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Elkridge Elementary School

New Kindergarten
Orientation Schedule
• Presentation in the Cafetorium
• Questions and Answers
• Tour
• $10 Membership Fee
• Facebook (Elkridge Elementary PTA)
• Volunteer (mandatory training online and certificate)
• New Kindergartener Summer Playdates
New Kindergartener Summer Playdates

• At Elkridge Elementary School
• Organized By EES PTA
• Parents Stay With Children
• Friday, May 18th (1:30-2:30 PM)
• Tuesday, June 5th (7:00-8:00 PM)
• Wednesday, June 13th (7:00-8:00 PM)
Kindergarten Directory
• Only For Kindergarten Families
• Parent Contact Information
• Link Only For Participating Families
• Update During School Year
• PTA Directory Created Later In The Year
• Birthday Celebrations
• Teachers Are Not Permitted To Pass Out Invitations Or Contact Information
School Safety Procedures
• Ring the buzzer and look at the camera.
State your name, child’s name, and purpose for visit.
Sign in the front office with a driver’s license and get a visitor sticker.
Do not hold the door for other visitors/parents.
• Keep your child’s emergency card information current on Canvas
• Emergency Closing Information
• Students practice various emergency drills
HCPSS Connect
• Emergency Card
• Announcements
• Resources
• Sign up for parent/teacher conferences
Before and After Care Program
• Students go the the EES cafetorium
• If your child takes place in this program, please notify your
child’s teacher.
Kindergarten Open House
• Supply List Items (drop off)
• Lunch Boxes
• Backpacks
• Extra Clothing (underwear, pants, socks)
• Label Clothing
• Filling Out Forms
• Kindergarten Dismissal Tags For Backpacks
Kindergarten Supply List
*1 backpack (standard size, no wheels) *1 box (24 count) crayons
*1 pink eraser *1 pair of safety scissors (blunt-not pointed)
*6 glue sticks * spare labeled clothing
*2 (80 page) Marble Composition Books
*1 box of gallon or sandwich sized zipper storage bags
*24 pencils (sharpened preferred)
**Please do not label individual items.
**See for this list and Teacher Wish List items.
Meals and Snack
*prices subject to change

• Breakfast (9:10-9:25)
Breakfast is $2.00. Students eat in the cafetorium and must be in class by the end of morning announcements.
• Lunch (30 minutes)
-Parents may prepay $2.75 for each student meal by setting up an online account at There is
a $2.49 processing fee for each transaction. Students are given a lunch stick with their ID number. Students who
bring money to school are responsible for holding it until their lunch shift.
-Students may also bring a lunch from home. There are no heating options for students.
-Parents may visit and have lunch with their child. Parents must sign in with the front office before entering the
cafeteria. There is a peanut free table available for students with allergies.
• Snack (optional)
Snack takes place during Self-Selected Centers. Parents provide a healthy and peanut free snack daily.
Kindergarten students are not permitted to buy snack at lunch.
• Water bottles (only water in the classrooms)
Who Will Be
My Child’s Teacher?
• Sign up for assessment dates in the front office
• Homeroom teacher notification by mail
• Meet your child’s teacher at the Open House
Related Arts Classes
• PE
• Music
• Art
• Media
• Technology
Current Kindergarten Schedule
*Times Subject To Change

9:10 Arrival
9:25 Opening Activities
9:30 Math
10:45 Lunch
11:15 Recess
11:45 Quiet Time
11:55 Language Arts (Reading/Writing)
1:45 Related Arts (PE, Music, Art, Media, Technology)
2:45 Content (Science, Social Studies, Health, Second Steps, Guidance Lessons)
3:15 Self-Selected Centers, Snack (optional)
3:35 Stack and Pack
3:55 Dismissal
What Your Child Will Learn Guides
• Pre K – High School
• All Subject Areas
• Notify your child’s
teacher if your job
has educational
presentations that link to the
Kindergarten curriculum.
Elkridge Elementary School
• Elkridge Daily Pledge
Today at Elkridge I pledge to be safe, be respectful, and be responsible.
This will help my class, my school, and me be the best that I can be.
• Elkster Bucks
• Track Stars
• Team Award Ceremonies
• 1, 2, 3 Magic
• Daily Communication Calendars
Kindergarten Field Trips
Howard County Library Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Elkridge Elementary T-
• Free Gift To New Kindergarten Students
• Field Trips
• School Spirit Days
• Field Day
• Any Day!
Fun Events
• Fall Vocabulary Parade
• Special Persons’ Day
• Valentine’s Day Party
• School Spirit Days
• Enrichment Fair
• Team Picnic
Back To School Night
• Date and time---TBA
• Adult Evening
• Presentation In The Cafetorium
• Meet Your Child’s Teacher
• Handouts
What Can I Do Over The Summer?
• read with your child everyday and talk about the book
• experience letters in many forms (apps, games, puzzles, magnetic letters, etc)
• help your child to practice writing his/her name
• practice cutting, zipping, buttoning, tying shoes
• make writing meaningful and fun
• count everything and point out math in your environment
• give your child social experiences with other children
• make fun memories as a family and talk about them
First Day Of Kindergarten
Tuesday, September 4th
• Kindergarten Dismissal Tag Already on Backpack
• Arrival Procedures (bus, car, walk)
• Bell Rings At 9:10 AM
• Breakfast Students Enter Cafetorium
• Staff Helps Kindergarteners
Find Their Classrooms
First Day Of Kindergarten
Tuesday, September 4th
• Classroom Arrival Procedures
• Healthy labeled snack separate from lunch
• Dismissal Procedure (Notify The Front Office Of Changes)
• Bell Rings at 3:55 PM
• Kindergarten teachers walk students to buses
• Empty your child’s folder and initial the calendar