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16 NOTHING from A CHORUS LINE DIANA: I'm so excited because I'm gonna go ta the High School of Performing Arts Tmean, Iwas dying to be a serious actress. Anyway it’s the first day of acting class and we're in the auditorium and the teacher, Mister Karp, Puts us up on the stage with our legs around everybody, one in back of the other, and he says: OLK., we're gonna do improvisations. Now, you're on a bobsled and it’s snowing out and it’s cold. O.K., go! Words by EDWARD KLEBAN ight Rock (Repeat as needed under spoken introduction) Music by MARVIN HAMLISCH, Bb BbIsus Eb Ev. ‘ty day for a week wewoulduy to Sec-ond week, more ad-vanced and we had 10 mo down the hill sports ice cream cone. ( 1975 MARVIN HAMLISCH and EDWARD KLEBAN Alt Rights Conrad by WREN MUSIC CO and AMERICAN COMPASS MUSIC CORP ‘AL Righs Reserved ur Eb BbD Bbm/Db = 2 Ey."1y day for a week wewould tty to hear the wind rush, i Mis-ter Karp, he would say, “Ver-y good, ex - cept Mo - 1a les. 2 4 oe wind rush feel the chill, Mo - 1a- les, alla - Tone. ? Fm7Bb Bb Ebmaj7/Bb bob Fm7/Bb Bb7 dug right down to the bot-tom of my soul 10 see. what Thad in = dug right down to the bot-tom of my soul 10 see_ how an_ice cream Ebmaj7Bb —EbOIBb mt/Bb BbT Ebmaj7/Bb EbeBb dug right’ down 0 the bot-tom of my soul and I dog right down to the bot-tom of my soul and I ” To Coda Fisus. FI Fm7/Bb Big, Spoken: And everybody's Fm7bSIAb Bb Fm7bS/Ab Bb going : 1 feel the snow, [feel the cold. Fmn7bS/Ab Bb FmnTbS/Ab Bb 1 feel the air. And Mr. Karp turns to me and he says, Frn7bS/Ab Bb Fin7bsiAb Bb NC And Tsai, Timfeel- ing nothing,” and he says, Ent Bb Fm Bb? Ebmgj9 Eb6 Eb/G Ghdim7 2 ———= (PrF # Fm? Bb? SSS = but felt nothing cept the Fm? Bb7 Fm7/Bb BT Eb j———} — feel - ing that this bull = shit was absurd! Spoken: Bur 1 = = —= = > =| “TRIB TR El Pe © CEP ee rr == SSS == 130 Bb7sus Bb Bb7sus Ne said to myself, “Hey! it'sonly the frst week Maybe it's genetic. They don't have bobsled in copa DS. al Coda ® Furs ual ‘San Juan!” kids yelled, They called me “Nothing And Karp al Fat BT Fm? Bb7 Ebmajo Eb6 Eb/G Gbdim? Which real = ly makes me bum, ‘They were so + 1 Fm? Bb? GmIbs c belp-ful. —_ ‘They called me “Hope-tess,” Fm? Bb7 Fm7/Bb Bb7 Eb know whee else to ‘And Karp kept saving, > =e You'll never be an actress. Never!” Jesus Christ! Went tochurch ——_pray-ing, “San- ta Mari - a a tempo - ) BD BbovDb AbIC AbmiCh =n sguid-ance, sguid-ance, On my knees, Went to church pray-ing, BoD Bbm/D> 1 Fm7/Bb Bb? Ebmaj7/Bb EboBS And a voice from down atthe ot-tom of my soul came up Fm7/Bb Bb7 Ebmaj7/Bb Eb6BS Fm7/Bb Bb7 And the voice fiom down atthe Ebmaj7/Bb EbeBS Fisus FI bot-tom of my soul, here is what This man noth - ing, this course is noth - ing, Fm? Bb? Fat some - thing, B66 EWG Gbdim? Fm? ‘And when you * Gm7bs c Bb7 Ebmajo Bb? Fn? you that’s want what Bb7—Frnt/Bb Bb7 Eb Fmn7bS/Ab = n'lly came to pass. Six months lat-er 1 B79 Ebmaj7 FentiBb ieard| (thal}=s Karp} acl) dled uannosmneent Er And 1 dug right down to the ——— | ——— | a 3. ee Bb BbT/Ab_ Gm? EWG EbmoiGb Bb dot-tom of my soul.. Slowly FnT(addll) Bb7sus Bb noth-ing. —___ a tempo