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Inflation from 2011 to 2016 averaged around 1.36%.
One-act or one-scene plays by students of
Directing II.
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Letter From the Editor 04


One semester, four months, 12 newspapers and over 200 hours of

perseverance, determination and creativity.
That is a lot of time one editor-in-chief/full-time student can put into a
newspaper such as this, and it was all worth it. Every long Tuesday night
making the paper for Wednesday and every meeting I ever had with peers,
staff, faculty, and professors. It was a lot to learn, and I learned it fast, well as
fast as I could.

The Tartan has flourished this semester than it ever has before. Like a
Phoenix rising from its ashes, The Tartan is reborn. Started with our
completely new website at, then expanding the newspaper to
reach 12 pages, creating new jobs and positions, making the publication
available to everyone anywhere by making it digital on Scribd, and lastly
growing the distribution from 7 to 26 current locations all in a single

However, I could not do it without you, and anyone has ever written, edited,
took pictures, drew comics, or even delivered for The Tartan. I may decide
what goes in the paper, but ultimately it is up to the ever diverse community
of Radford students who do the hard work that my team and I put together.

This Quest Edition is meant to show off The Tartan's best work of the 2017 -
2018 school year at Radford University to current students and future
students of Radford, which might be you. The majority of articles written in
this paper are older and maybe outdated regarding facts. Any new articles
written for this issue will be noted by an asterisk (*) next to its headline.

If you are interested in joining The Tartan head over to or our Facebook page for open positions.

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world."
- Robin Williams

Enjoy Quest and enjoy this issues!

All my best,
Dylan Lepore
Editor-in-Chief Thursday, May 3, 2018 | 3



Hank’s Drive-In, a popular American fast food
restaurant located along Route 11 in Fairlawn, is
scheduled to reopen in a couple of weeks under
new management after being closed ...


Radford University announced on Thursday that
the university would be merging with Roanoke-
based Jefferson College of Health Sciences. 


This week, Robert Roy sat down at a gaming table
for an interview that centered around his shop—
and the community—saying that he “didn’t
realize when I opened up that ...





When it comes to having a dog in college, should
students spend their money on man’s best


In one of the most entertaining games of the year,
the Radford men’s basketball team defeated
Presbyterian College 74-68.
One of the newest Blade Runner 2049 goes
members of the Radford against the current trend RADFORD, VA 24141
business community, John of “soft remakes” taking 540 831-5474
Yamine, is the owner of place with “nostalgic”
Super Game Station properties.  WWW.RUTARTAN.COM
located at 1109 East Main
4 | The Tartan News

Super Game Station, nostalgia and videogames come to Radford*

B y T r i s ta n B l a k e R i n e s processing all the stuff, it’s all used, its second hand, so summers in a college town can be scary,” said Yamine. I have to go through it, test it, and make sure it’s good.” However, the diversity of the clientele is what has

ne of the newest members of the Radford When it came to establishing the Super Game Station surprised him the most, “An 11-year-old bought Atari
business community, John Yamine, is the owner in Radford, Yamine happened to stumble upon a great games the other day, and that was the youngest person I
of Super Game Station located at 1109 East Main scenario. With multiple game stores in Roanoke, Yamine have ever sold Atari games too.” The age range so far has
Street. sought to find a place where he would not have to been anywhere from 5-50 years old Yamine stated.
Super Game Station is a vintage game store that buys, compete heavily with established game stores, “The fact Vintage gaming has remained among the gaming
sells, and trades videogame consoles, games, and apparel that there were five other specialty stores made it really community, even with the popularity of Fortnite Battle
that opened its doors about a month ago. Yamine is no hard.” Royale and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds currently in
stranger to the small business owner lifestyle, previously After moving to Blacksburg, Yamine expected the spotlight of gamers all over the country.
owning a store in Roanoke and in the Blacksburg excellent results for his business last May, but Games like Super Mario and Pokémon have remained
University Mall. His first location was from inside the unfortunately, complications arose. “It was awful, it was profitable for Yamine. “The Mario in the window probably
family, with his mother owning property that he utilized super slow,” said Yamine. The result of slow business and does most of my marketing. That Mario is so important,”
in Roanoke. a sub-lease went awry, Yamine was once again searching he said.
Though Yamine was not always a business minded for a location come November of 2017. With his early popularity in Radford, John Yamine is
individual, he obtained his bachelor’s degree from After getting a tip from a friend about an area near hoping Super Game Station continues to be a profitable
Virginia Tech in psychology and worked in a special Hank’s Drive-In, Yamine took a look but was displeased and popular mainstay in the community for years to
needs group home; he also worked at a store called The with the spot and the lack of communication with the come.
Tech Exchange in Roanoke. This is where he would work property owner. Yamine then proceeded to stroll through
with computers and even buy, sell, and trade videogames. East Main Street, “I was thirsty to re-open my store. I
Yamine tells about his fascinatingly start in this walked downtown and saw a ‘For Rent’ sign … and within
business, “I used to collect videogames and still do, but two weeks, I had signed a lease for this spot.”
not as much. But I had about 1,000 videogames, so I took “I rushed into this one, but it was fortunate. This is a
500 games and $500 and opened up a store in Roanoke.” great spot, I definitely got lucky,” said Yamine reflecting
When asked about his favorite part of being a on his past locations. “If I were to say open another
business owner Yamine responded, “I’m my own boss. location in the future, I would definitely do a bit more
I get to make all the calls.” videogames have been a research … knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t tell
passion of Yamine’s for a long time which helped inspire anybody just to sign a lease without doing a little bit of
him to eventually open his own business, “The joke is research.”
that I came out of the womb with a Nintendo controller.” The general target customer of Super Game Station
Yet owning a business and maintaining it individually is the gamer who values nostalgia. A game that reminds
does take some hard work. “It seems I don’t have enough them of their childhood, and a simpler time. Some of
time to get everything done when the store is open. I these games and consoles are worth a pretty penny to
have to be very attentive to the sales floor with people collectors, and Yamine has tapped into that to establish Tristan Blake Rines | The Tartan
coming in.” It is a regular process for Yamine to get items his business.
ready for customers, “Getting everything ready for sale, “A lot of locals come by which is good because

Hank’s Drive-In To Reopen In Fairlawn After Year-Long Closure

ank’s Drive-In, a popular American fast food The joint is designed to be a curb fast food service.
restaurant located along Route 11 in Fairlawn, is A lot of other chains such as Sonic utilize this type
B y M o n i c a L e v i ta n scheduled to reopen in a couple of weeks under of service, where people drive into the lot, park, and new management after being closed for a year due to someone comes out to the car and takes your order.
renovations. Known for having the “Best Burger in Town”, the
drive-in first opened in Plum Creek, Virginia in 1969
by owner and head cook Hanford “Hank” Kesterson. He
then moved the restaurant in May 1972 to its current
location to be closer to his home in the nearby town of
“I tell ya I was excited, wondering how everything was
going to work out,” said Kesterson as he looked around
the inside of the restaurant. “I never had thought I’d be
going into business or something like that myself.”
The main reason for the new look of the restaurant
was to give it a much-needed repair, inside and out,
and build a better roof than it had previously. The roof
used to be flat and caused closures whenever it rained
because the rain leaked into the building.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the
median hourly wage for a food service, nonrestaurant
worker in Southwest Virginia in 2016 was $9.08, and
210 people in Southwest Virginia work in this field. The
BLS defined the occupation as one who “serves food
to individuals outside of a restaurant environment,
such as in hotel rooms, hospital rooms, residential care
facilities, or cars.”
Kesterson said that after an average weekday, he’d
usually make around $40 to $50 in sales. That number
varied, however, and Kesterson added that the most
popular days at the drive-in were Friday’s and Saturday’s.
Working full time at the drive-in for 45 years,
Kesterson had tons of great memories at Hank’s. So

