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Week two journal

Students names and ID number date (from 11 To 15 of March 2018)

Hend Alyammahi- H00357629
Journal title
Equipment for Math adventures!


The students had to find

the half of the numbers
by sorting the Macaroni
in two small bags.

The students did an online

exam called "InCAS".
Which is a math multiple
choice exam.
Journal body (351 words)

Las week was my fifth week in TP 3a. I taught two lessons, one of them was been observed by my
MCT. My lesson was about doubling numbers from 1 to 10 by adding the same numbers twice. My opinion
about my lesson that it was modest and simple. For the engaging part I used a mirror to engage the students.
But for the assessment part I didn't use any manipulatives or material, only leveled worksheets.

I realized that most of the students didn't enjoy the lesson and probably didn't understand it very well.
If I gave them manipulatives and materials to double instead of the worksheets, I think they would like it
more. Moreover, I think including hands on materials in math lessons is an essential think. When the students
are going to apply the concept that they just leaned, this will help them to diagnose and practice it more.
Furthermore, making the students working with things will tell the teacher if they really know what do or not,
rather than giving them worksheets and they might copy the answers form their friends.

Therefore, in my second lesson for this week, I tried my best to make it full of enjoyable and
meaningful activities. I had a two team "boys and girls" activity, where they had to find the half of the
numbers by dividing balls in two baskets. I noticed that, the students were helping each other and explaining
the game and the concept to each other. Which helped the students who didn't understand from me to know
more about the lesson form their friends.

Finally, for individual work I gave each student two small bags that are stuck on a worksheet that
says, "half of 4" for example, then they had to use the "Macaroni" to represent the answers. The students
enjoyed the activity and I was able to determine if they can find the half of the numbers they have got or not.
In my next lessons I will try to add more hands-on activities and meaningful manipulatives to help the
students understand the mathematical concept better.