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Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

Basic things you have to do in the first 10 days after you arrive Regina/Saskatoon

II) Rental Agreement
III) Bank
IV) Health card
V) Transit(Bus Pass)
VI) Health Card (E-health )

Benefits you get

1. Child benfit (Ex:- In my case I had 7 years son + 2 years daughter = I am getting
everymonth around 930$)
2. GST / Low income – (Ex:- In my case I got 450$ for every 2 months or 3 months. This
you can apply with Child benfits form can not apply separately.
3. Rental Benfit (SRHS) – will get around 300$ monthly ... you have to call to this number –
3067874723 (Option 2 & 1) and answer all the questions , they will send the application form
to home address and you have to fill and add Health cards xerox + Rental agreement +
Monthly rent receipt + Bank VOID statement.(5 signatures required , 3 primary applicant and
2 spouse applicant sign) once your done need to post it to the specified address(no cost, that
envelope, which they sent to you, has that free travel facility)

1. First step take the SIN (You can take it in Port of Entry{Toronto} or Saskatchewan)
Documents required - Passport , COPR (SIN is required for all ..included infants)
Cost :- zero

Duration for applying :- 15 to 25 minutes

SIN Will be useful for Mobile connection / Bank / Employement (do not share with
others) ...etc

2. Take the Rental agreement(on your name and include all the family members), it can be
used as address proof for Health card / Bank / SGI...etc.
Documents required - Passport , COPR for Digital key
Cost :- Depends on your comfort (Ex:- 1050 monthly rent..means you have to pay one month
advance + 1050 = 2100, few will request for 1575 in first month and 1575 for second
month..after that 1050only... )
Note:- Some times Rental should be Monthly or 6 months or 1 year..this depends on House
Owner (my advise for new comers is better to have a Month on Month rental is safe)
Duration for applying :- 30 to 60 minutes
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

3. Bank
Documents required - Passport / COPR / SGI ID Card / Rental agreement (Address proof is
Duration for applying :- 60 to 75 minutes
Note:- My advise would be, if you are married , better take a Joint account (both will get
different Debit cards and different Credit cards..For Credit cards ask one for Master and the
other for Visa)
(I strongly recomment to have a discussion with banker every 6 months{if you are earning or
not, some hidden charges will deduct from your account}, they will advise for benfits and try to
avoid the bank monthly / yearly charges.)

4. Transit / Bus pass

Documents required - Passport / COPR
Cost :-
1. 92 (monthly unlimited rides) + 5 (First time Card charges) = 97$ (Expiry – 30 days)
2. You can opt 10 rides with 29$ (no expiry)
3. You can opt 20 rides with 58$ (no expiry)
Rules :- If your kid is more than 5 years, need to take bus ticket(Cost - 2.75$) , Adults ticket
cost would be – 3.25. (enough Coins should be carry , otherwise you can not travel in Transit)
(Please do not go for full monthly pass in the winter , if you are a newcomer, you can not
explore much, so dont waste money)
Transit system:
Duration for applying :- 5 minutes

5. Health Card (Visit E-Health office at Downtown Regina / or you can apply online)
Documents required - Passport / COPR / SGI ID Card / Rental agreement (Address proof is
must) - For everyone
Duration for applying :- 15 to 30 minutes
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

(Visit E-Health office at downtown)

Health Service Saskatchewan:
List of doctors who accept new patients can be found here:

6. Visit Regina Open Door & register ( For schools admission / Resume & Cover letter / few
trainings / Child benefit forms)
Duration for applying :- 15 to 30 minutes (for schools we need to visit RODS , minimum 3
times..First time for appointment , second time for Test for 5+ years and third time for school

7. SGI Card (This is Saskatchewan Identity card not a Driving license)

Documents required - Passport / COPR / SGI ID Card / Rental agreement (Address proof is
must) (no need to go to SGI office , any ISSUER will do ..verify in google maps for nearby
Cost :- 15$
Note:- If you are going to take Driving license exam & road test with in one month means do
not apply for SGI card.(SGI card is very basic and address proof card)

8. Driving LIcense :-
Documents required - Passport / COPR / SGI ID Card / Rental agreement (Address proof is
Cost :- 25$ (Eye test + Computer exam with multiple options) + 55$ for Road test.
If you need the driver’s license, here is where you can start:
Also, you can practice the test
License exam Preparation links
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

Driving Videos in SGI site

You can take few sessions with SGI certified drivers , you can find these details in SGI portal
Per session they will take 65 / 55$ (few will take 25$ , they are not certified with SGI)

9. Library Card :-
Documents required - Passport / COPR / SGI ID Card / Rental agreement (Address proof is
Cost :- Zero

More details mentioned below for each of the

above points
Regina Open Door Society -RODS
If you are looking for work, building a professional resume and cover letters as per the
Canadian standards , please visit RODS.