Photo from Hank’s Drive-In Facebook Page >> Hank, Continued on page 5 Thursday, May 3, 2018 | 5
From Page 4
many, it was hard for him to think of one that was his You weren’t just being pushed through. I want it to be “People don’t realize, they don’t think about other
all-time favorite. pleasant for everybody that comes here, no matter what things that could be going on in your life,” said Viers.
“I enjoyed meeting new people. Most all of the age.” Be on the lookout for Hank hanging out at the drive-
customers who come in, you knew them. There were She also hopes to continue Hank’s amazing in once it reopens to the public. He hopes to visit when
few which you didn’t know, wasn’t long until you get to reputation and continue using the recipes Kesterson had he can and talk to old and new customers.
know them.” when he ran the restaurant, but also add other options. Viers added if he ever wants to “fix a burger” then
Good news for locals, the business will continue “After we get settled in, I hope at some point to get he’s more than welcome to. “But, you know, I want him
to stay in the family. The new owner of the drive- an oven and do biscuits and gravy, beans and cornbread to be able to come over and sit and chat and be one of
in is Shenna Viers, niece of Kesterson, along with her and soups,” she said. “I want to do those and then some the guys that gets to sit there and chat in the morning
husband Brent. Viers had worked alongside Kesterson meals like hopefully we can do some macaroni and instead of having to do everything.”
on and off for around 35 years and considers him to be a cheese and mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, chicken When thinking of the future of Hank’s Drive-In,
father figure rather than an uncle. salad, stuff like that.” Kesterson hopes to see the business thriving and busy.
“When Hank had a heart attack about six years ago, Viers already has a staff hired to help her out during “I’d like to see it a job well done, prosper and
I ran the restaurant for a year until he could come back the days to make sure someone’s taken care of as soon everything, and everybody like it and enjoy it. I believe
and run it. Now, he’s 88 and he’s just not able to do it as they drive up to the restaurant. Her employees aren’t it will too,” said Kesterson.
anymore,” said Viers. required to wear a uniform per se, but she advises them For any small business owner hoping to open a
“And I could not stand the thoughts of it ever closing to avoid wearing sleeveless tops because she doesn’t drive-in, Kesterson advises them to, “Be sure you know
down because ever since I’ve been little, this has been “feel like people want to see arm hair and too much what you’re doing. Know how to operate it and it’s [at]
Hank’s and I just couldn’t stand to think of anybody skin when they’re eating”, and hairnets and gloves when a good location … be able to explain to people what’s
closing it or tearing it down or it being anything other making food. going on … you just have to be nice to everybody, but
than Hank’s.” Some Hank’s regulars have been wondering and you can’t give in to who wants to do what they want to
Viers’s main goal is to create an environment where asking Viers why the restaurant is taking “so long” to do,” said Kesterson.
families can come and feel like the drive-in is a safe reopen. In response, Viers said her husband works full “You have to let them know that you’re the boss,
place to bring their kids and enjoy themselves. She time as a contractor at Radford and Virginia Tech and that’s the best thing to do.”
doesn’t want any of her customers to feel rushed when works on the restaurant after work until one or two
at Hank’s. o’clock in the morning. She also added that she recently
“I want it to be a friendly atmosphere and I want it to had a grandchild that was born premature and a couple
be somewhere that you feel like you wanted to be there. of months later, passed away.

Room and Board Costs Outpace Inflation

B y M o n i c a L e v i ta n & H a i l e y W i lt & residence halls throughout their four years as a student Residential Advisors and On-Campus Housing and
unless they meet similar criteria. Dining Fees

any college freshmen are highly encouraged Hannah McDaniel, a Roanoke College senior, lived There are other ways for students to cover the
– if not required — to live on campus when in Tabor Hall during her freshman and sophomore years growing cost of room and board. Beyond grants,
beginning their higher education. That makes and was able to live off campus starting her junior year. scholarships, or having a job during the school year,
them captive housing consumers. And an analysis of Why? “I liked the atmosphere of Tabor. The rooms and they could become a residential advisor.
housing costs shows they are rising faster than the rate bathrooms were nice; it made me feel more like I was at RAs are one of the more popular choices because
of inflation. home.” students get paid through stipends that cover room and
The cost of room and board at both schools has Most students understand that the room and board board fees.
increased faster than the average annual rate of inflation, fees in their tuition include housing and meals, but some According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May
according to a review of information from the schools’ don’t know what they’re paying for. Penven defined 2016 3,150 Virginians were working as a residential
common data sets. In the graph below, inflation from room and board fees to include the residence hall advisor, making a mean hourly wage of $14.43.There are
2011 to 2016 averaged around 1.36 percent, according room or apartment itself, all utilities (internet, water/ 100 residential advisors at Radford and are compensated
to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The rate of sewer/trash, electric, cable), maintenance, and staffing in their room and board fees for that school year.
increase from 2012 to 2016 averaged 2.99 percent at support. Depending on the unit, the figure could also “I wanted to help people in their transition to/
Radford University, which means that the cost of room include furniture. through college. I saw it as a great chance to enhance my
and board grew faster than the rate of inflation. Clarence McDaniel, Hannah’s father, said he and his leadership skills, and of course for the room and board,”
wife “paid for [Hannah’s tuition] with the help of loans said Radford University senior DuVaughn Walker.
and grants, but it was a lot.” Walker has been an RA for the past three years,
Traci Lefever, a mother of Radford University working in Muse Hall his sophomore and junior years.
sophomore Nicole Moore, said she and Nicole’s father Now he is a residential advisor for one of the campus-
“are paying for her to live on campus. If she lives off owned Greenhill Apartment buildings, overseeing 58
campus, she will be responsible for her bills.” residents.
According to Penven, the most popular requests for Students working as a residential advisor don’t get
housing at Radford University are on-campus residence to choose what hall they live in; they get placed into a
hall apartments (super suites and deluxe super suites), dormitory-based on their skill sets.
Moffett Quad’s newly renovated buildings (Pocahontas, Walker doesn’t see the price of university housing
Bolling, Draper, and Moffett), and university-operated as a problem because Radford has been investing money
apartments, such as Greenhill, Calhoun Street and Davis in improving and renovating the residence halls, but he
Street Apartments. thinks the meal plan options are too expensive.
(A graph comparing the percent increase in the McDaniel said the most popular requests for housing Some underclassmen may consider living on campus
cost of on-campus housing at Radford University and at Roanoke College include halls that allow students to if they get to live in the nicer suite-style dormitories.
Roanoke College and the inflation rate within that area live in alone instead of sharing a room with a roommate, However, a lot of students tend to move off campus
from 2012-2017.) such as New Hall, Tabor Hall, and Car Hall. after a year or two of having lived in residence halls for
Schools’ residency requirements vary. Radford According to Penven, 3,116 students lived in various reasons, such as the relaxed rules.
students who enrolled in fall 2017 are required to residence halls at Radford during 2012-2013 and 2,768 Radford University freshman Faith Hallums, who
live on campus their first two years, unless they get students in 2017. That represents about 36 percent of lives in Madison Hall, wants to live off campus next
an exemption, according to James Penven, director the student body in fall 2012 and 29 percent in 2017. school year. “I don’t have any personal space. I don’t
of Housing and Residential Life. Students may be According to the Roanoke College Residential Life like being that close to someone all the time.”
granted exemptions for some reasons, including if they Office, 1,932 students lived on campus at Roanoke in
are married, living at home, or have a disability the 2012, while 1,537 students do in 2017. That represents
university cannot accommodate. about 42 percent of the student body in fall 2012 and 75
Roanoke College policy requires students to live in percent in 2017 there.
6 | The Tartan News

