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REBECCA by Daphne du Maurier

Introduction. The Dream of Manderley.

(p.7) “We shall never go back…we remember” Why? Wht do you think happened? Why
do you think they are not going back to England?
(p.7) “People who are bored are not afraid.” Give your opinion.
(p.7) “The fear and the terror made me a woman. A dull woman perhaps.” In what way
did she grow up? What kind of life do they live? What kind of life did they use to live?

Chapter 1. I Meet Maxim de Winter.

(p.8) Who was Mrs. Van Hopper? What’s the relationship between her and the narrator?
(p.9) When the narrator met Maxim for the first time she felt sorry for him. Why?
(p.11) “After his moment of rudeness, de Winter listened to her politely.” Why was he
rude to her? Who was ruder, Maxim or Mrs Van Hopper?
(p.11) “You were rather rude to him.” (said by Mrs. Van Hopper to the narrator). Was
the narrator rude to him?
(p.12) Why did Maxim write a note to the narrator and not to Mrs. Van Hopper? Why
didn’t the narrator answer the note?

Chapter 2. A Day Out Together.

(p.13) Why do you think the narrator didn’t want to be seen by Maxim? Did she
succeed? Why? /why not?
(p.13) Why does the narrator work for Mrs. Van Hopper?
(p.14) The narrator feels confident when she is with Maxim. Why do you think this is
(p.14) Maxim stopped the car at the very edge. “He was lost in the past. There was a
strange, faraway look on his face. He looked like a man walking in his sleep.” Do you
think this place is important for him? Why?
(p.16) Why did she get the book?
(p.16) How did the narrator feel about Maxim?
(p.17)”I stood up slowly, the book in my hand. I walked unhappily to the lift back to
Mrs. Van Hopper.” Why was she unhappy?
(p.17) What do we know about Rebecca so far?

Chapter 3 : In Love.

COMPOSITION : First love is not always happy, it can be like an illness.

(p.18)Why do you think Maxim wants to go out with her? What was Maxim’s answer
to the same question?

Chapter 4 : I Leave Montecarlo.

(p.22) How did Maxim propose to her? What did she answer?
(p.23) What was the narrator’s reaction when she understood she was going to marry
(p.24) Why didn’t he say anything about love?
(p.24) “ I took some scissors ... much better now” Is this a metaphor of what happened
to Manderley at the end of the story?
(p.25) What was Mrs. Van Hopper’s reaction when she learnt about the marriage ? Why
did she say those things to the narrator?

Chapter 5 : I Come to Manderley.

(p.27) How did Mrs. Danvers welcome the narrator ? How did she feel when she
entered the house?
(p.30) Why do you think the narrator apologized for having Mrs. Danvers waiting?
(p.30) Why do you think Maxim decided to use the East Wing with the narrator?
(p.31) Mrs. Danvers tries to bring Rebecca back but stops talking when Maxim enters
the room. Why?
(p.33) “Suddenly I shivered ... come to Rebecca” Why do you think the narrator felt that
way about Rebecca?

Chapter 6: In the Morning-Room.

(p.35) “I’m afraid you have made a mistake, I said, Mrs de Winter has been dead for
over a year.” Why did she say so?

Chapter 7: “You Are So Very Different...”

(p.39) Why did they stop talking when the narrator asked if it was safe to swim in the
(p.40) “This moment was safe” Why was it safe?
(p.42) Why do you think everyone compares the narrator to Rebecca? How does she
feel about it?

Chapter 9: The Cottage in the Bay.

(p.50)”The raincoat, too wide, too long for me, must have been hers too” Is this a
metaphor? If so, explain it.

Chapter 10: Questions and Answers.


(p.54) What was the narrator’s job according to Frank?

Chapter 11: The China Cupid.

(p.55) What happened with the China cupid?

(p.55) “Then, like a child, I hid the envelope in the desk.” Why did she react that way?
(p.57) Why doesn’t she want to tell Mrs. Danvers about the China cupid? What does
that tell you about the character?
(p.58) “Forget it”, said Maxim... (p.59)I have broken one of their wedding presents”.
Comment on this part: How important this text is in the story. Maxim’s view on the
narrator, narrator’s view on herself and Rebecca’s precense.
Chapter 12 In the West Wing.

(p.60) Who do you think Ben is talking about? What did this person do in the cottage?
(p.62) What’s the relationship between Mr. Favell and Mrs. Danvers? Why won’t the
narrator tell Maxim about Mr. Favell’s visit?
(p.64)”I was surprised to see that the room was completely furnished. There was no
dust and everything was clean and tidy.” Why was the room kept that way?
(p.66) What was Mrs. Danvers’ reaction when she saw the narrator in the room?
(p.67) “Sometimes I feel she is standing here ... you andMr de Winter together.”Why do
you think Mrs Danvers is saying these things to the narrator?

