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April 2018

Volume 6, Issue 4

 This month the kids will be learning a few new UPCOMING DATES TO KNOW
circle time songs. Some of the songs have
choreography. I’ve included lyrics to our Quiet  Sunday, April 1st: Easter & April Fool’s Day
Down Song. Feel free to engage your child at
home with it. They love our daily music and move-  Thursday, April 5th: Brayden's Birthday
ment time. We’ve had quite a few dance parties  Saturday, April 14th: Maya &
 Thank you everyone for getting all the paperwork Ms. Lacey’s Birthday
back to me that I’ve sent out. I appreciate
everyone’s effort and timeliness.
 The kids will be working on Kindergarten
assessments throughout this month. I’ll send
home your child’s progress at the beginning of
 As always, thank you for sharing your family with
me. I adore each of the kids and their uniqueness.

Weekly Core Themes: Spring, Love Our Earth, Outdoor Adventures,

Nature Play, Down on the Farm
Focus Letters: Y, Z Focus Numbers: 1-20 Focus Shape: Diamond Focus Color: Brown/Grey

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Letter Y, Z Umbrella Brayden’s Popcorn &
Spring Project Birthday Movie Day

8 9 10 11 ER 12:15pm 12 13 14
Letter Y, Z Recycling Printing Sensory Box Maya & Ms.
Love Our Project Library Day Cookie Day Earth Exploring Lacey’s
Earth Project Birthday

15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Number 1-20 Read-In
Outdoor Wear your Pjs Popcorn & Bring Abstract Art
Adventures and bring a Movie Day Something Painting
stuffed animal. Brown or
22 23 24 25 ER 12:15pm 26 27 28
Number 1-20 Sensory Box Colored Sensory Box Popcorn &
Nature Play Exploring Bubble Exploring Movie Day

29 30
Down on the Cookie Day

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