University Announces Merger with Jefferson College

By Annie Schroeder currently owns and operates Jefferson College, which caring healthcare professionals,” said Nancy Howell has a student population of 1,150. Jefferson was founded Agee, president, and CEO of Carilion Clinic. “Joining the

adford University announced on Thursday that in 1982 and offers 25 different degrees of study. The Radford University family is a wonderful opportunity
the university would be merging with Roanoke- merger between Jefferson and Radford will take between for Jefferson College. Moreover, now is the right time
based Jefferson College of Health Sciences. 18 and 24 months. as the vision for a health sciences and technology
Radford and Jefferson have both had a long time “Both schools are approaching this potential merger campus in Roanoke comes to life. Partnerships among
partnership with Carilion Clinic, which is where the idea from positions of institutional excellence and financial leading academic institutions strengthen our region as
to merge the two schools came to be. Officials say this strength. We’re combining forces to create something a destination for health education and research, and
potential merger will create the second largest nursing even bigger and better for the entire Commonwealth,” ultimately drive economic development.”
program in Virginia. said Dr. Nathaniel L. Bishop, president of Jefferson Officials emphasized that Radford University is not
“Radford University and Jefferson College have College. “We believe that together, we can enhance the purchasing Jefferson College and that both institutions
a robust history of collaboration, and these two great quality of healthcare education and research better than are academically and financially stable and well.
institutions are now working toward an even stronger we could individually.” “Jefferson College already enjoys a wonderful
partnership,” said President of Radford University, Dr. Carilion currently employs more than 350 Radford relationship with Radford University,” said Bishop. “This
Brian Hemphill. “This endeavor benefits the students, graduates, 40 of whom graduated in 2016. Officials next step makes sense for both institutions, and serves
faculty, staff, alumni, supporters, and communities of say that the merger will benefit students entering the to enhance Radford University’s reputation as a premier
both institutions, along with the Commonwealth of medical field. “Carilion Clinic is proud to have nurtured educational destination for those seeking careers in
Virginia and the entire region.” Jefferson’s growth, as it established a reputation for nursing, health care, and health sciences.”
According to the press release, Carilion Clinic developing ethical, knowledgeable, competent and

Radford Coffee
Company: How a
Nonprofit Uses Its Sales
B y M o n i c a L e v i ta n behind a desk all day; I was looking for a change. I store after every shift is more cost-efficient and less started working in Honduras with the original people wasteful than doing so weekly because “if there’s a

f you live in the Radford-Pulaski area in Southwest, behind the nonprofit, and now I’m here cause that’s little bit left over then we’ll use it the next day. It’s not
Virginia, chances are you have been to or at least what God planned for me.” like I’m buying for a month and then I have all of this
heard of the Radford Coffee Company (RCC). RCC Another volunteer, Jenna Huggins, Radford waste at the end,” she said. “That’s another big thing
is a nonprofit coffee and eatery shop, which donates University Class of 2015 graduate, said she ended up at with restaurants; you want to do things that have an as
their sales to schools in the Coconut, or Rio Coco River RCC when was trying to decide what God wanted her to little amount of waste as possible because you’re just
in Nicaragua, located in the boundary line between do after graduation. throwing that money down the drain.”
Nicaragua and Honduras. “I loved the community of Radford and wanted to be They also do this because their refrigerator and
However, since they are a nonprofit organization, involved in a safe space where I could call home, with storage areas cannot keep more than a day worth of
how do they get the funds to purchase food, pay rent comfy couches and help the community,” she said. necessities in those places.
and electricity and update old appliances? When the Johnson’s aren’t working at Radford RCC is a faith-based organization and owes their
Co-owner of the Radford Coffee Company, Barbara Coffee Company, they travel a lot doing disaster relief success to God and for being in the right place at the
Johnson said the company utilizes around fifty percent work, where Barbara can use her nursing license, and right time. “There was no coffee shop functioning in
of the daily sales of food and upkeep for the shop. They Eric can act as a licensed contractor. Radford at the time we opened, but now there’s going to
also receive monthly donations to the nonprofit from Radford Coffee Company sends the rest of the be three [including Radford Coffee Company],” Johnson
a few individuals, but she said she sends that money profits made monthly, at an average amount of $3,000, said.
directly to the Rio Coco River. benefiting 1200 students in 14 communities. The The Coffee Company initially looked into locations
“We’ve only been open for two years, but we’ve process of sending the money takes around five days in downtown Radford on Main St., but Johnson said:
already had to buy new fridges and new blenders and and consists of electronically sending the funds to “nobody would work with us down there.” When they
things like that, so I always try to keep a cushion in RCC’s sister shop in Vera Beach, Florida, of whom has a came across space they currently reside in; they did not
there … I don’t give every single penny of profit we Nicaraguan bank account. think they would be able to afford it.
make to the river, but I try to spend as much of it as I “They [the shop in Vera Beach] transfer the funds to “But it all worked out well. The town loves us, and
can,” Johnson said. “I try to keep a $25,000 bumper so Nicaragua and then the people who are in Nicaragua, we love that they love us. I’d love to say we’ve had an
that if something bad happens and nobody comes in which is a makeup of an American couple and some amazing business plan and stuff, but we just stay doing
that month, I still have money to buy the food.” Mosquito-Indian guys that we’ve known for years, run what we know what to do. I tried to decorate the place;
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the schools down there,” she said. “They take the money, I wanted people to feel like they’re coming to a living
almost nine percent of people employed in Virginia and they buy school supplies, they pay the teachers’ room and [are] comfortable and friendly and all that
work in the nonprofit sector. salaries, they need a new in-port/out-port motor or stuff.”
Johnson, alongside her husband Eric, runs the coffee whatever, that’s what they use that [the funds sent] for.” For entrepreneurs looking to start a non-profit
shop alongside six full-time and several part-time When the Radford Coffee Company first opened, business similar to the Radford Coffee Company,
volunteers, who only make money in tips. According to they made an average of $700 a day. Currently, that Johnson suggests that “you either need to know yourself
Barbara, the average full-time volunteer works four to standard has increased to about $1200 a day. or get people around you that you trust that know what,
five days a week. Some of the full-time volunteers raise After each shift, someone goes to the local Wal-Mart like if you’re doing a donut shop, get people who know
support from other people so they can help out at the to stock up on food items they ran out of or were low on. how to do donuts. I think that could be problematic
coffee shop. Part-time volunteers could work anywhere Once a week they receive fresh food such as spinach,` because it’s a lot harder than it looks. So I think you
from once a month to two hours a week. from food distributors like Cisco and US Foods. Johnson have to either like what you do or have people who like
Rachel Johnson, daughter of the RCC owners, was said they do not have a budget when it comes to what they do because that’s going to translate into the
already working in the career world for 12 years before shopping, but usually spend $60 a day at Wal-Mart and quality of what you’re making and that translates into
she decided to do something different. $1,000 a week for the goods from the food distributor. people coming back.”
“I was looking for something new and not sitting The Johnson’s decided that going to the grocery

