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Your Name: Xin Miao Genre of the Book: Historical Fiction

Book Title: How Many Days to America Author: Eve Bunting

Publisher: Clarion Books Date: 1988

1. Pre-K/ CCSD K-2nd Grade Core Standards:

10.K.1 Demonstrate turn-taking in conversations and group discussions.

2. Objectives:
SWBAT - Understand the word “immigrant”

Share their answers and make basic oral presentations to the classroom.

3. Materials/Equipment:
• The book “How Many Days to America?”
• Work sheet
• Pencil

4. Teaching:
A. Reading the book
Before I start reading the book, I will ask one question first “Does anyone know what the word
“immigrant” mean?
Today we are going to read a book named “How Many Days to America?” Hope this book will
help you understand “immigrant” better.
Start read the book, make stops and ask questions while reading:
• Why do they need to hide under the bed?
• What is the reason that they have to leave their hometown?
• Do you know why the man asks for his wife’s wedding ring?
• What is going to happen if they totally ran out of food and water?
• Are they disappointed after the thieves took everything away from them?
• Do you think those soldiers going to help them? Maybe give them some food?
• Why they afraid to hope?
• What kind of life are they going to have in America?

B. Extension activity:
Foe the extension activity, we are going to write a short sentence
• Pass out the work sheet.
• Explain the work sheet.
• Let children write by their own.
• Walk around the classroom to see if some students need help with word spelling.
• After they finished writing, let each child come to the front and give a little presentation
about their writing.

5. Closure:

For closure I will read this story again, and let some children share their story, if they are
immigrants. Encourage them to answer questions below:
• Who in your family immigrated to America?
• What countries were the original homelands?
• Why did they come?
• How did they get here?
• What language did they originally speak?
Write done all the countries students mentioned and find out what their country flags look like.
Print out all the flags with their country name, hang them out in the classroom.