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Kayla Eguen

Dr. Joni Flowers

EDU 214

September 26, 2016

Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Curriculum

Application Web Address Age/Grade Description

Word 3-8 Students will write a narrative story,

Lesson?token=URWkA using Microsoft Word, about the
water cycle. Students will write from
the point of view of the drop of
water. Students will also create an
animation and story board of their
narrative. K Using the Digital Ink feature in

ndergarten-mathematics-module-4- Microsoft Word, have children
topic-h-lesson-40 create numbers that make up 10
using number 1-9. They can draw
pictures for answers.
Excel 5-12 Use Microsoft Excel to create a
Lesson?token=dOShy Home Sweet Home spreadsheet.
Record and analyze data about
homes in your area. Calculate
different values using different math
formulas in Excel. 9-12 Organize a Supercell Storm Sheet in

Lesson?token=14D57 Excel using data about supercell
storms. Make calculations and
explain how you know if a storm is
supercell storm or not, based off of
your calculations.
PowerPoint 3-5 Separate students into groups and
resource.php?l=http://www.readwritet have them research famous inventors and their inventions. Have the
plans/great-american-inventors-using- students make a PowerPoint
957.html?tab=2#tabs presentation using the information
they’ve gathered and present it to the
class. Have the students compare
their inventors using Venn diagrams.
Project has 3 sessions. 5-8 This lesson plan is designed to help

Lesson?token=OHqVz children ask critical thinking
questions. Use PowerPoint to present
the assignment to the class. Have
students research the questions on
slide 7 and have them report back to
Kayla Eguen

Dr. Joni Flowers

EDU 214

September 26, 2016

Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Teacher Interview

I interviewed my husband, Epowei Eguen, who is a teacher at Eldorado High School. He

teaches Math from grades 10-12. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz with his Master’s degree in

Math education and has been teaching for 13 years. Mr. Eguen has taken Microsoft Office

training classes and has been taught to use the smart board in his classroom by representatives

from the company who makes them. Technology is an important tool in his classroom. He uses

about ten percent of his instructional time teaching his students how to use the different software

in his class. One of the reasons that I have decided to go into teaching is the example he has set

in the seriousness of his job. So, I was happy to be able to interview him.

Mr. Eguen uses a range of software in his classroom. His school uses a software called

infinite campus which is used for grading, taking attendance, and assessing student information.

He also uses PowerPoint extensively in his teaching methods. He feels that PowerPoint gives the

students engaging visualizations. One of the things that is great about using PowerPoint is its

ability to be shared across different platforms. It can be sent over the phone, via email, on the

computer, posted on a website, and printed on paper. He also uses smart board technology that is

integrated into his classroom. It allows him the ability to incorporate more tools into his teaching

process. For example, he has access to virtual rulers, multicolored pens, virtual compasses and
protractors. There are also learning objects like videos, equations and applets that can be

integrated into a learning note page.

Although technology is great to use, it can also interfere with the teaching and learning

process of the classroom. This can come about by students using technology for the wrong

things such as entertainment that is not related to their learning goals. Also if technology is used

too much the students can become too dependent on it and they will not be able to function

without it. There is also an effect on the instructors teaching ability. Instructors can incorporate

distracting technological tools in their classroom unknowingly. For example, a teacher can use

graphics that can distract the students away from the main point of what is being discussed and

the students begin to focus on something else.

According to Mr. Eguen, at Eldorado high school, there is a digital divide. The students

in the Magnet program have a regular opportunity and priority access to more superior

technology. Whereas the other students have limited access to the higher quality technological

tools provided. He believes that investing money into upgrading the technology and upgrading

the outdated systems will allow regular students to have access to more efficient technology.

Creating more technology based classes for the students will also help decrease the digital divide

in school. Something else that can assist in the collapsing of the digital divide in school is the

guarantee that all kids have computing tools that meet minimum modern requirements. Also

training teachers in the use of new technology and providing them with updated tools will help in

this regard.

Mr. Eguen advises teachers to stay up to date with technology. Technology is constantly

changing and there are always new tools out there that can assist in the enhancement of student

learning. He also advises that students can use technology responsibly in the classroom as long
as the appropriate structures and procedures are put in place. So do not be afraid of using

technology in the classroom.

After interviewing Mr. Eguen I feel that technology has a great place in the classroom, as

long as it is used properly. There should not be a technological divide, I think that teachers

should start to integrate technology into their classrooms more. We live in a technological age

and so we all must adapt to changes in technology. I am not saying that we should be unbalanced

with our changes and throw ourselves into technology. However, we should try to understand at

least the basics and progressively learn more as time goes on. I also feel that schools should

make the use of good technology available to all students, so that everyone has an equal

opportunity to learn from it.