Photo from Radford Coffee Company Facebook Page

Culture Thursday, May 3, 2018 | 7

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

Making a scene: Point of You*

B y V a n F au s t -S t e p h e n s o n imagery into their ground-breaking speech. Though it by Adiya Younger, struggles with Christian faith and seems like a place for symbolism, the innuendos hold believing a kind God would not allow their poverty,

t is the end of the semester, so it is time for the none. much to the contrast of the profoundly religious Lena
students of Directing II (THEA 450) to put on However, this is not to say that there aren’t Younger, played by Zion Amero.
their annual Making A Scene production, this time more serious moments. While most of the play is the Meanwhile, commenting on these situations is Ruth,
with the subtitle of “Point Of You.” Making A Scene is aforementioned parody, there are still some serious played by Sech Gire. Ruth appears to be the housekeeper
comprised of one-act or one-scene plays, though even moments between Francine and Jeffery. There is a rift of the family, ironing clothes in the background for most
that is still enough to have to divide the production up tearing in the two’s relationship, mostly due to Jeffery of the scene.
into two different days of content. wanting a child while Francine wants to pursue her Ruth is the only one present throughout all of
career. the scene, with everyone else entering and exiting
Though the performance ends on a happy note, throughout it. However, this also means that she’s the
“Mrs. Loving talking about Francine and Jeffery silently reconciling after a fight, one keeping consistency throughout, as the tone of the
her past husband, from there is still more to the play that wasn’t shown due to scene changes whenever someone leaves or enters.
‘Rachel’.” time constraints. Unfortunately, this does leave several Finally, an excerpt from “Top Dog/Underdog” ends
plot threads feeling unresolved. the event. The scene focuses on two brothers who were
“The Totalitarians” took up the first hour of the two- abandoned by their parents as they try to get by.
hour event, and the tone changed from there. For the Lincoln, played by Josh Garcia, is fired from his job
second half of the event, the focus was shifted to a set of for layoffs, though it is heavily implied it is due to racism
three plays focusing on past and current lives of people and comes home to find Booth, played by Reggie Willie,
who are black in the United States and the thematic of waiting for his date five hours after she was supposed to
family. The three were all directed by Aaliyah-Janay “AJ” arrive.
Williams. Most of the scene is about the two reminiscing and
“Rachel” is a story of a mother, Mrs. Loving played complaining about everything they have been through,
by Ashley Williams, telling her children about their half- from their parents abandoning them to playing card
Photo taken by Shaly Farmer
brother and her past husband’s murder at the hands of game cons to what they go through now.
The viewing that I attended was the Thursday/ “Christian people in a Christian land,” presumably in the Though the two are led into a fight, with the two
Saturday set, comprised of “The Totalitarians,” “Rachel,” days of Jim Crow. trying to one-up the other and leading to Booth storming
“A Raisin in the Sun,” and “Top Dog/Underdog.” The titular Rachel, played by Susan Trammell, is not off and declaring “I ain’t you,” when Lincoln hits a nerve
Beginning the show was by far the longest of the focused on much in the scene, as it is taken from a more with him. This makes sense, as Williams stated in the
plays, “The Totalitarians,” directed by Marco Lotz. extended play. However, her brother Tom, played by Josh talkback that the play is about toxic masculinity.
“The Totalitarians” is a comedic, yet politically Garcia, is driven by the story of his step-father calling During the talkback, Williams and some of the cast
charged, parody of politicians and reactionaries such as out racism in his community and subsequently dying for talked about African-American Vernacular, a change in
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. it to make a better person of himself. the English we are accustomed to, a dialect used long
The play centers around Francine, played by Lexi While the story is realistic and based on history, ago that is still in everyday use today, though media
Cohen, a speechwriter, and her husband Jeffery, played unlike “The Totalitarians” and its over-the-top plot, the rarely highlights on it.
by Ben Taylor, getting caught between an idiotic raw emotion from the actors and the plot is something Simply put, African-American Vernacular makes
politician and a conspiracy theorist believing she will to drive you to tears. It is something that I, as a person simple changes to English, such as using the word “be”
bring about war. who is white, cannot do justice. in place of “is” or “are” and using the word “done” to
Most of the comedy is sexually driven, such as a Taking place sometime in the 60s or 70s, “A Raisin in describe a present event.
scene where Ben, a conspiracy theorist, brings Jeffery to the Sun” is about a family that is black living in poverty Overall, the event was a great mixture of plays,
his ‘hidden base’ while fooling the non-existent cameras and the friction that it causes. actors, and directors, though there was a definite tone
by pulling out a condom and asking him to have sex. Walter Younger, played by Reggie Willie, wishes to change from the first and second half of the show.
Meanwhile, Francine and the nominee she is working escape from poverty through investment, but his family
for, Penny, played by Sam Morton, end up working sexual does not think he can do so. Beneatha Younger, played

