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' ' 1 '. 'J D L V A N A N D M A O H JS H A I I A R L L N A S E I I I . V I P I N E T H I nr d U l 0 a l h . r k r , S

TheGoI Tournarnenl iolo$edbyan €ve.n! was ol enrenanm€nland where dinner UllvaThakar lhe CEO ol Pclham. nda spokear lenglhoo the P r a l h a n r l v l e s n I n d a S n . e J u n e1 9 9 4 ac P r a l h aa c r v l e s a v er a n s l a f f nh € v e s i n l m h l l ed o ,onsol ch dfei. by enablng tlr€nr r€ad These 10 p r o g f a m m eem pe m e n l e d s s o c a l o n $ l h l h e ar s na oca go,/€rim€nts menrbers lh€fl soc and ety ol L a s l y e a r P r a l h a ma u n c h €td e R € a d n d a l h o C a n p a n w l ha l a r g e t th €p 6 0n r l L oc h d r e n n n 9 over 000v laqes 300 cov€nng every slalen nda Ea,€rHar Padmanabhan. Pralham Dreclor. UAE 'nltoduced Pralham lheaudence men'bers lo Other m b o { l h €P r a l h aU A E o a f d s h a h a l a n d A b h a y A B a Nadkarn aso presenl theoccaeor were on DJ SashGgaled dners wtlr somogreat lh€ g o d e n d e s A l e n j o y e dh L r g e l u c c € s sau d o a sy fn



38! pR|zEGoLF,MMTIEAM surender Kandha,. DAvrD FREEBURN, wEsr. oavE CaTANAGH raN
D U N C A N P E A R C E A N dU . 1 A T i I I I A '

Theh!h ilhlol the€ven wasth€success tlre ng of (each pack€l a setof 4 bookr3flle numbered had PEtham Bookt lhatwasenlrely handled chil by lor dren 10Prizes w€reLrp grabsThe1slprizea relum tck€lfor2 Io anydesl natonn Ind spor, a sored Ar ndiEwES by wonby Geeta Setlr The olherprlzes weresporsored lhe Em€tesGoll by C u b U n i v € | s a l P e a doS p o n s l e r n a l o n a d Pr s. n an theAl Dobowi Group.

y ThePratham vounleers worked ess to UAE lre greal mske evenla lhe success Speca thanks iromlhe P.alham UAEteamto Srrender Kandhar beng suclr grcalf endof lor a Pralhanrs. has nol onlyb€en nslrurnenlal He n yea6 organiz ths Char Gof Evenlfor pasl2 ng ty the but hascommilled organze ior lfe nexl8 lo ths


Back Row: Hel Padnanabhan {DkBcror Prarham UAE) UlwalThakkar (CEO Prarham Ind a Educ.tron hitiative). Enid ssquna, Kavitha Krishn.n Abhay Nadkarni (onedor P.arham UAE).Vanossa F6.ns. Aary. Sudhkaj. ShrutiGhos€,Asha Bhara {DirecrorPrarham UAE)

R$0 t0tA Dt5IRICT: 100,000 Dihams. Reaches 100,000 oullo chldren TLM Cove6 developprnling dislrbuiof and Tra menl, cosis. nngand lvloiito.ing And Cosl. costs cl. and Supervjsory al distr block c uster level.

AtrR CT: 0tSI Su.vey ofprinling costs ofsurvey material, lranlng su.veyo6 aclual oi and survey cosls

f t l ! d e r m n r m d r e d r o p r i i l n g o l i t r w y m 0 l e r ! l , t r o i n{n r .0 l0 i r 0 i d r h e f t t u . tgy

I n r t u dle r k su 0 t h rr M l e 0 r n qM o l d Lm dI b r o0 i i h o i 0 r 0 r iI!o 'o y ! 0 1 oo t . rg i d i m y ( l e 6 r o l 0 0 h 2 0 0 ( ld r e f r t o ( hh d y u m Iololyeorllon omolnrr Diiomi 100 md iidrdd rcnr Ior lemh md ro 000 n9 te0rn fiorer d*.ldpm€nr pflnl s!pervtrron ol 0nd ng: m drllr(l b o(kond fq d!ner 6 n m u i yn o b ' l r o ri :m dr r !i i 9 o i dm o i i r o r i i0 i 0 i o e r o 90 rk 0 5 1 0 0 0 0 r o g e i 0
L n d ! d e rI r o n i ! p r ol h eF i n l a o d yn ! ! e r € o u r l r u o d u n r o r o r e m ! i e 0 r r c r o i 6 (0 i h f o u r s g D 9d d o I P n i A b o u r5 l0 0 r o r h d n m m ! r ! L b m ,s ! t r r h e o o k r d 1 o . P b d o o $I h €r 0 ! n r ' y n d r h e[r0 n P r cr 50 n d m e S i o rC o t i i n d r P rm o i r5 r h 0 !0 d o i e !

