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DIY Stereo Yiroshi Power Amplifier 1400W

Publisher Wahyu Eko Romadhon

This my second project for Yiroshi Power Amplifier Circuit , power amplifier circuit is indeed
very super quality, many have tested the strength of this Yiroshi power amplifier. Power
amplifier yiroshi is suitable for outdoor or indoor. Previously I have made this yiroshi amp
circuit in the mono version. I have also tested it in the unboxed state of the box, using only
2SC2922 and 2SA1943 final transistors, this amplifier is capable of high enough power until my
speakers are damaged and also my smps is damaged This power amplifier is tough enough, none
of my final transistors parallels broken.

here is the circuit scheme of the stereo power amplifier yiroshi, the scheme below is still the
same with the yiroshi circuit that superpower driver before, only later will replace the transistor
previously used TIP3055 and TIP2955 I replace it with transistor 2SC5200 and 2SA1943.
Because the previous transistor has only a maximum voltage of 60Volt with a maximum current
of 15Ampere, so it is advisable to use a larger transistor maximum voltage and current. If for
2SC5200 and 2SA1943 transistors this is enough for me, maximum CE CE voltage up to 230V
and maximum current up to 15 Ampere.
In the above circuit scheme is a combined stereo of two series of yiroshi power amplifiers, so to
list the components to make it easier for you to buy, please just look at the previous post here
Yiroshi Power Amplifier Circuit .

To make it easier for this yiroshi amplifier circuit you can use this PCB Layout design:
PCB Final Transistor Parallel for stereo amplifier yiroshi driver.
I have made this stereo yiroshi power amplifier circuit, but this is still in the test process stage.
and it turns out for PCB Layout for the driver you have to reverse the position of all transistors,
so the same face with the top component layout. Later you will be able to see the location and
position of the transistor, after the power amplifier is finished and ready to be produced.

For the final transistor, on this yiroshi stereo amplifier project, I do not use transistor Toshiba
2sc5200 and 2sa1943 as well as sanken transistor 2sc2922 and 2sa1216.

I am using transistor NJW0302 and NJW0281, the transistor price of NJW0302 and NJW0281 is
almost same as Toshiba transistor 2sc5200 and 2sa1943.

Both transistors both have 150Watt power output, and IC 15Ampere but for VCEO and VCBO
are different, a 20Volt difference is higher transistor NJW0302 and NJW0281, where the
maximum voltage is 250Volt.

The following is a final transistor picture of NJW0302 which is embedded in the PCB:
And this is the final transistor image I've paralleled using the PCB Design layout above.I am
using 14 pairs of NJW0302 and NJW0281 transistors and for per channel yiroshi driver I use 7
pairs of transistors.

Already tested power amplifier yiroshi I will supply with 20Ampere 60Volt Switching Mode
Power Supply