Game Quest, Inc.: Beat the Board

B y H a i l e y W i lt 1995, and the ‘grand opening’ was in August.” him. “Where you did events, you did tournaments; you In the service for nine years, then released with a taught people how to play games. We were the first store
medical discharge in 1991, Roy stated how games had in South West Virginia who actually programmed for

his week, Robert Roy sat down at a gaming table been something he’s always had fun with, “When I was certain types of games.”
for an interview that centered around his shop— in the service we played those two board games (Risk/ Stores like Game Quest, Inc. have always been
and the community—saying that he “didn’t realize Axis & Allies) and then some card games, Rummy, and around, but not many stay in business. The Comic Book
when I opened up that I would have so much fun and Spades, somewhat.” He went on to mention that he got Collector, the oldest comic book shop in London, closed
enjoyment in this.” At 1085, East Main Street location in a degree in Leisure Studies from Radford University and in August 2017 after being open since 1979. Tramp’s
Radford Tuesday night, Roy proved just how he had kept his background revolved around designing activities and Comics & Games shut its doors in Saskatchewan,
the store running smoothly since June of 1995. events. Canada in August 2017 as well, due to the lack of funds
Roy, who is the owner of the store, Game Quest, “I saw the potential for a store that went to the entering the store to keep it in business. Roy thanks the
Inc., said that he got the store from a “family from New next step, and not just provided the retail end of it, but community for helping his shop stay where it is.
Jersey,” where he, “started my own thing”.” Roy said it actually programmed for it,” he said, his hand instantly
only grew from there: “the ‘soft opening’ was in June of went to the many event flyers on the window behind
>> Game, Continued on page 8
8 | The Tartan Culture
From Page 7
society helps improve the store.” he said. the large wall full of board games ranging in size. “I can
In his remarks Tuesday, Roy added that as the store order one issue of a board game, and it can sell, I can
stays in business, he sees the customers grow, he began restock it, but if I am selling online, the multiple orders
to see a repetitiveness in those who came. As a store can come in very quickly that I would have to fill. It will
owner, he is at the front desk often and has seen his just slow us down. I just don’t think I could do it.”
regulars develop. Proud of the family-oriented aspect, Confronted with the question of how the store has
Roy has had several families over the years bring their been overall, Roy was quick to answer that the store has
children in to share their memories of their adolescent balanced out sales-wise over the last five years. No one
years. season is better than the other; the Universities and
He then went on to say, “in Radford, in my twenty- Colleges in the area have begun summer courses, and
three years, very few stores can put their hat on and say the number of students in the area has grown, leading
they have been in business for twenty-so years. Us being to keeping business regular. “We do have an annual sale
in our twenty-third year is a milestone.” in September when the students return from summer
When asked if Game Quest, Inc. would ever get break where our sales do better, but overall it has been
involved with digital gaming opportunities, Roy said on track.”
frankly, “Well I’ve looked at it about every year when Roy compliments his store staying relevant, to the
“I think our community outreach has helped keep us I look at my business and decide where I want to go ability to adapt to change, stating, “When we opened up
around. I have been around the community, the Chamber with the next year,” Roy gestured his hand at the wide- in the Summer of 1995, we were a full out hobby store.
of Commerce, Main Street Organization, giving back to open store and the locals who walk into the front door. So, we had trains, model cars, slot cars, all that kind of
the homeless in the community, the Humane Society, so “Just yesterday I was at the University, and there was stuff. That’s all gone. I have always kept my eye out on
on and so forth. I think the outreach for the tournaments an Economic class who did a presentation on us, and what is going on, and right now it is comic books. They
and so on, the outlet and the ability for people to do one of the questions that was brought out for the class have fallen off for us, hugely. In ’95, ’96-time frame, I
other things, it’s the same as those who own a golf store. was ‘what was my footprint about online and do I have a had an entire wall of comic books, floor to ceiling, and
It’s for people who need social interaction like this, we shopping cart kind of deal.’ My only problem is that we I’m struggling to get 500 out. Change has helped out
don’t deal with the online-computer games, we deal with have a small footprint, and being able to sell online you the business, keeping things fresh and keep up with the
human interaction and I think a lot of that in today’s need to have more stock,” he then nods his head towards customer base.”

A Movie Review

Blade Runner 2049

B y M i c h a e l A. C o o p e r s m i t h roles and not moving onto newer things. Yet, Ford has experience with this character, and without him, I would

lade Runner 2049 goes against the current trend still feel that the movie was still missing something.
of “soft remakes” taking place with “nostalgic” Jared Leto played the blind CEO, Niander Wallace.
properties. A “soft remake” is usually considered Jared partially blinded himself during the shooting, in
a remake of the original iteration except it is disguised which to transform himself into the character. This is
as a continuation. Recently, I have noticed that many not surprising since he is a method actor. However, I do
movie sequels, to individual properties, are taking not think he would do it if he did not see the movie was
this lazy route by changing the names of the main something special.
characters, yet disguise the major plot points of the Sadly, this movie is a beautiful songbird that
first movie. Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to knew how to emanate Ridley Scotts epic scenes that nobody paid that much attention too. I say this because
mind with its copying and pasting the plot outline allow the audience just to take a breath of this vast city. when Blade Runner 2049 came out with a worldwide
of Star Wars A New Hope. Being a loyal fan to Blade There were times where I felt captivated by these short box office return of $252.63 million with a budget of
Runner, the fear of Blade Runner 2049 turning out to transitions. $150.2 million. Most people would see a gain of $102.43
be a “soft remake” remained present in my mind from Even from when K is just driving around in his million to be profitable. If one was to dive into the
the time I saw the trailer to the first, fifteen minutes hovercar, you can tell that a lot of money and effort numbers, Blade Runner 2049 only made $89.46 million
of the film. went into the digitally producing grand landscapes. at the Domestic box office and $163.17 million at the
Detective K, our main character played by Ryan With our advances in CGI editing, Blade Runner 2049 foreign box office. Also, just earning $32.7 million
Gosling is a replicant working as a Blade Runner. Yet, was able to add something that the first movie did not during its opening weekend which is barely one/third
this information is not a twist, right after Detective have; more than one setting. of what it would make at the domestic box office.
K retires (kills) Dave Batista’s character he takes a Throughout Blade Runner (1982), the audience is In my personal opinion, Hollywood saw this as
replicant loyalty test for the LA Police Force. I felt that only allowed to see one setting. They do not get to not very profitable; Which means that we will not be
this was quite odd since at the end of Blade Runner see the massive wastes around the Pacific coast or the seeing another Blade Runner movie. Yet, this does not
(1982) the audience is left with the question of if deserts that stretches across the former US. What I surprise me. When Blade Runner came out, it only made
Harrison Ford’s character, Rick Deckard, was a replicant have noticed from “soft remakes” is that they do not 33 million (accounting for inflation: 83,559,867.19)
all along and if all Blade Runners were replicants. Just take any risks with what they show. In Star Wars: The during its time in theatres. Blade Runner became a
fifteen minutes in and the question that sparked a Force Awakens, they practically use the same plants cult classic with sci-fi nerds to dedicated Harrison Ford
variety of debate is answered in such an anticlimactic from A New Hope; Jaku a desert planet looks a whole fans. I can only hope that Blade Runner 2049 can follow
way. Yet, this choice has a more positive impact than lot like Tatooine and D’Qar, the planet in which the in his father’s footsteps or else be lost like tears, in the
you might think. Since the last movie ended with this resistance has their base has an uncanny resemblance rain.
question, the squeal took on the duty to answer this to Yavin-5. Blade Runner 2049 expanded the setting,
question. and we got spectacular visuals from it.
Instead of just replacing the main character with At first, I thought Ryan Gosling’s performance as a
another cardboard cut-out of Rick Deckard’s character, replicant, who cannot show any emotion unless he gets
we get to see a new perspective and especially that “Retired,” was cheap since he did not really need to
of a replicant. Right off the bat, the sequel is doing emote. Overall, it did make it easier to show character
something different; It changed the perspective of development of our lifeless android accepting
the audience. 2049 doesn’t stray too far away from its humanity. Ryan Gosling gave an excellent performance
predecessor. when he was allowed to show emotion. However, I
It still keeps to the Neo-noir style that the first film still felt cheated, since it seems unnecessary to have a
had; scenes of the massive dystopia city landscape and prominent actor doing nothing for half the movie.
the musical score blending in so well together. Denis Harrison Ford returned as a much older Rick
Villeneuve, the director of Blade Runner 2049, just Deckard. Ford might be critiqued for reprising old Thursday, May 3, 2018 | 9

Editor’s pics picks!

