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Steam cycle

1. In rankine cycle steam enters the turbine at 2.5 Mpa (enthalpies and entropies given) and condenser
of 50 Kpa (properties given), what is the thermal efficiency of the cycle?

At 2.5 Mpa:

hsubg= 2803.1 KJ/kg Ssubg= 6.2575

At 50 Kpa: Ssubfg= 6.5029

Ssubf= 1.0910 hsubfg= 2305.4

Hsubf= 340.49

Vsubf= 0.0010300

A. 25.55%
B. 45.23%
C. 34.23%
D. 12.34%

2. In an ideal rankine cycle, the steam throttle condition is 4.10 Mpa and 440˚C. if turbine exhaust is
0.105 Mpa, determine the pump work in KJ per kg.

A. 6.34
B. 5.34
C. 4.17
D. 2.12

3. A thermal power plant generates 5 MW has also 300 KW power needed for auxiliaries. If the heat
generated by fuel is 13,000 KJ/sec, determine the net thermal efficiency.

A. 35.78%
B. 36.15%
C. 30.56%
D. 33.67%

4. In an ideal rankine cycle, the steam throttle condition is 4.10 Mpa and 440˚C. if turbine exhaust is
0.105 Mpa, determine the thermal efficiency of the cycle.

A. 20.34%
B. 27.55%
C. 34.44%
D. 43.12%

5. In a rankine cycle, saturated liquid water at 1 bar is compressed isentropically to 150 bar. First by
heating in a boiler, and then by superheating at constant pressure of 150 bar, the water substance is
brought to 750˚K. After adiabatic reversible expansion in a turbine to 1 bar, it is then cooled in a
condenser to saturated liquid. What is the thermal efficiency of the cycle?

A. 23.45%
B. 16.23%
C. 32.34%
D. 18.23%

6. A steam generating power plant has two 20 MW turbo-generators. Steam is supplied at 1.7 Mpa and
320˚C. Exhaust is at 0.006 Mpa. Daily average load factor is 80%. The steam generating units operate at
70% efficiency when using bunker fuel having a heating value of 31,150 LJ/kg and an average steam rate
of 5 kg steam/Kw-hr. calculate the Mtons of fuel oil/bunker fuel required per 24 hrs.

A. 515
B. 432
C. 6.17
D. 762

7. A back pressure steam turbine of 100,000 KW serves as a prime mover in a cogeneration system. The
boiler admits the return water at a temperature of 66˚C and produces the steam at 6.5 Mpa and 455˚C.
steam then enters a back pressure turbine expands to the pressure of process, which is 0.52 Mpa.
Assuming a boiler efficiency of 80% and neglecting the effect of pumping and the pressure drops at
various location, what is the incremental heat rate For electric?

The following enthalpies have been found; turbine entrance= 3306.8 KJ/kg, exit= 2700.8; boiler
entrance= 273.23 KJ/kg, exit= 33.06.8

A. 21,504 KJ/KW-hr
B. 22,504 KJ/KW-hr
C. 23,504 KJ/KW-hr
D. 24,504 KJ/KW-hr
8. A coal-fired power plant has a turbine-generator rated at 1000 MW gross. The plant required about
9% of this power for its internal operations. It uses 9800 tons of coal per day. The coal has an heating
value of 6,388.9 Kcal/kg and a steam generator efficiency is 86%. What is the net station efficiency of
the plant in percent?

A. 30%
B. 25%
C. 33%
D. 38%

9. A superheat steam rankine cycle has turbine inlet conditions of 17.5 Mpa and 530˚C expands in a
turbine to 0.007 Mpa. The turbine and pump polytropic efficiencies are 0.9 and 0.7 respectively,
pressure losses between pump and turbine inlet area 1.5 Mpa. What should be the pump work In KJ/kg?

A. 17.3
B. 27.3
C. 37.3
D. 47.3

10. A steam power plant operates with initial pressure of 1.70 Mpa and 370˚C temperature and exhaust
to a heating system at 0.17 Mpa. The condensate from heating system is returned to the boiler at 65.5˚C
and the heating system utilizes from its intended purpose 90% of the energy transferred from the steam
it receives. The NT is 70%. If the boiler efficiency is 80%, what is the cogeneration efficiency of the
system in percent. Neglect pump work.

