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Houston Baptist University

School of Education
Lesson Plan

Subject: Language Arts Grade Level: Kindergarten Time Estimate: 20 minutes

Unit: Read Aloud Topic: The Way I Feel
Goal(s): TLW learn vocabulary that name emotions.
TLW understand why the characters feel a certain way based upon the

TSWBAT demonstrate how the characters in the book are feeling with facial expression.
TSWBAT retell the story read aloud to them with 80% accuracy.
TSWBAT write a story about an emotion that they felt with accurate spelling, and use of
the emotion.

TEKS: K.4 A Ask and respond to questions about texts read aloud
K.8 A Describe characters in a story and the reasons for their actions
Materials/Resources/Technology needs:
The Way I Feel by Janan Cain


Instructional Procedures

Focusing Event: Ask students where the Title of the book is located, where the spine is
located, and where the authors name is.

Teaching/ Learning Procedures:

 Read book aloud to students. While going through book point out emotion words to
them. Words like “disappointed”, “silly”, and “blue”. While pointing out the words,
ask students if they understand what it means, and then act it out, or have students
act out the emotion.
 When getting to the page where it is talking about a little boy being sad, stop
reading. Ask the students to brain storm with the person beside them. Ask them
what clues in the illustration show us that this boy is feeling sad.
 When getting towards the end of the book, on the last page, ask students to make a
face of the feeling that they liked the most.
 When the book is finished, pull out the vocabulary cards. Go through them with the
students having them give example of the vocabulary words in their lives.

Formative Check (ongoing or specific): When through reading the book, ask students
to raise their hands and tell the class three different types of feelings that they learned in
the book.
Reteach (alternative used as needed): If reteach is necessary on vocabulary words, go over a
video on emotions. ( )
Assessment: Students will pick an emotion from the book. They will brainstorm about a
time when they felt that emotion. In their journals, they will draw a picture of this time,
and then write 5 sentences to tell the story of this event.

Closure: Have three students read their story aloud to the classroom. After a student is
through reading, have their classmates encourage them and tell them what they liked about
their story.

-If needed, pull students in small group and work with them as they write their stories.
-If needed, students can be given sentence stems to write their stories about emotion.
-Students with hearing/visual disabilities or ADHD will be placed at the front of the
classroom while teacher is performing read aloud.
-While teacher is reading book aloud, students with dyslexia will also be given a copy of the
book to follow along with the teacher.
-Students who struggle with motor skills may have the option to type their story instead of
hand writing it.
-When a student who has a speech issue, they may use a text-to-speech app to share their
stories with the classroom.