Hailey Scherer & Jordan Bennett | The Tartan

For more information go to

The tea
10 | The Tartan The Tea
Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week
“People change and forget to tell each
other.” - Lillian Hellman

The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
How Much Is That Puppy In The Window?
uted at more than 26 locations
B y H a i l e y W i lt 
on the RU campus. The Tar-

tan is always looking into ex- hen it comes to having a dog in
panding  their distribution. college, should students spend
The publication is printed at their money on man’s best friend? 
Shenandoah Publishing House I have always struggled with my self-
in Winchester, Va. control when it comes to helping those in
The Tartan is part of Highland- I have spent years doing community
er Student Media and is com- service through philanthropic events, so
pletely student-run. As a news- when I see someone in need, I spring into
paper, The Tartan reserves the action. So, when I saw a pair of sad puppy
right to address, explore and eyes looking back at me from a dark crate, I
delve into issues that affect the dropped everything to help. I could not just
university student body and the do nothing. Which leads me to where I am
surrounding area. today, the proud adopted mother of a beagle
named Amethyst.
Student Media
However, as I have come to experience
first-hand, having another mouth to feed in
P.O. Box 6895
college can quickly set you back.
Radford VA, 24142
When it comes to having a dog in college,
540-831-6051 Jordan Bennett | The Tartan
is the company worth the amount of money
EDITORIAL POLICIES it costs? only an average of $431. troubles in finding homes in which to
For the first time, going home was The same study shows that on average, bring their dogs back to. The online Price-
“Our Opinion” pieces are not lonely. I wanted to provide whatever I households with just one consumer spent Williams Reality lease agreement states,
written collectively by members thought she needed to be happy, but I was the least on their pets. The 2015 assessment “There are absolutely no pets allowed
of The Tartan Editorial also nervous about spending the money it showed that a single consumer household at Price-Williams. This includes visiting
Board. The Editorial Board is would inevitably cost. She needed the same paid around $360 a year on their pets, pets/animals. Residences found to have
comprised of the editing staff, things humans did, and then some. opposed to the three-person consumer units unauthorized pet(s) will be held in breach of
the Tea writers, and other
Upon getting Amethyst, I spent well over which spent $653. their lease agreement.”
Radford University students.
$600 on her ‘necessities’ - i.e., vet visits, As far as the Bureau of Labor Statistics At the same time, Bondurant Reality’s pet
These undergraduate and food, bedding, crates, toys - and it hurt me charts goes to show, I have this budgeting addendum asks for a $400 non-refundable
graduate students represent financially. Then once I had her for a while, thing down to a science. As of October 8th, pet fee and the company has full disclosure
multiple class levels and I cracked down on the number of items I 2017, I have had my dog for an entire year. to disapprove a certain breed of dog, if they
different political, cultural, would provide her with. I allowed myself an Upon checking my bank account, it shows view it as threatening.
ethnic, and religious allowance each month to get her what she that despite the initial spending spree, I So, I acknowledge that there is much
backgrounds. Members may required. have stayed along with the average single money that goes into the purchase of a dog
or may not belong to a variety It indeed worked. When I stopped person household. in college. If you watch your spending, while
of student organizations. The
allowing myself an endless amount of money Now that I have a steady job at Moe’s keeping an eye on their needs, you will find
Editorial Board is open to all
to shower my dog in, my bank account stayed Southwest Grill, and Amethyst is a bit older, your experience to be fulfilling. Dogs are
RU students who apply.
at a steady amount. I can wholeheartedly agree with everything another mouth to feed, and another spot
TARTAN However, some college students do not
know how much the puppy in the window
the Bureau of Labor Statistics has found
about the amount households spend on
saved in your house so be wary if you think
you can handle it.
STAFF costs.
From 2007-2015, the Bureau of Labor
pets. My sorority sisters, students of various
class standings, are now more cautious
Having a dog in college does not mean
that you will never have the amount of money
Dylan Lepore Statistics kept track of what households about getting dogs now that I have shared to feed both yourself and the pooch. If you
Editor-in-Chief spent on average for their pets. In 2015, my experiences. I frequently cancel dinner set a budget on your income, you are likely
the average family paid around $528 for pet plans or shopping trips to save the money to going to have a better life with your pet. The
Ida Domingo services, food, veterinary services, and other help my dog and her needs, so they see it as price of the pup in the window varies, but
Managing Editor purchases. The amount compares to the a learning experience. the puppy kisses are a nice reward.
beginning of the study in 2007 where it was Radford students also experience

How to be Natural on a Budget

Van Faust-Stephensons
Culture Editor

Alexis Gardner By Alexis Gardner prices between Wal-Mart, Target, Sally Moisture’s Jamaican Black Castor Oil
The Tea Editor  Beauty Supply and Amazon. I also know Strengthen and Grow shampoo with

re you a natural who is tired of that there are some shoppers who don’t care peppermint and apple cider vinegar.’ Shea
Davis Byrd spending all of your money or hair if a product is made of 100 percent natural Moisture was one of the first brands to
Sports Editor products? When I first started taking ingredients, and then there are some who cater to the natural hair community, and
care of my natural hair and bought all the care a lot about the ingredients. So for each all products are 100 percent natural. Their
Hailey Scherer products I thought I needed; I spent more category, I’ve tried to include an option for products are free of sulfates, parades, mineral
Photography Manager than $100. each type. oils, petrolatum, phthalates and propylene
Now I have a better understanding of *disclaimer: I am not a hair stylist or glycol – all things that are considered “bad”
Tyquan Holloway the products I need while staying within a claim to be one. I am just sharing what for natural hair and “shunned” in the natural
Distributor college-student budget. If you’re in the same has worked for me and what I’ve learned hair community.
boat, keep reading. throughout my hair journey*
For price comparisons, I chose the lowest The first shampoo I tried was ‘Shea
>> Natural, Continued on page 11
Sports Thursday, May 3, 2018 | 11

