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Floating power plants for decentralised power generation


in BWSC-built power projects. Modular design in terms of timely delivery. with medium and large sized diesel and gas 3500 MW. technical performance and concepts and the flexibility to choose the best available environmental compliance of our power plant and barge ­ technology from leading manufacturers enable BWSC to offer ­projects. we are committed to Generation Services partnering with experienced high-quality marine e­ ngineering BWSC Generation Services provide a comprehensive range of companies to ensure a Class Approved floating structure post-construction services to power plants. 2 . In the delivery of floating power plants. We have supplied more than 182 power plants to customised and competitive solutions in the range of approx. training courses. etc. Generation Services and Investments BWSC. designer. operator and investor in medium comprising establishment of commercial and legal a­ greements. ranging from spare together with main equipment manufacturers providing the parts supply. to large-scale power plant systems. This to older power plant systems to technical service agreements ensure proven efficiency and environmental compliance in a and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracts. turnkey co-owner status relating to projects built and operated by ­biomass power plants. 53 countries with a total generating capacity of more than 10-300 MW. low-risk and reusable asset. land-based or barge-based. ­reciprocating engines. Benefits for our customers and partners EPC provider of power plants and barges BWSC is dedicated to meeting our contractual obligations BWSC is a world-leading turnkey contractor. turnkey contractor. Our main activities financing. insurance. upgrades and rehabilitation of most advanced generation technologies available. We consider equity participation and are: EPC of engine-based power plants and barges. BWSC – YO U R G LO BAL E N E RGY PART N E R Turnkey contractor Investments and co-ownership Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S (BWSC) is a BWSC takes a leading role in the development of IPP p­ rojects.

rigid floating A well designed power barge. river estuaries. Guaranteed performance figures. modular generating equipment. and relatively short lead times. dictated by local soil incentives. regional financing reinforced. power house. heat rates. the barge can be removed and relocated Standards and delivered to the selected site by ocean tow or to ­another site. are ­attractive prices. ­minimum impact on local environments. the complete power plant package is mounted on a pre-engineered. Once a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) The barge is designed and constructed to Marine Classification has terminated. Barges can also be floated into dredged-out areas and back-filled to form virtual land-based plants that can be removed at some point in the future. auxiliary Power barges are not for every generation application. box. A power barge can be rapidly delivered and moored in ­sheltered coastal areas. is a low-risk mobile asset. piled. unsatisfactory infrastructure or poor soil conditions. but can systems and electrical export options normally associated offer certain advantages over land-based plants: with traditional land-based diesel power plants. etc. high productivity. heavy concrete foundations. heavy steel. of the generation equipment can be conducted at most ­shipyards and marine construction facilities. Handling of a 100 MW power barge 60 MW power barge installed in the Port of Colombo. The advantages Instead of a turnkey EPC package built onto engineered. Sri Lanka 3 . utilising established t­ echnology. ensuring an extremely high asset value and heavy lift ship. on existing docks or at a primitive sheet piled wharf. conditions and land prices.F L OAT I N G D I E S E L P OW E R P L A N T S Floating power plants or power barges are the same ‘tried and Where and when to consider a power barge tested’. easily financed with little or no stranded costs. independent of local resources. output. and long-term Manufacture of the floating box structure and installation maintenance costs are basically the same.

incorporating forced air ventilation. and roof-­mounted radiators Protected MV cableways. overhead crane. L AYO U T A N D F E AT U R E S Steel-framed. fire-protected. cathodic ­protection system with additional zinc anodes in ballast tanks and sea chests 4 . power house ­building. insulated. with seawater fire and deck-wash built-in. including pre-established removal routes for major components Hull coating system specified for maximum service life Fuel treatment equipment Fixed CO2 and/or foam fire fighting in ­ ventilated. fuel tanks systems connected to on-shore systems Impressed current. raised walkways and gratings throughout for inspection and maintenance. for generating equipment. i­nsulated. ­system for protection of main m ­ achinery ­separate compartments and space.

tool room and utility spaces Substation with step-up transformer(s). Principal particulars .4 m Grouped exhaust gas stacks to ensure Draft (operating): 3. housing air-conditioned day crew accommodations. control room. MV and LV rooms. office. dead-end s­tructure and all other HV equipment installed on ­ deckhouse top in secure areas complete with ­protective fence Wo r k s h o p/to o l room for onboard ­maintenance and repairs Flexible connections for all fuel supply and fluids Mooring brackets for wharf and fixed pile-mooring system to limit Indoor storage capacity vessel motions for plant consumables and spare parts 5 .6 m dispersal (World Bank guidelines).barge design Length: 65-90 m Width: 35/39 m Depth: 5. waste Height (to top of stacks): 40 m heat recovery boilers for fuel heating Class certificated +A1 Barge class inland waterways. Sound-insulated steel deckhouse. Designed to withstand hurricane winds. work shops.

