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Chapter 10 Quiz 7) During Medieval Europe, who became

Medieval Europe and the Ottoman Empire bishops for the Roman Catholic Church?
Key Version B a) Local princes
b) Knights
1) What is the key version? c) Merchants
a) A d) Peasants
b) B e) Serfs

2) What is a vocabulary word that means people 8) During Medieval Europe, what did church
given authority by the Church? officials do to help European leaders?
a) Clergy a) Collect taxes
b) Crusade b) Excommunicate
c) Inquisition c) Keep records of births and deaths
d) Longbow d) Make new laws
e) Plague e) Raise taxes

3) In the Roman Catholic Church, who is the 9) Who crowned Charlemagne “Emperor of the
spiritual and political leader? Holy Roman Empire?”
a) Bishops a) Pope Leo III (3)
b) Cardinals b) Pope Gregory VII (7)
c) Monks c) Richard the Lion Heart
d) Pope d) Saladin
e) Priests e) Suleyman

4) In the Roman Catholic Church, who is 10) Who excommunicated Emperor Henry IV
responsible for individual churches and (4)?
administers communions, matrimonies, and a) Pope Benedict XVI (16)
baptisms? b) Pope Francis
a) Bishops c) Pope Gregory VII (7)
b) Cardinals d) Pope John Paul I (1)
c) Monks e) Pope John Paul II (2)
d) Pope
e) Priests 11) What did Emperor Henry IV (4) do to ask
for forgiveness?
5) During Medieval Europe, what language did a) Built a monastery
monks and nuns have to learn to read and b) Fight in the Crusades
write? c) Stood barefoot in the snow
a) English d) Stopped eating meat
b) French e) Swan across a river
c) Greek
d) Latin 12) Jerusalem and the area around it is sacred to
e) Spanish what group(s)?
a) Only Christians
6) What is the Pope’s office called? b) Only Jews
a) Bishop c) Only Muslims
b) Cardinal d) Christians, Jews, and Muslims
c) Monarch e) Jerusalem is not sacred to any religion
d) Nobility
e) Papacy
13) In 1071, what group took over Jerusalem, 19) The Iberian Peninsula includes what 2
and made Christian pilgrimages to the Holy countries?
Land nearly impossible? a) Belgium and France
a) Abbasid b) Finland and Russia
b) Al-Andalus c) Greece and Italy
c) Byzantine d) Norway and Sweden
d) Seljuk Turks e) Portugal and Spain
e) Umayyad
20) During the Reconquista, who unified Spain
14) After the First Crusade, land conquered by with their marriage?
the Crusaders was divided into what 4 states? a) King Henry and Queen Diana
a) Athens, Constantinople, Rome, Sparta b) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
b) Berlin, Brussels, London, Paris c) King John and Queen Kate
c) Baghdad, Cairo, Cordoba, Damascus d) King Richard and Queen Eleanor
d) Edessa, Antioch, Tripoli, Jerusalem e) King Phillip and Queen Elizabeth
e) Mecca, Medina, Cordoba, Jerusalem
21) During Medieval Europe, what was a court
15) In the Second Crusade, Muslims defeated used to punish people who opposed Church
the Crusaders at what city? teachings and torture/execute many Jews and
a) Baghdad Muslims?
b) Constantinople a) Crusades
c) Damascus b) Excommunication
d) Rome c) Inquisition
e) Venice d) Longbow
e) Reconquista
16) Who was the Muslim leader that recaptured
Jerusalem, and started the Third Crusade? 22) In what year was the Reconquista
a) Abraham completed?
b) Francis a) 1270
c) Muhammad b) 1290
d) Saladin c) 1306
e) Suleyman d) 1394
e) 1492
17) During the Third Crusade, the Crusaders
were led by ________ the Lion Heart. 23) Who fought each other in the Hundred
a) Charles Years’ War?
b) Henry a) Austria and Germany
c) John b) Belgium and the Netherlands
d) Richard c) Egypt and Turkey
e) William d) England and France
e) Italy and Greece
18) During the Fourth Crusade, the Crusaders