WRITE FOR US! Radford Seniors Finish off Senior Night With an Overtime Win
RU an established, or By Austin White Radford Coach Mike Jones had the team give
fledgling journalist? Or
Presbyterian a full court press style defense

maybe you just love to n one of the most entertaining games of to force a mistake out of their opposition.
write, and this might be the year, the Radford men’s basketball They played defense in this style for the rest
your first time showcasing team defeated Presbyterian College 74- of the game.
your hidden talent? 68. Throughout the first half, Radford did
Seniors Randy Phillips, Justin Cousin, a good job scoring inside and out. While
Want to bring your opin- and Christian Bradford all played vital parts Presbyterian was worried about an outside
ions and unique views to in the victory. jumper, Radford’s inside presence was
Photo courtesy of RU Athletics
the masses? Love the idea The whole game was a back and forth creating mayhem as well. Presbyterian
of reporting on and off standoff, with neither team giving the other senior guard Reggie Dillard was also giving with fifteen points.
campus news, voicing your any room to breathe. Bradford set the tone the Highlanders trouble. In the first period, With four minutes left and Radford up
opinion on topics ranging for the Highlanders early in the first half his ability to penetrate and score or pass 57-56, Coach Jones switched junior forward
from movies, laws, and on hitting a deep three from the corner. Cousin the ball out to open teammates helped give Ed Polite Jr. on Dillard to try and stop him
the many fun, and some- followed him up by putting in two three- Presbyterian a 39-33 lead to end the half. from scoring. On the next possession, Polite
pointers of his own in the first half. To start the second half, Presbyterian Jr. forced Dillard to turn the ball over giving
time’s unusual, attractions
Presbyterian stuck right with Radford, switched from a man to man defense to a 3-2. it back to the Highlanders.
going on around campus?
connecting on multiple threes of their own. However, running the zone opened shots for Two possessions later, his man to man
Then give Radford Univer-
Sophomore guard J.C. Younger did not miss sophomore guard Donald Hicks. Hicks hit on defense forced Dillard to throw up an airball.
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
a three in the whole half, connecting on four. five three-pointers on the night, finishing >> Night, Continued on page 12
per a shout and email the
Editor-In-Chief! Natural
From Page 10

The bonus size 16.3 fluid ounce container of ‘Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi olive oil – yes, like the one used in cooking.
Letters to the bottle costs $7.98. But, if you think that is Natural Deep Conditioner is $8.49 at Sally Olive oil has great benefits for hair.
expensive, let me add some perspective. I Beauty Supply. The consistency is pretty According to Samantha Berley, a writer for
Editor bought my first bottle at the end of January, thick, so not much is needed and it’ll last you the website, olive oil
and it lasted until mid-July, washing my hair at least a month. is a fantastic conditioner. “It’s also one of
We prefer letters that are fewer once a week. I know some naturals wash I haven’t tried it, but the ‘Aussie 3 the top emollients that can penetrate the
than 200 words and take as their hair once a month, so this could last Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioning hair better than others, and its lightweight
their starting point an article even longer. One of the best things about Treatment’ is $2.97 at Wal-Mart. A lot nature makes it great for moisturizing.
or other item appearing in The this product is that although the consistency of naturals on YouTube praise this deep Olive oil also contains anti-inflammatory
Tartan. They may not have is watery, a little goes a long way. You don’t conditioner because it’s quick, easy and gets properties that promote scalp health and
been submitted to, posted need much at all. the job done. YouTuber eVaniwithaV, who prevent dandruff.”
to or published by any other ‘Crème of Nature’s Argan Oil Moisture & has 13,000 subscribers, has more than 63,000 A 17-ounce bottle of extra virgin olive oil
media. They must include the Shine Shampoo’ is sulfate free but has other views on her review of the deep conditioner. from Wal-Mart costs $3.58.
writer’s full name — for more ingredients that some people with natural Her conclusion? “I was so shocked out Last in any natural hair woman’s routine
information and to send a hair don’t like to use, like dimethicone. of my mind at how amazing this was and comes sealing. If you don’t seal after
letter head over to Natural hair YouTuber JourneyTo waist how cheap it was. … As far as detangling moisturizing, the result is dry hair. There length has 347,000 subscribers and mentions and moisturizing, I thought this stuff was are many different ways to seal in moisture.
this shampoo in her video, ‘My Favorite amazing.” Some like to use a heavy oil, some like using

Jokes Natural Hair Products,’ which has 100,000

views. She said, “I love that this shampoo
*Note: Target has deep conditioning
packets ranging from $0.99 to $2.79. I have
a thick cream and some have gone back using
good old hair grease.
... does an excellent job of cleaning my scalp used the Shea Moisture deep conditioning An all-natural heavy oil to seal in
Hear about the new and my hair without leaving my hair feeling packets, and I get two uses out of them* moisture is Jamaican black castor oil.
restaurant called Karma? like it’s stripped.” A 12-ounce bottle is $4.12 For leave-in conditioners, some naturals According to, “It will
There’s no menu: You get at Wal-Mart. like water mixed with aloe vera juice. I find moisturize, thicken, strengthen and rapidly
what you deserve. Using the conditioner that goes with the Amazon is the best place to get aloe vera increase hair growth. It increases blood flow
... shampoo works better for my hair. So I use juice because in the stores it’s usually mixed to the scalp, supplying valuable nutrients
Why don’t scientists trust the 13 ounces ‘Shea Moisture Jamaican Black with something else -- not the aloe by itself. to hair follicles. Jamaican Black Castor Oil
atoms? Castor Oil Strengthen and Grow conditioner,’ On Amazon, a 16-ounce bottle cost $8.25. will also prevent hair breakages, dandruff,
which is $8.97 at Wal-Mart. At Sally Beauty Another budget-friendly leave- eczema and dry, itchy scalp.” A four-ounce
Because they make up
Supply the same size bottles cost $9.99, at in conditioner that has some natural bottle of JBCO costs $6.99 at Sally Beauty
everything. Target it is $8.99, and on Amazon, it’s $8.97 ingredients, but not all, is ‘African Pride’s Supply. It can also be used to oil your scalp,
... but only as an add-on item. Shea Miracle Moisture Intense Leave-In so it’s like a two-for-one deal.
Before using that, I tried the ‘Aussie Conditioner.’ At Wal-Mart, the 15-ounce jar I used to use JBCO or shea butter, but
Mega Moist conditioner’ which is $4.94 at costs $4.37. I have recently found that grease can also
Wal-Mart. It’s a huge bottle, and it has a lot A variety of oils work in natural hair. be used as a sealant. Once shunned in the
of slip, which makes detangling easy. The Some of the more popular oils are coconut, natural hair community, many are now
ingredients aren’t 100 percent natural, but almond, jojoba, avocado, and olive. Most finding that just because the ingredients
when I used it on my hair, it worked well. in the natural hair community know about aren’t 100 percent natural doesn’t mean it is
I have tried a fair number of deep coconut oil, which is my personal favorite. bad for your hair. You can find ‘Blue Magic
conditioners. Shea Moisture’s deep I like the Great Value brand from Wal-Mart Conditioner….Hair Dress “Anti- Breakage
conditioners are a bit pricey, so they’re that is virgin, unrefined and expeller pressed. Formula”’ for $2.39 at Target.
not for naturals on a budget. A 16-ounce Another option is to buy extra virgin
12 | The Tartan Quest Edition
From Page 11
Radford fans made sure he did not forget about that, grabbed the rebound and tried putting it in the basket rebound Phillips grabbed was very important.
screaming “Airball” every time he touched the ball. but was fouled with one second left. The rest of the game was the Ed Polite Jr. show. He
With two minutes left, Hicks started going cold With everyone in the Dedmon Center on the edge of continued his excellent defense, blocking Dillard’s shot
missing two threes on back to back possessions. The their seats, Phillips stepped to the free throw line. The once, forcing him to turn the ball over and forcing him to
game was in a stalemate with the score being decided first free throw hits the back of the rim and goes out take a bad shot with the shot clock running out.
by one point for the rest of regulation. Junior guard deflating the arena even more; The next free throw, all Moreover, with Radford up three, he hit the most
Davon Bell hit a three-pointer for Presbyterian with 11.2 net. Presbyterian missed a half-court Hail Mary, and the clutch shot of the night, a three-pointer right at the top
seconds left giving them a 66-65 lead. game was sent to overtime. of the key putting Radford up 74-68 with 10.2 seconds
The entire arena was deflated, and a couple of people As soon as overtime started, Phillips picked up right left.
started getting ready to leave. After a timeout, Coach where he left off, immediately scoring a layup to put the Radford fans stayed and gave the seniors a standing
Jones put the ball in the hands of Polite Jr. who drove Highlanders up by two. He also grabbed key rebounds off ovation for their high performance capping off an
to the hole, spun and shot a layup but missed. Phillips Presbyterian missed shots. With the game so close, every unforgettable senior night.