1. Do you feel that technology should always be used in the class room? And why or why


No it shouldn’t always be used, because if children are too dependent on technology they

cannot function without it.

2. Where did you go to college and how long have you been teaching?

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz and this is year makes 13 years of teaching.

3. Do you have any advice to teachers who would like to learn how to use technology?

Always stay up to date. Technology is constantly changing, there are always new tools

out there that can enhance student learning. Another piece of advice is that students can

use technology responsibly in the classroom as long as the appropriate structures and

procedures in place.
Kayla Eguen

Dr. Joni Flowers

EDU 214

September 26, 2016

Integrating Technology into the Classroom: Administrative Interview

Mr. Michael T. Butler is one of the assistant principals at Eldorado High School. He has

been an assistant principal since 2008. He was transferred from a school in the South West and is

in charge of the Magnet and Athletics department at Eldorado High. He has a daughter in the

twelfth grade.

When asked if the school and district had a technology plan, he said yes and that it is a

state requirement for them to do so. The plan is created by the technology department of

Eldorado High School in collaboration with the technology committee of teachers at his school.

The school district gives the plans and the schools are to implement them. Some of the things
included in the plans are: how to provide students with access to the computer lab as well as

what type of cost effective technology devices could be purchased to support both the students

and the teachers. The ones who make the decisions on which pieces of technology to purchase

are the technology committee. It is a school wide thing and the decisions are based on the needs

of the school. “The need for laptops came up recently in one of the schools discussions,” he said,

“the tech committee decided to purchase iPad carts instead of laptops.” It was more cost effective

for them to purchase that instead of laptops. The decisions for purchasing smaller technology are

made by the school and the bigger decisions are made through the school district. Teachers are

not, individually, able to make decisions to purchase tech devices. However, they can write

grants and can make purchases using money they receive from the grants. So teachers have a say

in the technology being used school wide but not individually. There will be a new change soon

with the restructuring of the district. When the restructuring is complete both parents and

community members will be able to be involved in the decision making process of technology

being used in schools.

Eldorado high school also has a site based technician that assists with tech issues. The

technician tries to resolve tech issues within a day. However, when harder tech issues arise, they

are sent to the district based technicians. It takes them about a week for them to give the needed

support. The school’s tech committee is really active. They have to facilitate a smooth and

effective use of the technology already in use by the school and they also have to decide how to

maximize their limited funds to purchase tech devices. The school has 6 modern computer labs,

for instruction, 2 computer labs for check out and 6 iPad carts available to the teachers. He said

that the school greatest problem is their Wi-Fi system. They need an upgrade to their Wi-Fi to

handle all of the new demands of the school.

Next, the use of technology and teachers was discussed. I found out that there are

development courses that are available to teachers. They have access to a system called Pathlore.

This website is provided by the school district, to train teachers with professional development

opportunities. There are also courses that teachers can take online and in person at CSN, UNLV

and the school district. Since they have classes online, they can be taken at any time.

At Mr. Butler’s previous school in the South West, cellphones were used extensively in

class. At Eldorado High, teachers make limited use of this tool. Teachers have a lot of students

that do not have cell phones. The parents of the students the school serves are not as affluent as

some of the other schools. This makes it difficult for teachers to use technology in the classroom.

There is another issue with teachers and their use of technology. Many of the teachers do not feel

comfortable using tech devices, and older ones have difficulty mastering the use of these devices.

Mr. Butler hopes that with the extensive training that is offered at the school that more teachers

will begin to use technology in class. This will thus, affect the ability for students to use

cellphones and tech devices in the classroom.

After interviewing Mr. Butler I think that it is beneficial to have a system set in place for

the use of technology in schools. It is great that the school district and learning institutions have

plans set in place for technological needs of the students and staff. This allows the school to

think of new ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. I also like that the school district

provides training for teachers to learn about technology. In my opinion, it should be mandatory

that teachers and administration take a technology class at least once a year so that they can get

acclimated to the new software that has come out. By doing this technology can have a more

seamless transition into the classrooms and benefit the students, teachers and staff.

1. Do you have any children that are in High School?

Yes, I have a daughter that is in the 12th grade.

2. How long have you been a principal?

I have been an assistant principal since 2008.

3. How do you feel about the use of technology in the classroom?

Many teachers limit the use of technology in the classroom. Students should be

allowed to use cellphones with internet access regularly. As long as it is for

constructive school work.