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1. Complete the text with the correct form of the verbs in brackets:

Vanja has a job in advertising. It’s a good job, and she (1) _earns__________ (earn) over 30,000 Euro
a year. She (2) studied_____________ (study) marketing at college, and then (3) _found_________
(find) a job with a small advertising agency in Novi Sad. Since then she (4) was
changing___________ (change) her job several times. Now she (5) __works_______ (work) for
“K&J”, which is a big company with offices all over the world. She (6) has been___________ (be)
with the company for three years. The company has clients in America, and she (7) __was_______
(be) there several times on business. Last year she (8) __spent___________ (spend) six months there.

2. Choose the correct alternative:

(a) We have studied Russian since / for three years.

(b) You have to / should book in advance if you want to go in that restaurant.
(c) I never went / have never been to Spain, but I’d like to go.
(d) There’s anything / something wrong with this laptop.
(e) If we all reduced our trash, it will / would have a positive effect to / on / at our environment.
(f) You must / could be Marko. I’ve heard such a lot about you.
(g) I’m not sure what we’ll do this weekend. It depends of / from /on the weather.
(h) I’d rather took / take just hand luggage on the plane than a large suitcase.
(i) I carry on using / to use reward cards at the same supermarket.
(j) I love looking at a/the/zero article moon at night.
(k) She’d been living in a/the/zero article Niš since the 1990s.
(l) At/On arriving at the airport the tourist groups were met by the travel agent.
(m) Having seeing/seen the film myself, I wouldn’t recommend it.
(n) Their new car was so/just expensive.
(o) I such/really didn’t understand what she was saying.
(p) If you took/take more exercise, you’d be fitter.
(q) I’d help/I’ll help you if I had more time.

3.Complete the email with an appropriate active or passive form of the verbs in brackets:

Hi Marija,

Just a quick message to tell you about an auction I was_taken_(take) to in Belgrade last week. I
(1)_was persuaded______________(persuade) to go by some friends of mine and although I wasn’t
very keen at first, I ended up having a great time. When we first got there we
(2)_____gave__________(give) a list of all the items in the auction and then we
(3)____had_______(have) some time to look at everything. Most of it was music memorabilia and
there were some old records and things. I was a bit nervous about bidding for things at first, but soon
got into it.
Anyway, to cut a long story short, I (4)_bought____________(buy) a large gramophone. It’s really
fantastic – and a real bargain I think. It (5)will be delivered_________________(deliver) next week.
But can I ask you a huge favour? You see, they said it (6)_could not be
sended_______________(could/not/send) out of town to my house so I

(7)_____gave_____________(give) them your address in Belgrade. I hope that’s OK! I
(8)_arranged____________(arrange) for my uncle to pick it up from your place very soon, I promise.
Then he’ll look after it until I’m in Belgrade again in the spring vacation. Don’t worry, when it
arrives, you (9)_will be asked______________(ask) to sign something but you won’t have to pay
anything. All the payment (10)_is sorted_________________(sort) out already.
I’ll phone soon to let you know the exact time of delivery.
All the best

4. Add the most appropriate words to the article.

it(x2) one (x2) they (x2) them (x2) what (x2) this so does

Are you overweight, worried about your health, or fighting a losing battle with different illnesses? In
the past you would have visited your doctor, now chances are you will hot-foot it to the high street.
In our days self-medication is a huge trend – but is (1)___it_____________ a good
(2)___one__________?Yes, unsurprisingly, say the chemists, because it means that we are becoming
more aware of (3)__what____________ might go wrong before it (4)__does___________and taking
preventative measures. “People also like the fact that (5)_they_____________can just pitch up, no
need for an appointment,” says one of the most known senior chemist specialists .
The list of drugs licensed for sale in pharmacies grows all the time, which some doctors are wary of.
“There are some downsides,” some doctors agree. (6)_____________is that a pharmacist makes their
profit selling over-the-counter drugs whereas your GP has no pecuniary benefit in giving you
And the next problem is that many of the things available over the counter don’t work – most vitamins
and cold remedies, for example, are a complete waste of time – but they are still things that make lots
of profit for the pharmacist. (7)_So______ it would be far better for your health if you invested your
money in fruit, but if you go to the pharmacist he or she is unlikely to suggest (8)__it_______, and
you’re likely to come away with ajar of pills that won’t do any good.
When it comes to buying drugs over the counter you can almost hear the cheers from the government.
Like face-to-face time with doctors, prescriptions, even when (9)_they________ are paid for, cost the
state money.
As we learn more about (10)_them______, through mass use, we’re more likely to make
(11)________ widely available.
A final problem, however, with the self-medicating model is that it is harder to control their use and
treatment can be fragmented. If you’ve got a recurrent problem a doctor or practice nurse will be able
to check your medical history, and if there are any patterns emerging, urge you to have (12)_______
investigated. In the self-medicating model, you can continue to treat the symptoms and ignore the
underlying cause. The most important thing is seeing an evaluation of (13)________ we’re spending
our money on, asking what the knock-on effect is.

5. Look at the words in bold. Which words in the box could replace them? Choose two for each
trigger distinct conjure up happy bring back clear revive treasured
1. Certain smells can stir different memories for me. (_trigger_ / bring back_____________)
2. I have very fond memories of my excursion in Italy. (_happy___________
3. The trip left me with vivid memories of that ancient temple.
4. Music can recall memories immediately. (_bring back_____________