Steam properties:

At 1.70 Mpa and 370˚C:

h= 3187.1 KJ/kg s= 7.1081

At 0.17 Mpa:

Hsubf= 483.20 Ssubf= 1.4752

Hsubfg= 2216.0 Ssubfg= 5.7062

At 60˚C: hsubf= 274.14

A. 78
B. 102.10
C. 91.24
D. 69
11. In a cogeneration plant, steam enters the turbine at 4 Mpa and 400˚C. one fourth of the steam is
extracted from the turbine at 600 Kpa pressure for process heating. The remaining steam continues to
expand to 10 Kpa. The extracted steam is then condensed and mixed with feedwater are constant
pressure and the mixture is pumped to the boiler pressure of 4 Mpa. The mass flow rate of steam
through the boiler is 30 kg/sec. disregarding any pressure drops and heat losses in the piping, and
assuming the turbine and pump to be isentropic, howmuch pocess heat is required in KW?

Steam properties:

At 4 Mpa and 400˚C:

h= 3213.6 KJ/kg, s= 6.7690

at 600 Kpa:

hsubf= 670.56 Ssubf= 1.9312

hsubfg= 2086.3 Ssubfg= 1,027.9

A. 15,646.8
B. 2,468.2
C. 1.9312
D. 1,027.9

12. In an ideal reheat cycle, the steam throttled condition is 8 Mpa and 480˚C. The steam then is
reheated to 2 Mpa and 460˚C. If turbine exhaust is 60˚C, determine cycle efficiency.

A. 38.3%
B. 24.3%
C. 34.3%
D. 45.2%

13. A reheat cycle has 13,850 kpa throttle pressure at the turbine inlet and a 2800 Kpa reheat pressure,
the throttle and reheat temperature of the steam is 540˚C, condenser pressure is 3.4 Kpa, engine
efficiency of high and low pressure is 75% find the cycle thermal efficiency.

A. 34.46%
B. 38.40%
C. 36.49%
D. 43.45%
14. Steam is delivered to turbine at 5.4 Mpa and 600˚C. Before condensation at 31˚C, steam is extracted
for feedwater heating at 0.6 Mpa. For an ideal regenerative cycle. Find the thermal efficiency.

A. 23.45%
B. 34.34%
C. 28.34%
D. 44.14%

16. In an open feedwater water for a steam plant, saturated steam at 7 bar is mixed with subcooled
liquid at 7 bar and 25˚C. Just enough steam is supplied to ensure that the mixed steam leaving the
heater will be saturated liquid at 7 bar when heater efficiency is 90%. Calculate the mass flow rate of
subcooled liquid if steam flow rate os 0.865 kg/s.

Steam properties are:

At 7 bar, saturated vapor: hsubg= 2763.5 KJ/kg

At 7 bar and 25˚C: hsubf= 105.5 KJ/kg

At 7 bar, saturated liquid: hsubf= 697.22 KJ/kg

A. 2.725
B. 3.356
C. 2.286
D. 3.948

17. Steam expands adiabatically in a turbine from 2000 Kpa, 400˚C to 4000 kpa, 250˚C. What is the
effectiveness of the process in percent assuming an atmospheric pressure of 15˚C. neglect changes in
kinetic and potential energy.

Steam properties are:

At 200 Kpa and 400˚C

h= 3247.6 KJ/kg

s= 7.1271 KJ/kg-K

At 400 Kpa and 250˚C

h= 2964.2 KJ/kg s= 7.3789 KJ/kg-K

A. 82
B. 84
C. 80
D. 86

19. Steam enters the turbine of a cogeneration plant at 7.0 Mpa and 500˚C. Steam at a flow rate of 7.6
kg/s is extracted from the turbine at 600 Kpa pressure for process heating. The remaining steam
continues to expand to 10 Kpa. The recovered condensates are pumped back to the boiler. The mass
flow rate of steam that enters the turbine is 30 kg/s. calculate the cogeneration efficiency in percent.

At 7.0 Mpa and 500˚C:

h= 3410.3

s= 6.7976

at 600 Kpa:

hsubf= 670.56

hsubfg= 2086.3

Subf= 1.9312

Ssubfg= 4.8288

At 10 Kpa:

hsubf= 191.83

hsubfg= 2392.8

Subf= 0.6493

Ssubfg= 7.5009

A. 60
B. 50
C. 65
D. 55

20. A heat exchanger was installed purposely to cool 0.50 kg of gas per second. Molecular weight is 28
and k= 1.32. The gas is cooled from 150˚C to 80˚C. Water is available at the rate of 0.30 kg/s and at a
temperature of 12˚C. Calculate the exit temperature of the water in ˚C.
A. 48
B. 42
C. 46
D. 44

21. Pump work of rankine cycle is 15 KJ/kg. Density of water entering the pump is 958 kg/m³. If
condenser pressure is 100 Kpa, what is the pressure at the entrance of the turbine?

