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ALIGATOR’S TOOTH- used in mojo bags to bring luck while gambling.

ALIGATOR’S FOOT- used in mojo bags and trick to bring luck while gambling. ANGELICA ROOT- a root used in spells to promote good health, strength, peace in the family and protection; also called Dong Quai or Holy Ghost Root. ATTRACTION SPELLS: tricks designed to bring love, money, friends and good luck; oil, incense, powders or soaps for attractions spells are made with ingredients like Calamus root, cinnamon and fool’s gold (or pyrite) BADGER TOOTH- used in mojo bags to bring luck while gambling. BEAR CLAW- a symbol of prowess and courage. BLACK MAGIC- used to gain power or control, sometimes leading to destructive or harmful result; also called The left Hand Path. BLUESTONE- a chemical compound that turns water blue. This water is then used for cleansing and purification. Added to mojo hands it is used for luck while gambling and also protection. BRICKDUST- used in protective spells to prevent an enemy from entering a room where they intend to do harm. CANDLES- used in a variety of hoodoo practices with different colors aiding in different spells: White- healing, purity Green- money, plentiful crops Red- passionate love Pink- romantic love Yellow- attraction, happiness Purple- control, power Black- jinxing, ill will Blue- peace, kindness Brown- animal CROSS AN ENEMY SPELLS- tricks wherein a powder is put on the ground in a pattern or a floor is washed with a combination of herbs, and when an enemy crosses over the designated spot, her or she, will have bad luck; ingredients include salt, spider webs, black pepper and dirt from crossroads. DEVIL-SHOE STRING- used for tricks involving protection, finding a job, gambling and fast luck. DOLL-BABY- an effigy created to represent a person, used in spells of healing and jinxing: also called poppets or dollies. FAST LUCK SPELLS- tricks that bring good luck in money and love with intense results, that last for only a short time; often call for the use of vanilla, cinnamon and wintergreen. GOOFER DUST- used in tricks involving hexing and protection. GRAVEYARD DIRT- used often in tricks to cause harm towards enemies. HOT FOOT POWDER- used to permanently drive away undesirable acquaintances including ex-lovers and bothersome neighbors; made with elements like black and red pepper, salt and sulphur. JOHN THE CONQUEROR ROOT: a tuber related to the common sweet potato, used in mojo bags and tricks for drawing money and sexual power; key ingredient of many tricks and conjures.

PROTECTION SPELLS.often used in tricks and mojo bags for attractions.a stone of “he” or “she”. MAGNETIC SAND.a plant used for tricks in attraction. rue and black snake root.sand that is magnetized that is used in mojo bags and tricks for luck.used in tricks and mojo bags for fast luck. oils and powders include sandalwood. RABBIT’S FOOT. also called fix. prosperity.used in tricks that require an item from the person for whom the trick is created. TRICK: a spell or curse. protection or healing. MOJO BAG. CONJURE of ATTRACTION • Calamus root • Cinnamon • Fool’s gold (or pyrite) CONJURE of CROSS AN ENEMY • Salt • Spider web • Black pepper • Dirt from a crossroad CONJURE of FAST LUCK • Vanilla • Cinnamon • Wintergrass CONJURE of PROTECTION • Sandalwood • Rue • Black snake root • Salt . RUE. protection and attraction. those with bad intentions or jealous acquaintances from doing harm. believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. herbs and minerals. SNAKE SKIN. SALT.used in tricks and mojo bags involving luck and attractions. WHITE MAGIC. used often for attraction spells and fast luck. also known as a mojo hand. ingredients of candles.LOCK OF HAIR. conjure or hurt.tricks that prohibit gossips.a bag filled with roots. LODESTONE. often attached to or inserted in a doll-baby. RACOON PENIS BONE.added to mojo bags and used in tricks for protection.used to create or enhance love.