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2010, September

Sand Painters Art Guild Newsletter

Hi everyone,
I am happy to have the opportunity, once again, to share with you some
of the techniques I learned from my Claudia Nice workshop so long ago. I
use so many
of her techniques and fun little tricks and they in turn send me on some
The lesson will be simple and I have not tried it with any other media than
watercolor so...bring your watercolors, burnt sienna, ultra marine blue, and
sepia. Your watercolor paper, brushes, a couple of Kleenex, paper towels
and water container. If you want to move along with your lesson we may
need a couple of hair dryers. Also, if we have time I may have the chance to
show you how Claudia used her pen work in the final stages and then in the
wood surrounding that rusty old hinge. If you have a small item that is
rusted, that is always good to share. (Bring it.) Touching the subject is often
a needed step for some artists. If you have a drawing of a rusty subject and
that is what you would like to paint, please bring it, otherwise, I will have a
pre-drawn subject for all to try this technique on.
Looking forward to our fun!! Nancy
Library Show-September-Nebraska Earth and Sky
VAAC Event artist- No event this month.
AOM –September-Geri Coleman

August Minutes-No minutes due to no formal meeting.

Club Challenge
Self Portraits-self portraits-self portraits
Self protraits
is the site that Pat is using for her photographs.
Sketchbook: Are you using yours? Can’t live without it???
Hey all---get a sketchbook--any sketchbook---and get ready to use it this year. Carry it with you at all times and
have some fun drawing supplies to go with. A zip lock bag works really well to hold supplies.

Open Show
The 21st Annual Sand Painters Open Show held at the Cherry County Fair was a great success
with 81 entries from the Sandhills region.
This year’s judge and workshop artist/teacher was Donna Binfield of Junitia, NE. Binfield is an
ANAC past president and signature member of Chicago Pastel Painters. Fifteen attended the
workshop held Saturday and Sunday. It was great fun and many finished pictures were
Show Results:
Results of the adult division are: Best of Show, David Dorsey, Newport,NE, The Red Scarf.
First Place, Patricia Coslor, Sargent, NE, Dish and
Spoon, watercolor. Second place, Pat Schemmer,
Valentine, NE, Grape Vessel, raku. Third place,
Chana Orton, Mills, SD, A Sea of Red, acrylic.
Recieiving the Betty Kime Founding Member
Memorial- donated by the Dave and Annie Kime
family, was David Dorsey for Cotton Wood Dance.
Receiving the Veronica Heelan Founding Member
Memorial Award was Patricia Coslor for Santa le
The Douglas Ballard Memorial award for outstanding
photography, which is funded by Ballard’s sales, were
first place, Mary Black Bonnet, Valentine, NE, Good Morning; second place, Pat Schemmer,
Can’t See the Trees.
Receiving a Certificate for Excellence: Pat Schemmer, The Devil Cometh; Prascilla Portenier,
Springview, NE, The Good Goat; Joan Swim, Springview, NE, Lavendar on Bank; Ann
Thomas, Broken Bow, NE, Crossing the Dismal; Caudia Bestol, Purdum, NE, Morning
Meadow; Geri Coleman, Valentine, NE, Cecropia Moth; Tresa Haney, Oconto, NE, Oconto
Elevator; Pat Schemmer, You Don’t see Me; Joan Swim, Garden Window View.

Receiving an Honorable Mention: Craig Strong, Omaha, NE, The Wheels a Turning; Claudia
Bestol, White on White; Mary Black Bonnet, Jump; Dawn Bryant, Thedford, NE, Beauty after
a Storm; Mary Smith, Callaway, NE, Cat Napper; Anita Masterson, Valentine, NE, Strength
and Passion; Buffy Luehn, North Platte,NE, Just the Way I Like It; Linda Knepp, North Platte,
NE, Ready for Work; Tresa Haney, The Wanderers; Jason Paterson, Melissa.
The Sand Painters Open Art Show Youth Division results are: Best of Show, Logan O’Keif,
Pine Cone, oil pastel; First place, Rita Woodraska, Yankton Sunset, water color. Honorable
mention, Kari Qualley, Cowgirl Up, photo. The Sand Painters Art Guild is appreciative to the
Cherry County Fair Board for their hard work and support during the show and work shop.
Taken in part from the Midland News Paper September 14, 2010.

September Library Art Show- Nebraska Earth and Sky

Old West Days October 1 and 2
Stop in and see Dave Dorsey and Pat Schemmer in their vendor booths.

Outside the Box

Anna Schemmer is finally home from nursing home after her car
accident following Cherry County Fair. She is doing fine and
looking forward to spending a fall doing art.

Resumes are due.

If you have your resumes done, you can e-mail or hard copy them to Pat at any time. Thanks.

Painting Post:
The Painting Post will serve as a swap shop where artist s can list items for
sell, swap or give away.
Post your items by calling Debby Galloway, 402-966-3471.

If you know of any news that you would like to see in the newsletter please email me or call. Also let me know
if your email is not accepting the newsletter or if your address changes.

Secretary and Newsletter Editor: Debby Galloway, 402-966-3471

President: Pat Schemmer, 402-376-4222 Vice President: Joan Swim, 402-497-3888

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