1206. WEB You can register online with NYU’s Student Information System via the Internet. or by fax (212-995-3060) up until one day before the course start date. NY 10009-9988. or for courses of the American Language Institute (ESL courses). and letters of authorization as payment for tuition in credit and non-degree courses. • Course fee. Be sure to include your phone number and e-mail address so that we may contact you if there are any questions. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discover® CARDS TUITION + REGISTRATION FEE=TOTAL MASTERCARD® VISA® AMERICAN EXPRESS® EXPIRES __________________________________________ MONTH YEAR *Registration fee for courses beginning with the prefix “X”: $10 on $99 total tuition. e-mail address. Please send the voucher with your registration.R E G I S T R A T I O N F O R M Registration. Consult the inside front cover for complete information. and course section. But remember. mail registrations must be postmarked two weeks before the course start date. • Your credit card (Visa®.edu. . we must have a written request to process your withdrawal. fill out the course information section of the registration form before you call. NO. MasterCard®. Dial (212) 998-7171 and press 3 for express registration.S.” Do not use this form to register for credit courses (prefix “Y” or “Z”). DATE LAST ATTENDED ZIP ____________________________ GRADUATE STUDIES E-MAIL ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOME TELEPHONE ( ) _____________________________ WORK TELEPHONE ( ) _________________________________ COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP OTHER (PLEASE SPECIFY) __________________________________________________________ YES NO DO YOU PLAN TO PURSUE A PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE? Note: Students must provide an e-mail address and/or a telephone number so that SCPS can notify you regarding room location or class changes. P. Type or write clearly and make sure you copy your credit card information accurately. Please check this box if you do not want your e-mail address or telephone number used for marketing purposes. If you call. Mail and fax registrations are accepted throughout the semester for late starting courses. “R” courses are exempt. • Your mailing address.O. If you have questions about course curriculum or your registration. and telephone number. Online registration requires payment by credit card. New York. $20 on totals of $100 and above (regardless of number of courses for which you are registering). You may add a course by telephone. WHAT ABOUT LATE FEES? There are no late fees for non-degree courses. Place the registration form in the postage-paid envelope provided or fax the form to (212) 995-3060. CAN I SPEAK TO AN ADVISOR BEFORE I REGISTER? Yes. 2007. Stuyvesant Station. or via e-mail at advice. FAX: (212) 995-3060. NY 10003). Have your credit card handy. MS. • Course number and section. ________________ N HIGHEST EDUCATIONAL LEVEL (CHECK ONE) HIGH SCHOOL ATTENDED COLLEGE U.scps@nyu. MAIL OR FAX 1 Use the Registration Form to register for non-degree courses with course numbers beginning with the prefix “X” and for seminars beginning with the prefix “R. if you know the course you would like to take.course@nyu. Please consult our refund policy in the Registration section of this Bulletin for drops made after the start of class. Do not include courses beginning with an “R” in calculating your fee. New York. Would you also answer these optional questions about your place of business so we may keep you informed of corporate and free events? YOUR NAME _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ YOUR TITLE _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ YOUR DIVISION OR DEPARTMENT________________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY NAME____________________________________________________________________________________________________ COMPANY ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________________________ CITY___________________________________________________________STATE ______________ZIP ___________________________ DAYTIME TELEPHONE NUMBER ( FAX NUMBER ( )______________________________________________________________________________ ) _________________________________ E-MAIL___________________________________________________ NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES _____________________ TYPE OF BUSINESS _______________________________________________________ DOES YOUR COMPANY OFFER TUITION REIMBURSEMENT? _____________________________________________________________________ FULL PARTIAL CHECK ANY RESTRICTIONS THAT APPLY: CREDIT ONLY OTHER ______________________________________________________________ MUST BE JOB-RELATED USE THIS FORM TO REGISTER. FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE GRADUATE IF NO. HERE ARE ANSWERS TO SOME COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Transfer this information to the registration form. our education advisors are available over the phone at (212) 998-7171 (press 5).edu).drop. We accept purchase orders. PRINT NAME (LAST) (FIRST) (MIDDLE INITIAL) NYU STUDENT ID NO. TELEPHONE 1 2 3 4 For your convenience and to have a written record for yourself. Note the code in the upper right corner of the registration form. New York University. as long as your company does not qualify payment based upon completion of coursework with a passing to access the Web-based registration and information system at NYU. register early for best course selection and availability. the Web. MAIL TO: SCPS Office of Student Enrollment Services. If you need help deciding what to take or whether you need a course or certificate.

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