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Your Name: Xin Miao Genre of the Book: Information

Book Title: What in the world? Numbers in nature Author: Nancy Raines Day

Publisher: Beach Lane Books Date: 2015

1. Pre-K/ CCSD K-2nd Grade Core Standards:

1.K.8 Match the number of objects to the correct numeral, 0-10.

2. Objectives:
SWBAT – count from one to ten in correct order.
Point to the objects and count with 1-to -1 correspondences along the line (from left to
right, right to left).

3. Materials/Equipment:

• The book “What in the world numbers in nature

• Homemade counting sheet
• Small flowers (cut into the same size, but in different colors)

4. Teaching:
A. Reading the book
Today we will be learning about numbers, I am going to read this book called “What in the world
numbers in nature.”
Show the cover page to the class.
While reading the book, make stops and ask questions:
• Can you think about something that comes two by two?
• Have you ever get the chance to look at the bee’s body?
• How many sea stars do we have in this picture?
• Can we think about something from our body that comes ten by ten?
B. Extension activity:
For today’s activity we are going to count 1-10 today, show the premade flowers
and counting sheet to the students, put the materials on the table.

• Let children to count with the teacher from 1-10.

• Ask the children, “who wants to be a volunteer to play the counting game
• The teacher stands next to the child and ask the child, “how many flowers
should we put in the first row?”
• Then, ask “how many flowers do we need to add to get the correct number
for the next row?”
• If the children cannot count the correct number ask the child, “Do we have

enough flower for this row?” (For example, the row has number 7, but the

child only put 6 pieces of flowers in the row). Let the child count the flowers

with finger touching each flower.

• Do this activity with each child individually to see which level they are and

give some children extra support if their counting level is a little lower than

the other children.

5. Closure:

• As soon as all the children be able to make their counting sheet.

• Let the children glue all the flowers to the sheet.
• Write down their names on the sheet.