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Before meeting start announce:

Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated, our meeting is going to start in one
(After 1 minute) (Step confidently to the lectern at the front of the room. Smile, look
at the audiences)
The meeting is now called to order. Hit the gavel once.
Greeting: Gorgeous Mdm President, enthusiastic Toastmasters and excited guests,
auspicious evening.
Welcome to Johor Bahru Toastmaster Club, 15th Chapter Meeting of the year 2018.
I’m your angel, Chloe Phuah and it is my pleasure to be the first speaker, the
Sergeant at Arms for this blissful meeting.
The mission of a Toastmasters Club is to provide a supportive and positive learning
experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and
leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.
Before we begin, please switch your hand phone’s lovely tune into silent mode.
We have ____ guest this evening. Now let’s invite our guests to introduce
himself/herself/themselves in this manner:
Friends of whom:
Who would like to start first? Shall we begin with the guest on the right or left? (Pay
attention and demonstrate your listening skill during the introduction)
Thanks to all our guests for the introduction and let’s give our guests a round of
Now, I would like to invite our President for her opening address, let’s put up our
hands together to welcome Competent Communicator, Competent Leader,
Madam Kek Kim Lan (Wait for President to reach the lectern and shade hand with
(After Break)

The meeting is now resumed.

Welcome back to the second session of meeting. After tasting the appetizing,
scrumptious, lip-smacking, flavorful, toothsome, succulent and mouthwatering
food, let us do some exercise to energise ourselves.

Play Baby Shark song

I ‘m everyone feels energized now and has more inspirations for our table topics
later. Without further ado, I would like to pass the control of lectern to Toastmaster
of the evening. Let’s welcome Advance Communicator Silver, Advance Leader
Bronze David WONG.

SAA Roles & Duties

- To ensure all requirements (room setting, refreshment, stationery) are in place
for a smooth meeting.

Before the meeting

(1) You should arrive at the meeting place early.
(2) Ensure that the meeting room layout and table arrangement is in order.
(3) Ensure that the following are available:
(a) Whiteboard and markers
(b) Lectern
(c) Pen and papers
(d) Mineral water
(4) Set up the timing device
(5) Display the appointment holders’ place cards such as Evaluators, Language
Evaluators, Toastmaster of the Evening, on the respective tables.
(6) Place Agenda and Voting Slip at each table setting and chairs.
(7) Write on the Flip Chart:
(a) Guest introduction
Friends of whom:
(b) Prepared Speech Speakers’ name
(c ) Evaluators’ name
(8) Hold Guest Book for reference if they participate in Table Topics Session
(9) Tips: Get Kek KL, CC to sit beside you so that she can guide you.

During the meeting

(1) Keep track of timing throughout the meeting:
a. Start the meeting on time
b. Make sure that the meeting schedule is adhered to.
(2) Start the Meeting by knocking the gravel, invite members and guests to return
to their seats.
(3) Provide an icebreaking question and lead guests to self introduce
(4) Advise audience to withhold their applause until the last guest has introduced
himself/ herself. Initial applause after last guest had finished introduction.
(5) Remind members and guests to switch their mobile phones to silent mode.
(6) At the prepared speech session, table topics session & evaluation session,
assist to write down the speakers’ name (write the prepared speech and
evaluators’ name based on program sheet ahead) & time taken (based on timer’s
report) on the flip chart for voting purposes.
(7) Collect and count the votes for Best Table Topic Speaker, Best Prepared
Speech Speaker and Best Evaluator. Write the result on a piece of paper and hand
the result to Toastmaster of the Evening for announcement.

At the end of the meeting

Keep all logistics materials such as the timing devise, place cards, Dictionaries.

Useful Tips
(a) Arrive early.
(b) Start meeting on time (for both 1st and 2nd sessions).
(c) Kick start the meeting with zeal & zest