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The following Q&A provides solutions to problems you may experience

while using Samsung SecretZone.
Q. I can’t install Samsung SecretZone.

A. See if your system meets the minimum system requirements

stated in this guide.

Q. What should I do to create and customize a security zone?

A. To create and customize a security zone, perform the following

1. On the Samsung SecretZone Manager, create a new security
2. Set a location where the zone’s image is to be saved.
3. Set the size of the security zone.
4. Set the type of the security zone.
5. Set the password.
6. Select an encryption algorithm.
When the creation is complete, the job (zone name, image and
other details) appears on the manager.

Q. How can I hide a security zone from other users?

A. On the Samsung SecretZone Manager, select the concerned

zone (appearing alongside its drive name and other details), and
then on the menu bar click “Disconnect”. Now, other users can’t
see the zone until you click the “Connect” button on the manager.

Q. How can I use an existing security zone after reinstalling the OS?
A. Reinstall Samsung SecretZone, and find the image file (???.msr)
of the concerned zone in the last location. On the Samsung
SecretZone Manager execute the image file, and on the menu bar
click the Connect button. Then select the image to recover the link.

Q. What is the maximum settable size for a security zone?

A. You can set as large as 2 GB per zone on a FAT-formatted disk,

and 2 TB on a NTFS-formatted disk.

Q. What can I do for a lost password?

A. Since Samsung SecretZone is a security solution, you cannot

retrieve data from a security zone without the correct password.
Therefore, when creating a security zone, use a password that
cannot be forgotten easily.