quilting the
modern way


denim throw
page 49

Contemporary quilting
goes graphic + bold

Alissa Haight Carlton



fabric visionary

Christina Kim of globalinspired design house Dosa
Marlene Blessing

off the couch


Transform home décor
fabrics into unexpected designs

sewing yoga n fabric storage tips
n master sewing with silks + more!


5 editor’s note

designs in Denim

6 sewing room

Humble denim goes stylish
in 7 clever projects

8 sew boutique


18 wish list

19 sew connected

modern plaid
A fresh take on a classic print

20 material world

77 sewing basics


85 how-to

getting fancy

142 resources

Get your sparkle on with
special occasion fabrics

144 sew inspired
Kathleen Frances


one-yard gifts
Creativity + one yard of fabric
equals 12 fabulous projects


On the cover: Patchwork Cube Slipcover by Kevin Kosbab, page 44;
Above left: Solid Squares quilt by Alissa Haight Carlton

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