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Kindrise Hygiene solutions.

The number one stop shop for all Hygiene Products!
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1) On promotion Ultra modern Stainless steel
soap dispenser wall mountable holding capacity
800ml, 1.100ml, 1.200ml. Refill indicator, release
1000+ doses, FREE installation,1 year warranty

2) Plastic Premium Soap Dispenser Holding capacity
800ml,1.100ml Easy to clean, wall mountable,
release 1000+ doses

3) Stainless steel Hand dryer, uses electricity WS
Automatic 2.3km

4) Air Freshener Dispenser, wall mountable, realise
fragrance per timed interval, Ensures can safety,
Keeps toilets smelling good all the time, Battery

5) Lockable Toilet paper holder, wall mountable,
holding capacity 2-8tissue rolls, Ensure tissue

6) Office Bin 8L, Stainless steel mash wire, Plastic
liner ideal and available.

easy to move while cleaning. dry vacuum carboplastic. Floor care chemicals. disinfectant. cleans and leaves the floor sparkling. block non liquid waste. have different flavours keeping the room smelling good. Effectively removes dust 9) Sanitary Bins.20-50L capacity. ideal for ladies toilets.7) Office Micro fibre dusting cloth. wall cleaner . small medium and large bins. avoid flashback drop. traps dust 13) Vacuum cleaner 10-60L capacity. Box of 10 $50 11) Moping Trolley Bucket.1 year warrant 14) Bulk Toilet Paper 48pack. Unlimited Supply 15) Detergents. Effective dust trappers W*H 320*340m Box of 10 8) Feather Duster with Ostrich feathers 460mm in length. anti bacterial hand washing soap refill packs. carrying capacity 14-26L 10) Urinary Covers. mop slots 12) Single Disc Polisher Numatic.2ply quality tissues.

durability guarantee 22) Mops. oil resistant. disposal plastic bags. 28g/cube burnable. do not tear easily Pck of 100 25) Mobile toilets for Hire. corrosive substance resistant 20) Work suits. oil resistant. Lermmaite brand. high quality rugs not detachable from the stick 23) Hard broom Ideal for heavy scrubbing 24) Bins Liners. easily portable 18) Gum boots. high quality latex. triangle and cone shaped.16) Channel blocks Everlasting fragrance. easy washing easy ironing 21) Cleaning gloves. plastic stands. 5kg packs 17) Cleaning warning signs. durable latex quality 19) Safety shoes. corrosive substance resistant. strong garment. for outdoor events .

GET A FREE QUOTATION and WE WILL DELIVER ON YOUR DOOR STEP. 26) Restrooms Renovations and cleaning services giving you the elegant 21st century look Trading hours Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00 Sat 8:00-12:00 . Germs are everywhere and we got you 100% covered! .