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ArJarae Saunders

1275 Brentwood Rd N.E Apt #6 Washington, D.C. 20018


Professional Profile

 Strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills

 Experience in networking with youth in the District of Columbia with a focus on Ward 5
 Highly motivated trained on personal development, skills, community service, college
and career preparation, and life skills.
 Maintain professional relationships with fashion representatives summer fashion
 Strong creative direction and mind skills


Benjamin Banneker Academic High School Washington, D.C. August 2013- June 2017

Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3.2

Delaware State University 2.9 August 2017- Present

Work Experience

Mary McLeod Bethune PCS


 Responsible for creating lesson plans and grading assignments for students in grades pre
k -8th grade
 Assisted the teachers with plans and executing daily tasks.

Capitol Hill Montessori @ Logan

Teacher Assistant Washington, D.C. August 2014-May 2015

 Community Service opportunity where I assisted the teachers with helping the kids with
homework, assisted them with snack, as well as filing students work from the school day
 Watched students while parents attending PTA meetings.
 Created test for teachers for students in grades 4-6

Columbia Heights Recreational Center

Fashion Intern

 Assist with clothing and style design process, production cycles, and budgets.
 Created Marketing and promotional campaigns.

Randall Recreational Center

Fashion Designer
 Completed various fashion sketches and designs with my coworkers.
 Took part in a fashion show.
 Create garments based on seasonal needs

Extracurricular Activities

First Baptist Church of Glenarden Star Ministry

Ministry Youth Leader Upper Marlboro, MD August 2012- 2015

 Nurture and support young ladies in becoming young women of God

 Create and present material for Star Sessions


 National Honor Society

 Honor Roll
 Community Service Hours

Computer Skills

 Microsoft Office Certified(Word, PowerPoint, and Excel)

Dear Fashion Department:

I am eager to forward my resume for your review to be considerate for a role in your fashion
department. I am resilient, determined and motivated student with a keen eye for ongoing
potential fashion trends in the fashion industry. I am currently a student as Delaware State
University with a Textiles and Apparels major, with a concentration in Fashion Design in pursuit
of my Bachelors in Science

In my current pursuit of an Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design—as well as in the numerous

fashion related internships, community service and job positions—I am very hands-on and is
experienced in creating sketches and patterns, evaluating fashion trends, and evaluating customer
demands. I am confident that the attributes that I possess, along with my passion for fashion will
enable me to excel in this position.

Highlights of my experience include…

 Achieving comprehensive education in diverse fashion topics, including principles of buying,

marketing, design, fashion history, retail promotion, and trend forecasting.
 Selecting materials, production techniques, and accessory items to design sample garments and
outfits for presentation to mock agents and fashion sales representatives.
 Identifying target markets for fictional designers, looking at factors such as age, gender, and
socioeconomic status to inform sketches and product design.
 Demonstrating superior leaderships skills in areas including correspondence, supply
management, and meeting the demands of the consumer

My skills are exceptional in garment design, team collaboration, trend spotting will enable me to
be successful working with your company.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.