Connect with Regina Open Door employment services at 2332 11th Ave, Regina, SK S4P
0K1 2nd floor (ALT Program)

We can do few courses from the below 2 options

(For this you have to contact Regina Open Door and attend English exam)
University of Regina:
Saskatchewan Polytechnic:
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

Benefits for the any course (apart from the academic)

You will get student card either University / Polytech, so you are eligible for student privileges

1. Student transit pass is around 80$ , normal transit is 92$.

2. Internet has various packages for students.

3. Mobile postpaid connection also has few packages.

so many options you have....

you can check this link where it lists all organizations that accept volunteers in Regina,
however, you will need to approach the organization you are interested in and show them
your interest to volunteer and they will guide you through the process:

Settlement Agencies and Organizations:

Regina Women Immigration Center:
Regina Region Local Immigration Partnership (RRLIP):

If you need a certified translation, you can approach: Connected World Translation
Services: Claudia can be reached at(306) 530-9712 or email:connectedworldtranslatio

Recommended apartments in Regina:
Rental agreement - We have few kinds of agreements. Like Monthly, half yearly and yearly. If
you find any rental advertisement , please call them and take the appointment and go as per
the scheduled time(without appointment/ Prior notice they won't allow us to visit).
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

Note:- Please call your Local branch(Any bank like RBC / CIBC / TD / Scotia ..etc) in advance
to schedule an bank appointment.

Ask for the below

1. Bank account (how many months it's free , after that what are the charges to
mitigate.. a visit to bank gives more clarity)
(If couple landed means better to take Wife & husband, both will get different Locker keys,
Debit cards & credit cards)
2. Credit card - limits / withdraw ?
3. Debit card - limits / withdraw amount ?
4. Locker is available or not ? if yes how many days it's free and how about after that ?
5. Initially sometimes few debits will happen in your account, if you contact bank they will
deposit again (Ex:- Safe box charges)

RBC :-
Scotia :-
TD :-

As for furniture companies, I suggest for you (starting with less expensive)
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

More information about life in Regina available on

Recreational activities for your child:

Regina Public Library:
(So much fun for kids - take the library identity card , )
Social Services Saskatchewan:https://www.saska

Regina Housing Authority:

How Child Care Works In Saskatchewan:

We have 2 kind of schools, one is Public school &o other is Catholic school.
1. Public school - Everybody is eligible
2. Catholic school - One of the parent must be followed Baptism
Regina Public School Board:
Regina Catholic School Division:
Catholic Family Service:
After joining the school, they will provide a list of items need to buy. we can not find in one store, so most of
the items will be available in Dollor rama / Dollor tree / Walmart

Kids Vaccinations
3067667500 – 1911 , Park street (Vaccination public health)
Call to the above number (after receiving Health cards) and tell that your situation after that you can go
alone with Health cards + kids vaccinazation reports , need to fill the forms. After 10 days you will get call
and they will fix the appointment for your kids.
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

Daycare - For daycare we need to reserve minimum 3 to 6 months prior. (if you are studying in
University, you will get daycare at University with priority)

Second Hand Used Clothing Shop:

1. Store Salvation Army Regina.
2. https://www.valuevilla

Second Hand Used things(you can get free stuff, just go and pickup)
1. Varage Sale (App - you can install in Mobile , Admin team will verify your credentials and approve)
Do's - determine the distance and transportation
Dont's - dont buy mattress (bed bugs)
Shopping (For Winter wear , preferred to buy -40 capable gear)
Eddie beur
North face
Sport check

Regina Costco Warehouse:

Explore job fairs in the city (your employment counselor should be able to inform you about
these fairs)
Search online jobs
Visit SaskJobs
Saskatchewan – Newcomers Handbook By Srinivas Gullipalli

At the same time to utilize other services available in the city such as SaskJobs at 1955
Broad St, Regina, SK S4P 1Y1.

Few other points

1. Milk for Kids preferred , in my opinion (3.25% M.F / M.G -- Beatrice with red cap..)
2. Indian stores are little costly , but we have 2 shops... Aroma space & Bombay spice (Located in
South Regina).
3. Carpet houses are little risky with kids ( cleaning / dust / bugs ...charges for cleaning carpet is like
150$ , while vacating)
4. Newcomers please install Varage sale application in your mobile it has some free stuff as well (you
can chat and confirm the pickup location)

I hope I covered most of the things. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for any question or

Good luck!
Srinivas Gullipalli