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(Mentor College Teacher’s) name : Mouza Alayyan

MCT Lesson Observation

Feedback to student teacher

Student teacher’s name:Muna Mubarak

Grade Level:Grade 5
Unit/Lesson:Science / Ecosystem
Date:5th March. 2018

E= Excellent, G = Good, S = Satisfactory, M = Marginal and US = Unsatisfactory

Competency Area E G S M US

Professionalism and Understanding X

Professional growth
Planning for learning X
Planning activities and lesson aims
Implementing and Managing Learning X
Language and delivery
Classroom management X
Communication skills X
Monitoring and Assessment X
Critical Reflection X

Strengths of the lesson:

 Muna begins very enthusiastically, with a big smile and a very positive attitude 
 Muna displays a presentation about Ecosystem, visual PowerPoints with suitable
pictures that explains the content of the lesson.
 Muna ask questions from the students about the displayed presentation.
 Muna is always making eye contact with her students.
 Muna promote students when they answers, by saying “Good Job Mariam”. Great
way of rewarding Muna 
 Muna does a good job in demonstrating the activity before the learners work
 Muna asks the students to work on activity in group, students make a concept
map about Ecosystem in each group.
 She continuously encourages the students to participate and work collaboratively
in group.
 Muna walks around the class to check student’s work on the task.
 Muna sets a timer for the activity, where the she asks them to stop working when
the alarm rang. Well-done Muna, good time management.
 Muna asks the learners to tell the answers in the class, she asks each group to
share one answer.
 Muna keeps the learners working and engaged during the class time, the students
are motivated and interacting with Muna.
 Munahelps the learners during their work and provides feedback.
Areas for development:
Muna must set a long term goal of developing her English language skills. Luckily,
Munais already very fluent and very comfortable communicating with her students and
her colleagues in English. Now, she must focus on making less grammatical errors when
she speaks.

Final comment:
Overall, Muna is comfortable in her role as a teacher. The assigned time of each activity
was suitable and the lesson objective met during the class period.

It was a real pleasure seeing you in class today 