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* Account/LibraryController.

cs *
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Detailed description about Controller:


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* Admin/DashboardsController.cs *
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-This controller cannot be accessed to via links on the website, or so it seems
that way. Also, it isn't working or hasn't been finished.

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Detailed description about Controller:


-ActionResult <29 - 38>



* Admin/MessagesController.cs *
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-This controller is responsible for sending, displaying, composing new and
deleting messages old messages. It also has a search with which the messages can be
searched by Subject, Content or Sender.
-Messages are displayed in a table like container and Date composed, priority,
subject and subject are shown, although each Message instance can have UserId,
SiteId, MessageDate and CreatedBy, and must have description which is added upon
-Upon clicking on each individual message, through the name of the Subject of the
message, a modal is shown which displays Subject, Description, From as First and
Last Name of the sender, presumably user, and date composed.
-Deletion can be done by either clicking on the trash icon on the farthest right
on each individual message for single deletion, or via selection of multiple
messages and clicking Remove button.
-Composing a new message is realized through the modal upon clicking on Compose
New Message button, which displays the Subject, Priority and Message. Furthermore,
the composed message will have a sender who is currently logged in as his First and
Last name, probably? through a relationship with the id of the user that is
currently logged in and the UserId field in the JSON object.

Detailed description about View:

-Namespace Argosy.BusinessLogic.FrontEnd.Security is implemented and the
.FrontEndSession class from that namespace is used to pull CompanyId from the
interface that it is implementing- ISession with GetValueOrDefault method.
-using Argosy.Web.FrontEnd.Models is implemented and the .NavigationAction class
is being used to display: --Link ComposeNewMessage which opens a modal that is used
to realize the creation of a new message, and
--MesssageCenter crumb
-div with a class .fancybox-wrap is used as a container to be filled with
different content, such as ShowMessage, and CreateMessage.
-div with the #mainpanel id contains the search, Remove button for removing
messages and the messages that are pulled from the database
-div with the #ShowMessage id is being inserted into the #mainpanel div with the
data filled from the already retrieved data from the database, and is being shown
as a modal, displaying the Name, Description, DateCreated and Sender name.
-div with the #CreateMessage id is being inserted into the #mainpanel div with
the following fields Subject, Priority, and Message. Upon clicking the Send button,
Admin/Messages/Create method is targeted, passing the data from the stated fields,
and creating a new Message

Detailed description about Controller(MessagesController.cs):

-Index()--> is used to display the Index View. It has an attribute that allow
only Admins to access the page.
-Create($, $, $)--> used for composing a new message. Method takes 3 arguments:
description of the message as body, subject of the message as subject and state of
the priority of the message as priority. Those values are passed u through a modal
when the user clicks Compose New Message and then on the button Send. A new
.Message instance is created through MessageManager and is then populated by the
parameters passed to the method and also from the parameters held in the
.FrontEndSession such as UserId, SiteId and CreatedBy. There is an if that checks
if the message has been inserted into the DB correctly, and an catch block for
catching exceptions.
-Delete($)--> is used to delete one or more messages. Takes a list of .Message
object as a parameter. If the thrash icon for a specific message is clicked, a
poput modal will display itself and ask you to confirm your deletion, if multiple
box icons are checked then upon clicking the Remove button will delete the selected
messages. At the poput modal the cancelation of the deletion is not done properly,
as clicking on the X in the top right will also delete the selected messages. List
of all successfully deleted messages are displayed in the bottom right corner of
the browser. Each nortification popup indicating the successful deletion of one
message, along with its name.

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-Controller: <20, 22, 43, 49, 62, 64-76, 109, 110, 125-131>
-try&catches: 47, 114
-<25, 26>


DataView/GetMessages is called when getting the data, messages, to display in the

main view. It is being called on load, and when clicking the search button. There
is a GET parameter named MessageKeywords that can be passed through the input type
text and filters all messages by Subject, Content or Sender.