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Paper No.


Urgent need to introduce innovative and sweeping

changes in the construction of bridges in India
for accelerated progress

R.K. Jaigopal1

1. INTRODUCTION than 100 times and quality of construction much

General public of the country desires completion better in their countries.
of projects atleast in par with developing countries. As the pace of construction activity has increased,
Many instances can be seen where 2 km length of various systems associated with the construction
bridges have taken more than 6-7 years to complete. activity need to be further sharp focused for
Speed of construction is key to completion of achieving better results. All the proposed and
project much ahead of its projected completion. to be introduced activities are already available
All sub-components of project implementation in the country like required technical codes are
need to be further dissected down, so that, every available for project implementation, trained
sub-divided part needs to be assessed for its early personnel to carry out such jobs are available,
completion. Whenever public funds are involved machineries required are also available. There is
like in bridge construction, the present trend of no component of work needing import, as such
extended completion periods due to any reason all equipment available within the country, even
put forth cannot be accepted by general public. SPMTS i.e. Self Propelled Modular Transporters,
It will go totally against public opinion, in case it which are hydraulically driven and can carry
is called for. All owner agencies from urban local one full bridge span of 25 m to 35 m weighing
bodies to state governments to union government 600 MT to 1000 MT is being manufactured near
are prescribing the period of completion on a Delhi under ‘Make in India Programme’. When all
standard formats like 18 months, 24 months etc such advanced modern equipments, systems are
without actually working out the time period available, the old tendering system, geotechnical
required to complete the project. Often time period investigation methods, foundation execution
is prescribed in routine manner needing many methods, foundation testing methods, transport
extensions of time limits. The networking of roads of completed precise bridge components need
in the country is expanding rapidly with addition urgent and immediate modernisation with respect
of Sagarmala connectivity’s to ports, expressways, to present days requirements for ultra high speed
dedicated freight corridors in railways, converting completion of projects.
state highways to national highways to name a With Indian Roads Congress taking giant steps
few. Country cannot afford to cope up with present in modernising codes in par with best in the
progress in the current pace of construction of world, availability of state of the art construction
projects specially the bridges. Atleast for the equipment, highly experienced Engineers at
sake of comparison of projects, when we see disposal for implementation of the projects, it has
our neighbouring countries, specially east Asian become imperative for the authorities to streamline
countries the pace of construction is faster by more the construction procedures from old, time
Managing Director, Concrete Structural Forensic Consultant, Bangaluru, E-mail:

Journal of the indian Roads Congress, July - September, 2017 71