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ty of neck nec iv THE DROoP with an fective skin regimen that doesn't stop at the jawline. WE LOVE OUR NECKS, honestly, wedo. With- ‘out them, how would we tick our neck out fora friend, move our head around, or get ‘oxygen from our lungs to our brain? And don’t forget the abundance of nerve celle clustered at the base of the neck—that's ‘an erogenous zone, Oh 8/8! Clearly this statuesque stmecture performs very impor~ tant functions beyond being a showcase for those fabulous beads you found on vacation, Fectis, we're busy, frugal, and, frankly, un informed. Wha knew necks needed speciel sitention? Ist really worth squandering that costly antiaging salve just to save our necks? ‘The answer is yes, say dermatologists, makeup artists, and worsen (most famously Nora Ephron) who wish they had paid ‘litle more attention to this swath of ski, Avoid the pull of gravity and get achin up ‘with afew toning tips» BEAUTY & STYLE NECKS HEAVY LIFTERS 1 sist Tahtning Neck Crom, 558 shir cars 2 Reve Peau Magique You Recruit eck ana Decalltoge Sem S900 eveatnare {Dr HousenkeRapeneretng Meck aed Dacaité ream, {sg inwscnorh Lancome Renae Ulu) ‘Meck Crew $60 tncomersn com 5 Olay Ragone Meo Seuipting Cream 535 store ca LOTIONS & POTIONS CLEANSE AND MOISTURIZE ‘Think gentle—emollient cleanser, nonirrtat- {ng creams, Skin a the neckis thin, with very Ltrfe connective tissue, so the signs of aging (acropey appearance, brown spots lines) appear such move pronounced there than onthe face. Shiseido research associate who explored neck physiology in a 2008 International Journal of Cosmetic ‘Science paper, suggests alight, easy-to-spread ‘ream “to avoid excess force” and excess stretching The neck also contains fewer stem ‘ells to help promote skin renewal, 20 those classic elock-stopping taols, such a8 peels or rotinoic acid, aren’t the right routes to take in this instance—and can be scarring. NECK CREAM oR NO? Moisturizers formulated specifically for the neck are generally emoother than typies) face ‘reams, 8 they ereate less pull on the skin, Ande antiaging agents are carefully designed to deliver results without a reaction, If you're in your 208—and your skin looks Ita face or body moisturizer will do fine, ‘ays Jefirey Dover, Yale University associate clinical professor of dermatology. "You don’t Sor stressed- out necks ‘9000 Posture Keeping your shoulders back. try need own six different creams.” He does, however, stress the importance of being reli- ious about sunscreen. Wstheso-plus set who may vantto give neck creams 2 go. "Lookefor thove directed 2 treating fine ines and wrinkles” says Elisabeth Callahan, a dermatologic surgeon in Sarasota, Florida. Many boast toners that offer an ime sediate sin-tightening tingle andbrighteners ‘help camouflage dark spots, The odition of peptides and plant stem cells helps promote collagen regeneration for reulte said tobe smilarto a doctor-supervised in-office treat- sent. (At 4900, RéVive's Peau Magnifique, is almost as pricey) "Ten yearoago,it was all about hydration? says Nadine Perrodet,ex- ecutive director of skin biology, research and development st Estée Lauder Companies. “Now we have new technology to addrees the specific functions of skin” DON'T FORGET THE SUNBLOCK “The neckis one of the hardest aress to rejave- nate so respect it” says Callahan “Use a sunscreen with a lest SPF go every day" If ‘youre outside be sureto reapply. A drag yes but sois contemplating turtleneck in July EMDURANCE EXERCISES FoR Weck musctES THE RIGHT MIX Treat your face to alittle TLC. This made-to-order mask, courtesy of Elena Arboleda, salon director at Mario Badescu Skin Care (one of Marths's favorites) will help tighten, turkey wattle and lift ‘and soften skin. Try it be- fore a big event Whisk together 1 egg white with 1 teaspoon, each of honey, olive oi, andlemon juice Smooth onathin layer from the hairline down to the décol- letage.Let sit 15 minutes. Wash away with cool water Pat dry, and apply a thin layer of moisturizer cover the top. AT-AND-COW POSE Toslleiate tension ae tighress get ‘twine up your ess wlth them, sug- gests A Lynn Millar, professor of Dysiel therapy a Winston-Salem ‘State University n Nort Carolina 5 you find yoursetdaping your neck tohold the phone, stop! Bret) beng your neck to ne opposite ‘and fous on remsing ine proper posiionor everting hemiaet, Leon your back with your head on 4 allow. Tuck your chin to your Chest and hala that poston for five seconds (longer as fe becomes feasig. Then press your head beck. Repeat 10 mes daily ‘on your hands and krees and nha, ‘repping your head downer 3 rounding Ue spite ke 2 Startled eat. [Newt exhale, arching sch. ting your head, chest and erie towara ‘he celine, Repeat 12 ties daily, ‘svises Loven Bassett. an instructor 1s Pare Yoga in New York We crane forward to stare atthe computer ang canter ita erode the pone, Here, three healthy habits tokeep your necking, 56 |