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The First Life

Bendoro Raden Mas Ontowiryo is the original name of Pangeran Diponegoro. He was born in
Yogyakarta on 11 November 1785. He is the first son of Sultan Hamengkubowono III, the King
of Mataram in Yogyakarta. His mother is R.A. Mangkarawati who is coming from Pacitan. His
mother is not a queen but only a mistress. Realize that he is only the son of mistress, Pangeran
Diponegoro refuse his father suggestion to be a king. In his life, Pangeran Diponegoro is
accompanied by his three wifes, named Bendoro Raden Ayu Ontowiryo, Raden Ayu
Ratnaningsih and Raden Ayu Ratnaningrum.

Although he is a king’s son, Pangeran Diponegoro is not interested to live in the palace. He is
more interested in the religious life and about socialize. This is the reason why Pangeran
Diponegoro is very interested to live in Tegalrejo, in his grandmother’s house (the queen of
Sultan Hamengkubuwono I Ratu Ageng Tegalrejo).

The History His Struggle

Diponegoro War (Perang Diponegoro) is started by setting pole of Dutch in his own land. They
setted it with their arbitrarily. Beside of it, they also did not respect and gived a responsibility to
the Indonesian citizen to pay much tax for them. in his way dared to Dutch, Pangeran Diponegoro
is very open to all so it makes many people give their sympathy and support to him. He also got a
suggestion from his uncle named Pangeran Mangkubumi. He asked Pangeran Diponegoro to
leave Tegalrejo then build headquarter in Goa Selarong.

Pangeran Diponegoro stated that his struggle as Sabil War or a war to resist heathen. His war
enthusiasm spread up to Pacitan and Kedu. In fact, one of religious person from Surakarta named
Kyai Maja is also become his was formation

Catching And Isolation

1. In 16 February 1830, Pangeran Diponegoro met Colonel Cleerens in Remo Kamal
Bagelan. There, Colonel Cleerens suggest Pangeran Diponegoro and his formation to be in
Menoreh for a while
2. In 28 March 1830, Pangeran Diponegoro met General De Kock in Magelang. He is forced
to hold a negosiation and forced to stop the war. But because Pangeran Diponegoro
rejected, so he was catched and isolated in Ungaran
3. In 30 April 1830 the decision to isolate Pangeran Diponegoro with Raden ayu
ratnaningsih, tumenggung diposono, his wife and his formation s assisted. They will
isolate in Manado
4. In 3 May 1830 Pangerang Diponegoro and contingent is being depart to Manado with
Pollux Ship.
5. In 1834 they are being immigrated to the rotterdam fortress in Makassar South Sulawesi.
6. Finally in 8 January 1855 Pangeran Diponegoro is passed away and being burried in
Kampung Jawa Makassar