turbocharged diesel engines supplied by major manufacturers: • Lube oil systems. tank farms Depending on the output. and switchyards can be included in the EPC scope. diesel. coolers. alternatively. HFO. silencers and waste heat recovery boilers for fuel heating • Forced air inlet fans with silencers for machinery spaces • Building exhaust vents with silencers • Compressed air systems • Black start diesel generator set • Water treatment system Typical electrical scope • Synchronous AC generators. incl. flexible sections and respective supports for to the number of generators required for the output.8/15 kV switchgear with feeders and coupling panels • 2 x HV step-up transformers. LFO & lube oil supply Typical mechanical scope Larger buildings for workshop and office facilities. connection to clients’ systems for: Output is between 60 and 150 MW on HFO. generators and auxiliary equipment on a uniform Wharf to barge concrete ramp(s) and articulated access bridge barge structure that can be lengthened or shortened according with all pipes. raw water cooling with central plate type coolers • Fuel treatment and handling systems for natural gas or HFO and diesel fuel oil • Combustion intake air filter and silencer systems • Grouped exhaust gas stacks incl. air-cooled and ­flexibly coupled to the engines • 13. • Sewer outlet • Natural gas. 2 x station auxiliary ­transformers and LV distribution and lighting system • DC system with dedicated battery room • Computer-based monitoring. dual fuel • Potable water inlet or natural gas at either 50 or 60 hz at normal HV ­exporting • Grey water outlet voltages.Operation and Maintenance diagnostic system • HV dead-end structure • Barge-neutral earthing system 6 . DESIGN AND TECHNICAL SCOPE BWSC barges are designed around modular installations of Typical scope for shore site options engines. pumps and separators for lube oil by pass cleaning • Low noise roof-mounted variable speed radiator-cooling systems or. brushless. between 4 and 8 large-bore. 4-stroke. medium-speed.

mitigating risks and ensuring reliable p­ erformance be heavy-lift shipped to the final site. Africa. power installation. ensuring a high quality. Our O&M and support agreements are completely lease facility for temporary or emergency situations. • Capital-raising from equity investors. leases. M U LT I P L E A P P L I C AT I O N S Power barge hulls can be constructed in one location and Service and support is our business easily moved to another location for specialist equipment BWSC offers fixed-price O&M agreements backed by outfitting. etc. Latin America and Asia. at fixed cost. Finally. fuel ­supply contracts.O N E S O L U T I O N . Specialist trouble-shooting staff and the required spare parts Whether the floating power plant is EPC-purpose-built to to ensure minimum down time can be mobilised at very short satisfy specific PPA conditions or developed as a long-term notice. a high-value mobile asset and reliable power at short notice. Development and commercial support BWSC is an experienced developer of both boiler and engine- based power projects. BWSC supports customers and partners from concept to implementation and through long-term operation with ­services including: • Origination and evaluation of IPP opportunities • Setting up of joint development partnerships • Full project development to financial close • Management of tender processes • Negotiation of main IPP contracts including PPA. Our hands-on approach from the early ­development stage to financial close has brought BWSC to a leading position as an IPP developer and investor in Europe. BWSC’s flexible and tailored to suit your requirements and the specific technical and commercial expertise ensures a bankable PPA. BWSC is qualified according to ISO 9001. tested working facility virtually anywhere in the world. pension funds and lenders including export credit agencies • Project finance structures • Active ownership and asset management • Medium and long-term facility lease complete with O&M On location overhaul of engine 7 . testing and commissioning. the barge will ­guarantees.

Ltd. In 2015. In addition. BWSC has established a ­number of local companies to undertake ­operation and ­maintenance of power plants producing e­ lectricity for national power utilities in a number of countries. BWSC was established as a separate company in 1980 with the aim of applying the highly efficient diesel technologies to the d­ evelopment of power plants. BWSC’s annual revenue was EUR 283 million. and has representative offices worldwide to support ­international marketing activities. (MES). 02/2017 Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S . which is the senior licensee of MAN Diesel & Turbo SE since 1926 and a principal producer of advanced MAN B&W 2-stroke diesel BWSC A/S is a subsidiary company of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co. Denmark.Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S Gydevang 35 DK-3450 Allerød Denmark Phone: +45 4814 0022 Fax: +45 4814 0150 bwsc. BWSC is headquartered north of Copenhagen. BWSC has demonstrated solid results for the last 15 years and has obtained long-standing AAA credit rating and a Silver diploma by Bisnode.