Chapter 13 More About Jack Favell.

(p.68) Is it that Mrs Danvers hates the narrator or is it that she wants to keep Rebecca’s
memory so she hates the fact that the narrator has taken Rebecca’s place?
(p.69/70) How do you think Maxim learnt about Mr Favell’s visit?
(p.70) “I hear footsteps ... hid myself” why did she do that?
(p.70) Why does Maxim keep Favell a secret?
(p.70)”Maxim lit a cigarette ... me into a woman” Has the narrator changed? How?

Chapter 14 Preparations for the Ball.

(p.72) “Maxim laughed and patted me on the shoulder as usual ... to be a grown up
woman.” Is that a change in the character?
(p.73) “Mrs Danvers looked pleased at my words.” Why was she pleased?
(p.73) Why do you think Mrs Danvers is so helpful with the narrator?

Chapter 15 Miss Caroline de Winter.

How did the narrator choose her costume?

Why did she keep it a secret?
What was Maxim’s reaction when he saw the costume? Why?
How did the narrator react?
(p.80) Why doesn’t she want to go downstairs?
Do you think Beatrice likes the narrator? Why? /Why not? How has she been helpful?
Why was Maxim so angry with the narrator? Do you think he was right?

Chapter 16 Why Don’t You Jump?.

(p.83) “My marriage was a failure ... the real Mrs de Winter.” Does this show a change
in the character?
(p.85) “ I remember Mrs Danvers ... I could speak to Mrs Danvers.” Does this show
that the narrator is growing up as a charcter?
(p.88) Is it true that Maxim doesn’t love the narrator? Why does Mrs Danvers want the
narrator to commit suicide?
(p.88) “ It is the rockets ... in the bay.” What is the importance of this ship?
Chapter 17 Rebecca Has Won.

(p.91) “She’ll break up ... will she?.” What is Ben talking about?
(p.93)” I felt, for the first time ... belonged to me.” Is this a change in the character?
(p.94) Has the narrator really grown up?
(p.94) Why does Maxim say that “Rebecca has won.”?

Chapter 18 The Truth About Rebecca.

(p.96) What was the misunderstanding between Maxim and the narrator?
(p.98)Why did Maxim kill Rebecca?

Chapter 19 Colonel Julyan.

In this chapter the narrator shows some changes in her attitude. Find examples of that

(p.103) “I am sorry for you ... you have grown so much older.” Is Maxim right?

Chapter 20 The Inquest.

What happened at the inquest ?

Chapter 21 A Visit From Jack Favell.

(p.109) What was the verdict?

(p.110) Why did Favell go to the house?
(p.111) Why was Mr Favell trying to blackmail Maxim?
(p.112) Why did Maxim call Colonel Julyen?
(p.112) Do you think it was clever that Maxim called Colonel Julyen?

Chapter 22 Rebecca’s Diary.

(p.113) Did Colonel Julyen believe Mr Favell? Why? / Why not?

(p.113)Why does Mr Favell think Maxim killed Rebecca?
(p.113) “I think I can find someone who saw him.” Who is he talking about?
(p.114) Why did Maxim hit Favell? Was he right in doing it?
(p.114) Was Ben useful for Jack Favell? Why do you think Ben was so frightened?
(p.116/7) What new information does Mrs Danvers give about Rebecca?
(p.117) Who was Baker?
(p.117) “He looked at me like a man saying goodbye for the last time.” Why did Maxim
look at the narrator that way?
(p.118) “I’m coming with you ... kissed before.” What does this part tell you about the

Chapter 23 Dr. Baker.

(p.119) How long was the narrator in Manderley?

(p.121) Why didn’t Dr. Baker remember Rebecca at the beginning? Why do you think
she gave him that name?
(p.123) What did Dr. Baker tell them about Rebecca?

Chapter 24 The Return to Manderley.

(p.124) Why do you think Colonel Julyan won’t tell the truth about Rebecca?
(p.125) “The dawn seems to be coming ... early.” What was happening?
(p.126) Who burnt Manderley?

Did Rebecca win in the end?

Who are the characters in the story?
Say something about each character.
Who is your favourite character? Why?

Discuss these themes in the story:
 friendship
 love
 growing up
 lies, misunderstandings
 communication (lack of it)

Can you identify any other theme in the story?

Do you like the story?
What would you change in the story?
How did you feel as you were reading it?