attacked and plundered what Byzantine 24) What body of water separated those fighting
cities? each other during the Hundred Years’ War?
a) Athens and Sparta a) Arabian Sea
b) London and Paris b) English Channel
c) Mecca and Medina c) Mediterranean Sea
d) Venice and Rome d) Nile River
e) Zara and Constantinople e) Tigris River
25) In 1066, what was it called when William 31) What is it called when court decisions of
the Duke captured England? judges are based on local customs and
a) D-Day previous rulings?
b) Magna Carta a) Bubonic Plague
c) Norman Invasion b) Common Law
d) Parliament c) Habeas Corpus
e) Reconquista d) Inquisition
e) Longbow
26) After William captured England, he became
known as what? 32) Who was King Henry’s youngest son that
a) William the Captain became the king of England and in 1215 was
b) William the Conqueror forced to sign the Magna Carta?
c) William the Great a) Ferdinand
d) William the Strong b) Henry
e) William the Wise c) John
d) Richard
27) When did the Hundred Years’ War start? e) William
a) 1066
b) 1337 33) Why must a court provide legal proof for
c) 1428 why a person is being imprisoned?
d) 1453 a) Common law
e) 1492 b) Habeas corpus
c) Holy grail
28) In 1428, who was the peasant girl who led d) Parliament
the French to victory? e) Trial by jury
a) Bubonic Plague
b) Habeas Corpus 34) In 1264, after English nobles removed King
c) Joan of Arc Henry III (3) from the throne after he broke
d) Lady Murasaki an agreement what was created to help
e) Queen Isabella govern England?
a) Divan
29) What year did the Hundred Years’ War end? b) Habeas corpus
a) 1066 c) Janissary
b) 1337 d) Parliament
c) 1428 e) Sultan
d) 1453
e) 1492 35) In 1265, _____ I (1) took back the throne.
a) Charles
30) What religion were falsely accused of b) Edward
causing the plague, and were forced to move c) John
out of many European towns? d) Henry
a) Buddhism e) William
b) Confucianism
c) Christianity 36) The English Parliament is formed with what
d) Islam 2 groups to govern the country?
e) Judaism a) Democrats and Republicans
b) House of Commons and House of Lords
c) Senate and House of Representatives
d) President and Vice President
e) Prime minister and Cabinet
37) In the early 1300s, who founded the 44) What is the capital of Austria?
Ottoman Empire? a) Berlin
a) King John b) London
b) Osman c) Paris
c) Richard the Lion Heart d) Rome
d) Saladin e) Vienna
e) Suleyman
45) What is the capital of the Hungary?
38) Asia Minor is what present-day country? a) Budapest
a) Austria b) Lisbon
b) Hungary c) Moscow
c) Norway d) Rome
d) Sweden e) Warsaw
e) Turkey
46) What is the capital of Belgium?
39) In the Ottoman Empire, what was an a) Amsterdam
imperial council that advised the sultan? b) Brussels
a) Clergy c) Copenhagen
b) Crusade d) Moscow
c) Divan e) London
d) Habeas corpus
e) Janissary 47) What is the capital of Sweden?
a) Berlin
40) In 1453, after the Ottomans conquered b) Brussels
Constantinople the name of the city was c) Copenhagen
changed to what? d) Istanbul
a) Berlin e) Stockholm
b) Istanbul
c) Lisbon 48) What is the capital of France?
d) London a) Lisbon
e) Vienna b) Madrid
c) Oslo
41) Who was a powerful German family that d) Paris
controlled Hungary and Austria? e) Rome
a) Aragon
b) Frank 49) What is the capital of Spain?
c) Gaul a) Bern
d) Hapsburg b) Bucharest
e) Leon c) Lisbon
d) London
42) What is the capital of Iceland? e) Madrid
a) Athens
b) Lisbon 50) What is the capital of Turkey?
c) Oslo a) Ankara
d) Reykjavik b) Helsinki
e) Rome c) Istanbul
d) London
43) What is the capital of the Denmark? e) Paris
a) Berlin
b) Copenhagen
c) Dublin
d) London
e) Vienna