"Tfio oxporiente of cossinl lhrosiold rBlding inlonssly lho to is svory itI tlmo mlgk0l |(hhora Sonlorh llot lheir ir rhotgsilorsvor." hoppen!. ! rr[lizo lile
lulminiSrne4i Kisho€ read a lesson lheSldll Maralhi is ng from He l€xlbook slumbles now agah he a ifll€ and as encolnt€rs bltthen reads Hs he on. lodakshars', voices ow bul confidonl. bighleyes His are brlghler wilh thillofbeing torcad slill the able ll!enl. ly. Every mnutes looks to seef I amlis. f€w he up Today, a week lening. it is bsfore Chrislmas. This cass:imed bringng hundred al of6 chidren who hedeilh€r dropped or never out b€en school 1o was oi Kishoro one theod€r boys.Heis probably quile around ve,bulis aready lwe lall. n a low monlhs, rvilbe he lall€llhan leach€rs. allthe During theli|slfew days lhecourse, hisclass I lold ol lhe noryof 'Mohini thasmasura" children and Laler payed acl€d lhe oul slory Kshore and masleriully lhe roeotBhasmasura Fora days lhedemon f€w afl6r h lhal, wou relerloms€llas h€ d Bhasmasura Althe lime. hadtrouble he .eading simple even wofds Today is moving he lhough lexlbook €pd lhe ala paceAlthough words slllspelt many are ncoflect ly,he is eagerly wnlng essay an about himsef. 'How youwrle crck€1heasks do Suvama, hs , leach€r'l wanllo te'llove wf cnckel"Th€ correcl qulediifcull hew leshs own speling seens so versonolhow crickef should speL be

Well wisFr'

Theexpeience cossing ol lhe lhreshold rcading nlensely to is magica every lfne t happens Kishore Sanlosh ze that and r€a their s changed lfe ioreverA whole world appeared new has in flonlol hem,andlheyhave lhe Thrn lalSantosh Kshores and friend. is He 6 means navigale lo lhrcugh lhis aboulthe age Sllngcross]egged the same under wonderandSuvarna quetly is wndow inhscassroon eanng aganstlhewal he prold have very lo broughl lbout s compl€tsy absorb€dreadng Sanlosh in has thslransiorrnaion she Now only neverb€en loschoo. reading Yeths s uptolheStd watclres iistens helps and and lhen lllevelin ltlleunder months a tuo Hesaysthalhe when slumble they Santosh dil wanls golo Liebigschool lhaihe s sludying lo now has s channing sm bullhe h shy le, wellNo lrom lamily one his haseverb€en loschoo light hisey€s difierenl.leave m is I Theaimof lhe'brdgecou.se' stopreparechildrcn lhe classroom, th€ chidren and solhalllroy enter regllar can a cassroomlhe words Maralh Hndifor Heknows wave Blt even if lrom nto me. lhat b€fore door the shuls behind nro, year muncpalschooi nexlacademc atlher Ineed n Maralhi. n the hep thereyesa€back nth€irbooksandthesollsou approprate and age acad€nl6ve.When proc lhe 'mrac fi The lncredible e'oislarlinqread hep- of€adn! aloudllheroom. to has gram staded.lhis seenred dGam larletched Todaypened loallchildrcn in$nlosh Kishore and s g.oup. quile r seems possible reads Sanlosh on- it is a t Suddenly world changed. ihe has Eadiet alphabels Reading is the lrst an.t nost ditaat step. fhorc a.e siory a ng in aboul doglook at hisreneclon lhe nany ndry steps beyond But qnhaut this ftst .*n seemed ylobestrung simp logelherithe boyssou.dfrom to stream. slops llme tne 10 fle lrans key ale xat step the wottd beyantt hnnat ta b. ae.ss.d Fol edtlr€m painfuly byone.Then, thes6 out, one al lhose children wha at. nat in schbot at thase who arc in of strings aphabels logelher lo make began sense schaal lagging lat behind, le.hhg ta Bad ll@hltf ptoyou Asyou trem sad alold, could undersland vtdes the liret l..p al ..nnden@ and ot hope. fh6 whal lhepallem meanl. Now. the.e nolooking is back. 'nagic' al rc.dng 6 v6ry viebte: to the chitd, to his par Thereare wordsand senlences everywhere. to his teache6 and b everyM aound hin lt js qts, Children read constanlly, are ng mrnplerely self.pro- LkisMgic which is lh6 tondanan tu tha nexr stdps: thB pelled, lola engossed. a fewdaysthey strcn96t the maeic lhe baner lhe foLnddron. Raading and ly li porlon read tuve a large oflhe I texlbook Sld The is the spnngboad han whid\ cttitdrcn can exploE th6 palh vasl before isclearKshore S€nloshwant wand thot li.s b.lore theh lhem and totifish Std book move Sldll maleral,2 SevetalyeaB ega: Frcn a ctass rat out al schoot chilthe ll io and dM in Shaha)t Raje Raa.l Munic@at Sch@t. vite Pa,te lhen lVand ahead Sld lhen