Photo courtesy of RU Athletics

Super Bowl 52 is getting Rocky Radford Claims Its First-Ever NCAA Tournament Win
B y D av i s B yr d Patriots and held a 14-10 lead over the By Austin White to extend the lead. Phillips also came up
defending champions going into halftime. big in the second, grabbing rebounds,

uper Bowl 52 takes place this Another Brady led comeback ended up fter surprisingly winning the blocking shots, and scoring on the inside
Sunday, pitting the force that is the felling the plucky, upstart Jags to take Northeast Conference, LIU to keep the LIU Brooklyn defense honest.
New England Patriots against the New England into another Super Bowl. Brooklyn was coming off a five- Clearly, Coach Jones wanted defense to
underdog, who has shattered that label, Rumors of a power struggle between the game winning streak when they faced be the key in winning the game, with the
the Philadelphia Eagles. Both teams enter three prominent figures in the Patriots Radford in a play-in game for a spot in the Highlanders not allowing LIU Brooklyn to
the big game with a 13-3 record and with organization swirled, talk of Patriots East Region. score a field goal after sophomore guard
raised tensions due to this being their Empire crumbling have been laid to rest The winner would play Villanova Julian Batts’ three-pointer with 6:50 left
second time facing off in the Super Bowl. as New England saunters into their 9th University, the number one seed in the made the score 57-55 Radford. The rest of
This will be the Super Bowl 39 rematch Super Bowl appearance. region. Even though the Blackbirds were their points came from free throws.
almost 13 years later; the Patriots will Not many would have thought that on a win streak, the Highlanders were Radford’s stellar defense ended up
be looking to repeat the result and add the Philadelphia Eagles would have been on a seven-game winning streak coming helping their offense finish the game on
another Lombardi Trophy to their trophy able to make it this far, but Philadelphia fresh off a game-winning buzzer beater a 10-2 run.
cabinet while Philadelphia looks for their is a tough city with a football team by Carlik Jones to win the conference One of Radford’s primary offensive
first. The game will take place February characterized by the city’s most famous tournament over Liberty University. weapons in the first half started to go cold.
4th at 6:30 PM in the U.S. Bank Stadium in character: Rocky Balboa. The Eagles Radford’s defense made a difference Polite Jr. did not make a field goal for the
Minneapolis, Minnesota. weren’t expected to be in the playoff early in the game holding LIU Brooklyn to rest of the game. Because his offense was
The New England Patriots, led by picture, but they clenched their home nine points up 18-9 with 9:37 left in the missing, the Highlanders needed someone
the core of Head Coach Bill Belichick, field advantage. More problems arose, first half. Ed Polite Jr. made his presence to fill the void.
Quarterback Tom Brady, and Tight End such as, young superstar Quarterback known by getting six quick points and two That, someone, was Fields Jr. He
Rob Gronkowski, alongside well drilled Carson Wentz suffering an unfortunate assists. He also grabbed three rebounds in carried on what he was doing in the
supporting staff in Danny Amendola, ACL tear and fans and critics didn’t trust that timespan while playing impressive first half of the second, assisting open
Chris Hogan, and their slew of role players backup QB Nick Foles. Thoughts they defense on forward Zach Coleman for teammates and hitting a sweet jumper.
on offense. In the opposite position is a would be one and done in the postseason most of the night. With 3:29 left in the game, he dribbled the
well-coordinated defense capable of abounded. Philadelphia proved that LIU Brooklyn kept it close with forward ball to the right side of the three-point
making plays. Super Bowl 49 playmaker they were determined, tough, and most Raiquan Clark hitting a key three-pointer line with a defender on his hip.
Malcolm Butler, AFC Championship importantly, a good team. They beat the to keep the game close making it 20-16 He then crossed the ball over from his
breakout Stephon Gilmore, and new Atlanta Falcons 15-10 before laying waste with 7:24 left in the first, forcing coach right hand to his left sending the defender
addition in James Harrison, all round out to the Minnesota Vikings 38-7 with all Mike Jones to call a timeout. flying to the right and finished the play by
a very capable defensive unit coached by 38 of their points coming unanswered The rest of the half the Highlanders hitting a swishing three and nodding his
Matt Patricia. and backup QB Foles playing to the same were trying to pull away from LIU head in satisfaction.
The Patriots path through the AFC MVP-esque form of old. Brooklyn, and they just couldn’t shake Polite Jr. ended up making up for his
playoff picture pitted them against a Philadelphia will come into the game them off. Sophomore Travis Fields Jr. bad shooting night by hitting clutch free
young Tennessee Titans team led by against the Patriots as underdogs in the started to make plays by finding senior throws down the stretch of the game. The
Marcus Mariota and company. After minds of many, but that’s what they’re Randy Phillips in the paint for a nice deciding ones came with 43 seconds left
being behind early in, they cruised out used to. The only difference between the dunk. Fields also swished a three from the extending the lead to 71-61. He finished
to what seemed to be a relatively easy team and Rocky though, is that Eagles will corner. The Highlanders found themselves with 13 points and 12 rebounds notching
and expected win 35-14. They then had be looking to do a lot more than just go up 30-28 at the end of the first half. his 27th career double-double.
to face a somewhat unknown entity in the distance. The Highlander guards carried the All students and Radford citizens
the playoffs, the Jacksonville Jaguars. team for the entire game, especially the should be proud of this team after their
The Jaguars put a lot of pressure on the second half. Senior Christian Bradford incredible year, easily one of their best.
started the second by making two layups

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