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Saint Francis University

Student Teacher Evaluation Checklist/Comment Form: Page 2

Student Teacher Emanuela Giblin Evaluator Christopher Brown

Please offer a few brief comments in support of the checklist ratings.

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation

Ms. Giblin has demonstrated her ability to craft a cohesive, well-paced unit most impressively through
her work planning a unit on William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. Ms. Giblin worked to integrate resources
from previous years with resources that she located from the internet and resources that she developed
to fit unique instructional goals. A unit culminating project on interpreting characterization and its
influence on plot both required students to demonstrate mastery of a range of content knowledge and
skills, and engaged students, motivating them to eagerly work on the task. The payoffs of her efforts
were clearly visible in the students’ detailed projects.

Domain 2: The Classroom Environment

Ms. Giblin grows daily in her ability to recognize the dynamics of the classroom environment and to
positively affect it. Her warmth and friendliness has helped her to establish an effective rapport with her
students. She balances this with an appropriate professionalism and the ability to communicate her high
expectations to students. She ensures that classroom rules are followed and that all students are
afforded an environment in which they can succeed. Most significantly, she is constantly reflecting on
her classroom management, solicits feedback and advice and a frequent basis and takes deliberate steps
to make adaptations to her style where appropriate.

Domain 3: Instruction

Ms. Giblin delivers her lessons clearly and engages students on a daily basis. In her current 10th grade
unit on writing a research paper, Ms. Giblin begins each class by giving instruction on writing strategies,
which she supports with an appropriate range of resources. During the second part of class, she
supports students as they draft and revise essays by providing clear and relevant feedback and
instruction which is specifically tailored to student needs.

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

Ms. Giblin keeps clear and timely records and communicates with staff, parents and students effectively
and appropriately through email. Her most impressive professional capacity is for reflection and growth.
Ms. Giblin asks insightful questions daily and makes continual efforts to grow. Such dedicated reflection
is the single most important factor for success in the teaching career and Ms. Giblin has robustly
demonstrated it throughout the semester.