Whilo t396 rh6l80 0v0r 0t millior.hlldrrn 0rs sm0lhdfthook, lho In holl .hlldr.nSrd!0rn0t h ll r.oioSld llhxlorloho divirlor $m!. n! numbu dildnrrlrhinrodolhood 0l rnhoul lir blrkrlilhol r.!dlq,rn nrondblrkodhnll|nlr otrt$ nt 50mlllion.
Lhclo$ih! |'oining hnk ol ollthildrd lrcm6' ll, 2.th0wonitud!! ln0rdrrhildr!0 or. o$unedb! vho LBint qu0lilf t!oniis irrororui. 0t LRstut| dropulibt mlblint.hildronkln bslhr l0 5.!l 0ndh0n 0ll0 i m0d0 lhe0ovsmmert. th0 bl


rithobalaty irori.rh0pr0!r.rriv. n!imr,r000rh0r r0 Yril.ond !inphorilimilk. rolY. untilS€pl€mbff 2007, Read Cahpaign India has been inifialed 19slabsfJannu & Kashnh, in Himechel P@desh, Unarakhand,Puniab, Haryana, Rajaslhan,Blhar West Bengal, Jha*hand, Uttar Pradesh, Gujant, Madhya Pradesh, Chatlisgarh,Orrssa, Hinachal Prcdesh, Uttarakhand, Maharcshtra,Andhrc Pradesh, Tamil Rajasthan,Bihet, Uttar Pradesh and Nadu, Assan and Nagalard)of lh6 country. Chatisgarh) withthe slai€governments. The out of which 7 slalos (Jammu & Kashmir, lnllial ln ettorts thesummer, in how6vor, focused were pre-schooLers them schools. 0nthe toprepare for

Reod Indio Books. lmprinf An ol Prolhom Books
Thesrabgyol he campaignlo mobilize is masyoulhs, 6re 10rc6, sivolo€l volunleff mosUy l^to lrain€d us6lheT$ching Le8ming lo and Malerlal developed in o€l lanquages, locally, lo meel lhe Pra$am Eooks a nol-loFprDfit hat publishes is trusl high-quality forclildr€n anaffodable in books al cosl mulliple lanlueg€s,Reed 8ooks. Indian es Indie Tle lowcosl mod€|, R6ad Books, publishing oi India ol atlraclve, afordabl€ th6r6fo€ and fiol6 accessible chidrens has books alroadynaaaged ashifr locreele in lhe paradiln publishng for children's in books tnota, The Read Books I Indan Inda n languag€s and E.glsh, apan irompoviding sloady a supply of qua chidren lilelalure lhePratham iry s to community libraies 21slales, also in a€ used vaious by staie educalion deparhenlsand oll6l noltorprolil organizalions. Toavcid rebilcDsls, India high Read Books nol ae sold hroa4h €Dnwntional distnbllon he boor ciannel. n\e b@ks available he nel andiom limiEd ate oo

obtectives of: od l.f0rSld lord ll: Adi.r!!l laon dphlbel v0rd nro|tlirion. *ilh 0nd in hg.thrr numb.r plor. lrilhpoqrorhs, ?.t0r llll0 l$ tlu0nl lld re0der !0nlomo!, ol

PRATHAM UAE Newsleller
SoonsorshiD FarNo:04-2829124 Form Namoot Sponsoi

T€1r....................................Fax:...................-.......M0b116r..... W6wish sponsor P€lhahIJAE to lh6 Newsl€tterlh€issue for / '08, December 'cs, June '09. $8, E Marcn E E Seplember E


(o|!l E trunt (o|!t 8od tr E la!& Pqr

,Dhr1,000 .od : Dht3Jl0 .!d' : 0n! 2JO ..d

(onrodAlGru.rargr 2829123 : : 0l (l(!lio: 050 1590159 rr.in:C50l3a{t{l

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