A. 14.47 Mpa
B. 20.48 Mpa
C. 15.67 Mpa
D. 17.77 Mpa

22. In a rankine cycle the turbine work is 1,000 KJ/kg and pump work of 13 KJ/kg. If heat generated by
generator is 2800 KJ/kg, what is the efficiency of the cycle?

A. 35.25%
B. 40.75%
C. 38.65%
D. 30.25%

23. In a reheat power plant the difference in enthalpy at the entrance and exit is 550 KJ/kg for first stage
and second stage is 750 KJ/kg. If both stage has an efficiency of 92% and heat added to boiler is 3,000
KJ/kg. Determine the plant cycle efficiency neglecting the pump work.

A. 30%
B. 35%
C. 40%
D. 45%

24. An adiabatic feed pump in a steam cycle delivers water to a steam generator at a temperature of
200˚C and a pressure of 10 Mpa. The water enters the pump as a saturated liquid at 180˚C. if the power
suppliedto the pump is 75 kw, determine the mass flow rate.

A. 6.23 kg/s
B. 8.34 kg/s
C. 7.39 kg/s
D. 9.12 kg/s
25. A condenser receives steam from a turbine at 15 Kpa, 90% quality, and with a velocity of 240 m/s.
determine the increase in circulating water required because of high pressure exit if the steam flow rate
is 38 kg/s and the cooling water temperature rise is 12˚C with an inlet condition of 30˚C.

A. 11.23 kg/s
B. 17.23 kg/s
C. 13.23 kg/s
D. 21.78 kg/s

26. A steam generator has an exit enthalpy of 3195.7 KJ/kg at the rate of 10 kg/s. the enthalpy available
at the turbine inlet is 3000 Kj/kg. Determine the heat lost between boiler outlet and turbine inlet.

A. 1957 kw
B. -1957 kw
C. 1873 kw
D. -1873 kw

27. A rankine cycle has a turbine unit with available enthalpy of 800 KJ/kg. The pump has also 10 KJ/kg
energy available. Find the net cycle output of the plant if mass flow rate is 5 kg/s.

A. 2619 kw
B. 3950 kw
C. 8745 kw
D. 4234 kw

28 In an refrigeration cycle, the steam is extracted from the turbine at 2 Mpa and 250˚C for feedwater
heating and it is mixed with condenser exit at 30 kpa after pumping. Find the fraction of vapor extracted
from the turbine.

A. 0.23464
B. 0.19338
C. 0.5632
D. 0.3855

29. An adiabatic turbine in a steam generating plant receives steam at a pressure of 7.0 Mpa and 550˚C
and exhausts at 20 kpa. The turbine inlet is 3 m higher than the turbine exit, the inlet steam velocity is
15 m/s and the exit is 300 m/s. calculate the turbine work in KJ/kg.
A. 1297.45
B. 11197.10
C. 1093.45
D. 1823.45

30. A steam power plant operates on the rankine cycle. The steam enters the turbine at 7 Mpa and
550˚C with a velocity of 30 m/s. its discharges to the condenser at 20 kpa with a velocity of 90 m/s.
calculate the net work in kw for a flow of 37.8 kg/s.

A. 23.23 Mw
B. 53.34 Mw
C. 34.22 Mw
D. 46.54 Mw

31. A carnot cycle uses steam as the working substance and operates between a pressures of 7 Mpa and
kpa. Determine the cycle thermal efficiency.

A. 44.17%
B. 54.23%
C. 34.23%
D. 59.44%

32. A supercritical power plant generates steam at 25 Mpa and 560˚C. The condenser pressure is 7.0 ka.
Determine the exit quality of steam if it expands through a turbine in this power plant.

A. 45.66%
B. 68.45%
C. 56.56%
D. 74.26%

33. Steam enters a turbine at 1.4 Mpa and 320˚C. The turbine internal efficiency is 70%, and the total
requirement is 800 kw. The exhaust is to the back pressure system, maintained at 175 kpa. Find the
steam flow rate.

A. 2.62 kg/s
B. 4.23 kg/s
C. 3.23 kg/s
D. 5.34 kg/s