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Daily Lesson Plan

Name: H. Taylor, English 10 Periods: ALL Dates: Thur. 15th Fri. 16th

VDOE English 10 Objectives

10.1 The student will make planned multimodal, interactive presentations collaboratively and individually.
10.2 The student will examine, analyze, and produce media messages.
10.3 the student will apply knowledge of word origins, derivations, and figurative language to extend vocabulary
development in authentic texts
10.4 The student will read, interpret, analyze literary texts of different cultures and eras
10.5 The student will read, interpret, analyze, and evaluate nonfiction texts
10.6 The student will write in variety of forms to include persuasive, reflective, interpretive, and analytic with
emphasis on persuasion and analysis.
10.7 The student will self and peer edit writing for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure,
paragraphing, and Standard English
10.8 The student will find, evaluate, and select credible resources to create a research paper.


1. The students will be arranged into 6-8 groups depending on how many students are present in the class
2. The teacher will conduct a review on the aspects of a complete story. Character, plot, setting, conflict and theme.
Beginning, rising action, climax, resolution. This will help remind the students of the components that are
necessary to build a complete story.
3. Story Board Activity: The students will be handed a paper bag with eight items in it.
Instructions: See the very detailed sheet that is attached.
4. Reflection: during the activity, the students will stop and answer questions in their journal. These questions will
be provided by the teacher (See attached document). The journals are not to be shared with each other as they will
be discussing their group dynamic while still taking part with the group.
5. Presentation: The students will take turns presenting their story to the rest of the class.

Materials: 8 paper bags with 8 items in each, Slide on Story Telling, Instructions on the Exercise and Journal
Evaluations: expectations and requirements for all group positions are laid out in the attached document that the
students will receive. The students have also been informed on how they will be graded according to their role
within the group. The students not presenting should give their attention to the presenting group and be able to
recount information from the presentation if asked. Each student is required to submit the Google Slide for a grade.
Assignment(s): Achieve 3000 due Sunday 25th Select 2/4

Purpose of the Lesson: The purpose of this lesson is to engage the student’s prior knowledge and
understanding of symbolism. Each of the items in the bags are symbolic of a concept or idea that
will later be seen in LOTF. This lesson is also conducted in order for the students to explore and
reflect on group dynamics. LOTF revolves around the idea of leaders and followers and conflict.
The exercise is also intended to allow the students to have fun and interact with objects and each
other prior to starting a very heavy novel. The students do not know the novel that we are about
to start, so they are participating in this exercise with zero context, which should peak their
attention. Ideally it should feel like they aren’t doing school.

Differentiation: this lesson meets the needs of many learners. The objects in the bags allow the
students to interact with physical objects. The students will also be on their computers and
surfing the web. The students are also given frequent times to stop for a moment and think. This
allows the students who may process on a slower level time to collect their thoughts and ideas.
The students will also be moving about the classroom and will have a change in pace from their
normal routine. This allows the students to stay more alert and become more engaged.

Foreseeable Issues: There could be an issue with group participation, but the student who is in
the leadership role, should guide the other students in the group to participate more. The students
are also keeping a personal journal that will need to be submitted. This journal will allow the
teacher to see how much these quieter students understood or wished to contribute. This lesson
will be challenging for some because it requires participation on multiple levels, but I believe
that the students will find at least some part of the lesson engaging. The teacher will also be
walking around the room and monitoring the students to make sure that they are on task. The
teacher will not help the students build the story because the students have everything they need
in order to build a successful story.