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Student-Teacher: Khadega Ahmad saeed Al Mashjari

Date: 19-3-2018

Course: EPC 2403

Grade Level: 1

Subject: English

Strand: Grammar

Learning Outcome: They will learn grammar literacy: am, is and are.

Resources (what materials/equipment will you and Preparation (what do you need to make or check
the students use? Be specific) before class?)

 video (computer) I will make sure the computer is ready to display the
 Picture and word cards video and the worksheets are prepared for some
 worksheet students (L) level. Ensure all students have Journal
 pencil books.
 power point (computer) Key vocabulary
 colored papers
 am
 is
 are

Opening (warmer activity + teacher introduction/demonstration of small group activities)

 Good Morning students.

 Then they will answer: Good morning teacher.
 After that I will ask them questions and inform them to raise their hands to answer: What does
am, is and are mean? I will let them think about it then I will listen to their answers.
Whole Group

Time: 10/15

Then, I will explain to them what the three words mean. For example, am: when you talk about
yourself. is means when you talk about someone (one person) and it doesn’t matter if it is a boy
or girl. are means when you talk about group (more than one person).
 After that I will open the Power Point presentation for them and I will have cards with different
pictures such as, animals, a person and a house.
 Next, I will tell them (with the aid of pictures) “she is a doctor” then I will show them how we
 After that I will show them different pictures with examples.
 Moreover, I will let them give me examples to ensure understanding.
 In addition, I will chose some students to take one card and give us sentences with am,
is or are. Then I will ask them: why do you use is or are?
I will present a video about am, is and are.
Moreover, I will pause the video and I will discuss it with them. For instance, how many people
are in the picture? Or which word will we use in this picture, then they will tell me. After that I
will ask them what did you learn from the video and they will start to answer and give me more

Independent Experience (small group activity 1)

I will give each group one card with a picture and small piece of paper.

Moreover, they have to write one sentence to describe the picture with am, is or are.

When they finish, one student form the group will read their sentence for whole class.

Independent Experience (small group activity 2)

Small Group

I will display the worksheet on the board, then I will explain how they can do it. First, they must write
Time: 20

their name and the date, then they can start individually.

They have to match the word am, is and are.

Independent Experience (individually activity 3)

I will display the worksheet on the board, then I will explain how they can do it. Firstly, they must write
their name and the date, then they can start individually.

Moreover, they have to write 5 sentences with am, is and are and match with pictures.

Whole Group

I will walk around the students while they doing their activities so I can monitor and make sure
Time: 10

that all students understand the grammar point am, is and are.
At the end of the class, I will ask them what they have learned today.
They will tell me what they have learned so I can make sure that all the students understood.


The worksheet must be answered independently so will demonstrate who has understood.

I will assess the children by teacher observation and by questioning them.