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City of Miami and AFSCME 1907

Collective Bargaining Session Minutes

December 21, 2017

10:23 a.m. – 11:54 a.m.
10th Floor City Manager’s Conference Room, MRC

City of Miami Linda Brown-Etienne, Fernando Casamayor, Kevla

Bargaining Team Collins, Zerry Ihekwaba, Kevin Jones, Pedro Lacret,
Teresita Martinez, Stephanie Panoff, Alberto Parjus,
Angela Roberts, Chris Rose, Luke Savage

AFSCME 1907 Debbie Brown, Marlon Chavez, Mary Lugo, Sean Moy,
Bargaining Team Osnat Rind

Handouts AFSCME 1907 Proposal of Articles: 25, 40, Appendix A

City of Miami- Property Tax Roll History and Updated
5 Year Plan

• The City gave a presentation of the current fiscal reality for the City of Miami:
o The presentation included the following:
▪ Property tax roll history since 2007 and the projected growth from
2018 through 2021. Projected roll growth: 2018 – 7%, 2019 – 5%,
and 2020 – 5%.
▪ The current 5-year plan
▪ The updated 5-year plan to include a 9% roll growth, reduced red
light camera revenue, additional homestead exemption, CBA
increases, and additional trolley support from the general fund.
▪ Future considerations: loss of red light camera revenue, trolley
program funding, increase in homestead exemption, various legal
cases, FPL undergrounding, decrease in property tax growth, and
CBA increases.

• The Union expressed their concern about salaried employees attending

contract negotiations. The City responded by stating that bargaining sessions
are open to the public. It would be a misdemeanor to remove a person from a
public meeting. Lastly, it is the department director’s discretion to allow an
employee to attend a bargaining session.
• The City requested two things of the Union in order to best estimate the total
cost of the Union’s contract proposals, currently and going forward:
o The Union to present a complete counter proposal as their previous
proposals were submitted piecemeal.

o The Union take the City’s fiscal reality into consideration when the
Union presents its counter proposal.

• Union Caucus 10:51 AM

• Meeting resumed 11:13 AM

• The Union presented a few modified proposals.

o Pay Supplements- Article 25
▪ 25.12 – 5% supplement for Latent Print Examiners who obtain
requested certification
o Tardiness- Article 40
▪ 40.1 – Remove language that excludes employees that work in the
Fire and Police Departments
o Appendix A- proposed new pay grades for certain classifications
▪ Budget and HR will meet with the Union to discuss its proposed
changes to Appendix A
o The City requested that the meeting be held prior to the next negotiation
session. In addition, the City requested that the Union’s complete
proposal be submitted prior to the next negotiation session.
o Working Out of Class- Article 21
▪ 21.1 – Remove language that requires an employee to qualify for
the higher position in order to be eligible for working out of class
o Overtime/Compensation- Article 27
▪ 27.5 – Allow probationary employees to be on overtime rotation.
o Uniforms and Safety Shoes- Article 29
▪ 29.9 – The Union followed up on their request to provide laundry
services for Mechanics’ uniforms.
o Sick Leave – Article 39
▪ 39.14 – The amount of employees that are eligible for the perfect
attendance award of $100.00 will increase to 100.
▪ 39.15 – Incorporate the Donation of Leave APM to the article.
Allow employees to donate sick leave.
o Wages – Article 24
▪ 6% across the board increases for years one, two, and three.
▪ Retroactive to 10/1/17.
▪ 24.3 – Night shift differential increased to $2.45.
o The Union requested a spreadsheet with a pay scale, similar to one that
they received from Jelani Newton a number of years ago, that indicates
where all bargaining unit members will be placed as of 9/30/17.
• The Union will follow up with a complete contract proposal.

• Meeting ended 11:54 AM

Future session: TBA