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Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim

374 v. Khairy Jamaluddin [2014] 1 MLRH



High Court Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

SM Komathy Suppiah JC
[Civil Suit No: S2-23-44-2008]
4 November 2013

Civil Procedure: Amendment — Defence — Defendant applied to expand on defence of

justification in libel action — Plea of partial justification — Whether tenable — Failure
to state alternative meaning of impugned words in proposed amended defence — Effect
of — Whether s 43 Evidence Act 1950 precluded defendant from relying on judgment of
Federal Court in support of his defence

Tort: Defamation — Libel — Defendant applied to amend defence to expand on defence

of justification — Plea of partial justification — Whether tenable — Whether s 43
Evidence Act 1950 precluded defendant from relying on judgment of Federal Court in
support of his defence

This was an application by the defendant to amend his defence in this libel
action, to expand on the defence of justification as pleaded therein. The
application was opposed by the plaintiff on the grounds, inter alia, of the lateness
and the absence of any prospect of success for the proposed amendments. The
plaintiff was the Advisor to the opposition parties, and the defendant was
the Deputy Youth Chief of a party of the ruling coalition. The plaintiff had
filed this defamation action against the defendant in respect of the following
remarks made by the defendant during a political speech: ‘DAP main PAS
dari kanan, PAS main DAP dari kiri, Anwar main dua-dua dari belakang’.
The plaintiff alleged that said words were defamatory of him. The defendant
admitted uttering the impugned words. The defendant relied on the defences
of justification, qualified privilege and estoppel. Subsequently, an order
precluding the defendant from defending the action was made due to his failure
to comply with an Unless Order made by the court during case management
directions (‘the Preclusion Order’). The defendant failed in his bid to set aside
the Preclusion Order in the High Court but succeeded before the Court of
Appeal. All preliminaries and pre-trial procedures had been completed and
the case had been fixed for hearing. The defendant then sought to amend his
defence of justification to include a ‘lesser/lower defamatory meaning’ and
a plea of ‘partial justification’. The plaintiff contended, amongst others, that
the reference in the relevant paragraph of the proposed amended defence, to
a Federal Court decision on the plaintiff ’s alleged homosexual conduct was
impermissible and was contrary to the terms of s 43 of the Evidence Act 1950.
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
[2014] 1 MLRH v. Khairy Jamaluddin 375

Held (dismissing the defendant’s application):

(1) The lateness in making the application had been reasonably explained by
the defendant. He explained that the delay was not to derail the trial but as
a result of the Preclusion Order made against him which had the effect of
preventing his participation in the proceedings in the High Court until it was
dissolved by the Court of Appeal. (paras 25 & 30)

(2) The particulars in the proposed amended defence did not indicate with
any clarity the alternative meaning of the impugned words that the defendant
was relying on. There was a glaring omission to state explicitly what was the
‘lesser/lower defamatory meaning’ that the defendant sought to justify.
(para 34)

(3) The particulars pleaded in the relevant paragraph of the proposed amended
defence were not statement of facts but a narrative of the defendant’s views
and opinions about the opposition parties. It was important to note that the
opposition parties were not parties to the present proceedings. Thus, the
defendant’s argument was unsustainable. (para 40)

(4) The plaintiff was only complaining of one defamatory meaning of the
statement which was sued upon. The statement of claim did not allude to two
or more different defamatory statements. On the other hand, the defendant
maintained that although the statement of claim referred to only one
defamatory meaning, he was nevertheless still entitled to amend his defence to
raise this defence. However, no authorities were cited in support of the position
taken. The defendant’s submission was untenable and by virtue of s 8 of the
Defamation Act 1957, as the present proceedings involved only one charge, a
plea of partial justification was bound to fail. (paras 45-46)

(5) The meaning of s 43 of the Evidence Act 1950 is clear and unambiguous. It
expressly precluded the defendant from relying on the judgment of the Federal
Court to plead the plantiff ’s conviction in support of his defence. This view
was also supported by a decision of the Court of Appeal in a relevant earlier
case. (paras 48 & 50)

(6) The proposed amendments were ineffectual and immaterial as they did not
disclose a defence of justification and there was consequently no basis to allow
the application. (para 52)

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Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim
376 v. Khairy Jamaluddin [2014] 1 MLRH

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For the plaintiff: Sulaiman Abdullah (Leela Jesuthasan with him): M/s Faiz & Co
For the defendant: Jeffry John; M/s Shafee & Co