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is a cleansing solution intended for use at PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)

workstations. It´s a ready to use solution highly active against DNA and RNA contamination in surfaces,
laboratory equipment and apparatus and pipettors.

DNA contamination is extremely problematic in PCR technique, due to it high sensibility. Removing DNA
sources of contamination is not easy, and the presence of DNA contaminant can lead to cross contamination
between samples resulting in inaccurate data or PCR artifacts.
In amplification process, even a small DNA fragment can be detected, leading to widespread problems
throughout the process.
Using ZERO DNA before and after PCR testing procedure, according instructions bellow, any DNA and RNA
contamination is completely destroyed and removed.

 Decontamination of non-porous surfaces: Spray ZERO DNA to the surface to clean and wipe a paper
towel. Rinse well with DNA-free water and dry with a clean paper towel.
 Decontamination of porous surfaces and laboratory apparatus: Spray ZERO DNA to a paper towel and
wipe the surfaces and apparatus that need decontamination. Rinse well with DNA-free water in a paper
towel and dry.
 Decontamination of pipettors: please disassemble the pipettors according manufacturers instructions.
Remove gaskets and the seals and soak the shaft for 60 seconds in Zero DNA. Rinse immediately, very
well, in DNA-free water, dry and reassemble.

Advantages of ZERO DNA:

Is easy to use, because of the small and ergonomic bottle of 250ml with a trigger
Ready to use;
Refill bottles of 500 ml are available: more economic and ambiance friendly;
Easy to store, at room temperature;
Stable for a year.

Non-alkaline. Non-carcinogenic.
Handle in accordance with good laboratory hygiene and safety practice.
To avoid damage or discoloration, it is recommended to spot test sensitive surfaces prior to use.

Code 680.003 - Bottle of 250ml with Trigger sprayer x 4
Code 680.004 - Refill of 500ml x 4


Price Distributer Price Rec.

Bottle of 250ml with Trigger Sprayer €/250ml
Refill of 500ml €/500ml

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